Frozen Chocolate Banana

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Frozen Chocolate Banana Recipe |

When you have small children at home like me, it’s very handy to have banana around the house all the time.  My children like to put banana in their morning cereal and it makes a very handy snack whenever they are hungry.  For banana recipes, my children like to request for my Banana Bread but their favorite banana treat is the Frozen Chocolate Bananas.

Frozen Chocolate Banana | Just One Cookbook

See, as I call myself a baker-in-training, when it comes to desserts I rely on easy dessert recipes such as this frozen banana and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  They are my go to treats for my children that I can make quickly within half an hour.

Frozen Chocolate Banana | Just One Cookbook

After sharing many ice cream recipes, I thought it’s time to share some frozen dessert recipe that doesn’t require an ice cream maker. :-)  I highly recommend this treat for your summer parties, children’s play dates, or just simply a guilty pleasure for anyone.  Enjoy!

Frozen Chocolate Banana | Just One Cookbook

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Frozen Chocolate Banana
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 8 frozen chocolate bananas
  • 4 ripe but firm bananas
  • 8.8 oz (250g) dark or semisweet chocolate (chips)
  • 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil (optional – I don’t usually need it)
  • 2 handfuls of almonds
  • 8 Popsicle sticks
  1. Line a toaster oven tray with aluminum foil and toast the almonds in a toaster oven.
  2. Chop or grind the toasted almonds.
  3. Line the baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut the bananas in half, insert a Popsicle stick into each half, and then peel bananas. Place them on the baking sheet.
  4. Cut the chocolate into small pieces (so it melts easily) if you are not using chocolate chips. Put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and add vegetable oil (to make the chocolate texture smooth, but I normally skip). Microwave in 30-second increments, stirring with a spoon in between each heating. The chocolate pieces might look they are not melted but when you stir, they can be already super soft. Be careful not to overheat; when it burns you can’t use the chocolate anymore.
  5. Roll each banana in the melted chocolate and use a spoon to pour the chocolate over the banana to coat. Then immediately sprinkle almonds onto chocolate before it sets.
  6. Freeze chocolate bananas for 30 minutes.
  7. Serve or put them in an airtight container/Ziploc bag for up to a week.
You can sprinkle granola, chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, etc) or sprinkles.

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  1. Nami, it has been too long since our last visit and what a treat it is to come across this! This is such a great inspiration! I think we will definitely try this and link to yours. Fab idea to beat the heat!

  2. Oh, I feel like a small child now wanting to have one now…. absolutely delicious for me. I think I’m gonna make this one day. Thank you Nami.

  3. Such a fun idea! I m putting this down as one of the to-do little projects with my son this coming school holidays :) thanks for sharing this. Can also do with other fruits such as guavas and apples.

  4. I love these!! My kids would love them too. :) I think the addition of the nuts is a very clever idea because it gives more texture. Nami… you are such a fantastic food stylist! Your pictures just pop out of the page and I want to grab a chocolate covered banana. :) Have a great week….
    ~ Ramona

  5. what a lovely healthy treat, Nami! and such cute presentation, love it! if my kids weren’t all grown up, I’d make it for them today.

  6. Ever since I was about 10 years old I’ve been eating chocolate covered frozen Bananas. I loved eating them then and now. They’re the perfect summertime treat that won’t make you feel guilty for indulging. How fun that you’ve posted these. I just had one the other day that I purchased. Your recipe sounds great and for those that have never tried one – make these. You won’t believe how good they are!

  7. These are so cute and look like such fun to eat. The kid and the adult in me would love these. I also love that you are coming up with so many sweet treats. A girl after my own heart!!!

  8. I kid you not Nami, I was just thinking about these over the weekend. It must be a sign! My kids would love these too. I used to like mine with peanut butter in place of chocolate. Delish! Great photos too. And what would we do without bananas! 😉

  9. You’re so right, bananas are very handy to have around. The kids just adore them, especially when prepared this way. Chocolate makes them even more delicious. Yum!

  10. What a fantastic idea! Got to make these for my daughter soon.
    Nami, like always I am speechless with the photography and presentation! You are truly gifted.

  11. I feel the same way about bananas. :) Always good to have them when you have little kids. I need to try your frozen version. I think there might be even some adults in our family that will enjoy this easy and fabulous treat! Thanks, Nami!

  12. Kimmi

    What a great idea! I love the banana-chocolate flavor combination, and these look like such a great way to use the bananas that are lying around the house. As much as my family loves bananas, we always find ourselves buying too many for our appetites. =) And thanks for that little tip about vegetable oil to help with the texture of the chocolate.

  13. Hi Nami! What a delicious treat! Definitely a guilty pleasure, although with bananas, good dark chocolate and nuts perhaps it’s rather virtuous? Wishing you a wonderful week!

  14. What a stunning looking summer treat, Nami! And I love the oh so cute orange bows that you tied onto each popsicle stick. You excel at presentation. :)

  15. Frozen bananas are so great as guilt free desserts! I have a few of them frozen right now and planning to blend them and make them into ice cream. Perhaps I shall get some chocolate while I’m at it.

  16. These look delicious! And I love the addition of almonds. Trader Joe’s makes some frozen chocolate covered banana slices that I’ve been meaning to reproduce in my own kitchen/freezer, but dipping whole bananas in chocolate looks even easier (to make AND eat), and seems just as tasty!

  17. That is really simple but very creative putting the bananas on the stick and with the chocolate coating like that. . . even adults would love these treats. They look great, Nami! :)

  18. Nami, beautiful pictures of a delicious looking treat for kids and adults! I usually dip bananas in dark chocolate but I had never thought of freezing them before or adding chopped almonds – the granola idea also sounds wonderful! Very nice post!

  19. donna mikasa

    Bananas do not last long in our house. I’m always making banana bread and have a freezer full right now. This looks like a refreshing and healthy(?) alternative!

  20. It’s like you read my mind or something. I’ve been thinking of making these and you posted a recipe! Yayyy! ♥ I say these are good for adults too! Ahah

  21. We just ate this at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, but they used frozen bananas to dip in the chocolate, then roll in the nuts. It hardened right away. This way is easier!

  22. oh they are fun Nami! I have to do this for my son, He would get a real kick out of it (so would all our friends kids!) Love it. You always come up with the most fun and interesting recipes!

  23. I’m not sure what I like better – chocolate covered cherries or chocolate covered bananas. I’ve never made either, but I think that’s about to change. I don’t have small children, but I think we’re kids at heart enough to really, really enjoy these! They might help me wean Bobby off ice cream. :)

  24. Nami, you probably remember how many times I complained that I don’t have a big freezer, ice-cream maker etc.. Now I see I can make a frozen gorgeous dessert with my small freezer and no need to buy an ice-cream maker! I love this healthy and funny idea and I’m sure not only kids enjoy biting through the crunchy chocolate layer. Thank you for posting it!

  25. What a great simple treat.. I’m still a kid at heart, so this is perfect. Chocolate and banana.. I wonder who created this combo, cause they just work so well together. Am glad you like my photos Nami, and you know I adore your creations and photos to bits.. I can never stop staring at them.. Have a good week! xoxo

  26. I’ve been thinking of making these for a while after I saw them a few months ago on Pinterest. Such a simple and guilt-free (almost!) dessert that’s quick to make too!

    Love your photos – they are so light and airy.

  27. What a delightful summer treat – so easy to make and appreciated by kids and adults alike undoubtedly. It must be lovely to crunch through the chocolate shell to the cold banana hiding underneath!

  28. This reminds my when I used to work at Rocky Mountain Chocolates…it was fun making this chocolate covered banana :) Love the pictures, always so tempting Nami.
    Hope you are enjoying your week!

  29. I love, love, love bananas in pancakes, breads, cupcakes, pies, in yogurt, or cereal… you get the gist. This is genius! Beautiful photographs too.

  30. I can’t agree more, my kids love bananas too, especially chocolate dipped frozen ones. :) These are definitely healthy treats for anyone. I love the way you make the sticks so festive and pretty with a ribbon.

  31. Hi Nami, I got enticed by all your Superb recipes ! I cant wait to try my hands on it. It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful recipes. Congrats on top 9 !
    Have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for sharing awesome recipes. Best Regards, Sonia !!!

  32. Hi Nami! Love the pretty orange ribbons on the sticks in your delicious-excellent treat!- frozen chocolate bananas, I have to make these for my grandchildren, they would go crazy for these this Summer;-)

  33. Isn’t it funny that I am leaving this comment after making these…
    I saw these yesterday and I had everything I needed to fix these cuties… Nami my kids loved them!!!
    Thanks for sharing this…

  34. My Dad used to make these all the time for us when we were kids. I guess it’s a long tradition for parents to spoil their kids with these wonderful, easy, frozen treats. Thanks for the memories.

  35. Yum! I really want one now…. bananas are such a great versatile fruit. I used to get home from school and complain I was hungry but my mother would say “You’re going to have dinner soon! Just have a banana then”.
    But they were so tasty I’d end up eating 3 before she noticed :)
    Hope you have a great weekend Nami!

  36. This is one of my sisters favorite treats when we go to the county fair in my home town:-) I love chocolate covered bananas! It definitely would be a perfect treat for kids:-) Love your pictures! Hugs, Terra

  37. Awesome and I can see it becoming a sure hit with my kids :)Love how easy and simple it is to make and something the kids will enjoy making themselves :)

  38. Nami san




  39. Love these special treats and you made them look so great too, love the ribbon. I have a recipe in my archives for these too but use coconut oil to make a thin chocolate covering, but your look quite decadent.

  40. These are awesome. an awesome treat! But what I love most is that Trader Joes pound chocolate bar because it just solidifies that the two of us are more alike than you might think. LOL. It’s the perfect bar for this recipe…and just about everything else chocolate that you can imagine.

  41. I love bananas like this. I keep some cut up and dipped in the freezer for snacking on. So good. And whenever we do chocolate fondue they just slide the bananas my way. It’s all I want to dip in chocolate. Cannot stop myself. These look so much prettier than the way I do mine though. You are so creative Nami. Bet the kids loved these.

  42. carol | a cup of mascarpone

    Nami, you have just won my heart! I know I’m a year late seeing this, but didn’t know you last year! :) I have been wanting to try them for sooooo long! Thanks for sharing…and have a great weekend!!!

  43. jayne

    I will have my nieces and nephews coming this weekend, total 13 kids, including my 2 boys.
    Gotta feed them and thinking of making this together with them.
    One stupid question, I happen to have Lindt dark chocolates, can I use them?
    Thanks again!