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Thank you so much for your feedback!  My responses for any recipe specific questions will appear right below your question so that other readers with the same question can benefit.

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General Questions

I sent you an email a while ago.  Did you receive it?
I try my best to reply every email I receive.  However I go through many emails/questions from readers everyday and I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to your message in a timely manner.

If it’s a question about a recipe, please ask it on that post, as others may have the same question.

I cooked a dish using your recipe but it does not taste right, what went wrong?
Honestly, I’m not sure.  Because I’m not in the kitchen with you, I couldn’t possibly tell you what went wrong.  Most of the recipes that you see on my blog have been cooked in my kitchen several times before being published, and everything is measured precisely.  Each kitchen has different equipment (gas vs. electric stove, the size of oven, etc) and you might use different brands of condiments and ingredients than what I used.  Therefore please understand that my recipes are results that worked best for my kitchen (and my family’s taste buds).

How come the current recipe is different from one I had printed out/kept from the original post?
Please understand that I will tinker with my recipes from time to time.  When you use a recipe from my site, please check back to see if I made any changes.

Do you have a cookbook published?
It’s funny – I often get this question from readers because of my blog tittle, Just One Cookbook.  I really appreciate your interest but I do not have a published book and this blog is my just one cookbook that I have been working on.

How did you learn how to cook?
I learned cooking from my mom at a young age, and I have been cooking on my own since I came to the US to attend college.  I cooked mainly because I missed my mom’s cooking and I was the only one that could re-create it.  However, I only started to take cooking more seriously and cook almost everyday after my children were born.

Do you develop all of your recipes?
Unless stated otherwise, they are my recipes that came from my kitchen.  However I have been cooking for a long time and I might have adapted some recipes from magazines/newspapers (pre-Internet days).  I do not have those sources anymore or remembered them (it was a long time ago).  If I used or adapted from someone’s recipe, it is noted under the recipe.

Do you only share Japanese recipes?
Most of my recipes you find here are Japanese food.  I cook Japanese food most of the week but once in a while I cook non-Japanese dishes and keep the recipes that my family enjoys in my blog.

What camera and lens do you have?  How did you learn photography?
Please read my About page.

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I understand that some of Japanese ingredients are hard to purchase especially if you live in an area without a large Japanese population.  I do my best to adjust the recipes so that most people can enjoy my recipes.  However, some recipes call for certain ingredients/seasonings because they work best.  So please do your best to use the specified items whenever possible to achieve the best results.

A lot of Japanese dishes call for dashi stock, which is usually seafood base dashi.  However, you can replace it with Kombu Dashi (vegetarian dashi).  Dashi stock plays a VERY important role in Japanese cooking and we do not replace dashi stock with any other stock such as chicken stock or vegetable stock when we make traditional Japanese food.

If you are looking for the substitution for a specific ingredient, please go to Pantry page for more information (I’m currently working on this page).

Conversions & Cooking Terms

Please use Google to find a kitchen conversion chart that works for you.  I like cookbookpeople.com’s Kitchen Conversion Chart that I found online.

Here are the US Cooking Terms vs. Australian/British Terms.

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I’m new to food blogging. Do you have any advice?
I hope this Food Blogging Tips page will be helpful. :)

Can I share a recipe that I found on Just One Cookbook?

Of course!  I’ll be honored and I’m happy that you like my recipe.  Please appropriately cite justonecookbook.com and link back to my site/post.  Thank you!

Can I use your photos on my blog?
Please contact me at nami {at} justonecookbook {dot} com and receive permission before using my photos.  The entire contents on Just One Cookbook are protected by a Creative Commons license.

I nominated you a blog award!  I tagged you with a question/answer game!
Thank you!!  I feel very honored and flattered to receive it.  However, I will not post about or pass on these blog awards/games because my focus of the blog remains on the food and recipes.  Thank you for understanding. :-)

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Working with Me

To work with me on recipe development, advertising, sponsorship, giveaways, product reviews, brand/product endorsement, please contact me at nami {at} justonecookbook {dot} com.  Media Kit is available upon request.  I only review a product if I try it myself and it pertains to my readers.  Inquiries products that I am unlikely to use will go unanswered.  Thank you.

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