Cherry Blossom & KidZania in Osaka

Japan Trip 2012 vol. 2 | JustOneCookbook.comIn my Japan Trip 2012 vol. 1 post, I mentioned that we took Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) from Yokohoama to visit Kobe and Osaka in western Japan.  My best friend was getting married in Kobe so our family trip to Japan was planned so that I could attend her big day.  Also, my maternal side grandparents and relatives live in Osaka, so we extended our trip 3 more days to spend time with them afterwards.

We stayed in Oriental Hotel in Kobe, where my friend was wedding at.  It was a nice newly remodeled hotel and we enjoyed our stay.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 1Our room, Breakfast Buffet, Bar (photo credit: Oriental Hotel)

At the hotel I had the breakfast and wedding banquet course meal for lunch.  I was very pleased with the quality of food they served.  I was way too busy socializing during the wedding so I failed to take the beautiful course meal.  The only photo from the hotel was the breakfast.  For breakfast, guests can choose Western style or Japanese style, and to share pictures for my blog I picked Japanese style.  All the basic Japanese breakfast dishes were served on the tray.  Tofu, pickles, Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg), seaweed, Nimono (simmered vegetable dishes), rice, Gindara Saikyo Yaki (Miso Cod), and Miso soup (from left top to right bottom).

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 2

No, these are not the only thing that I ate actually.  You can also go to a buffet section to get the various side dishes including two different kinds of Chinese dumplings, stir fried vegetables, sausages, eggs, and so on.  At another area, there were various kinds of bread and pastries.  They also serve fresh fruits, yogurt, cereal, and several fresh juices at another station.

The afternoon after we arrived in Kobe was free so we booked tickets to KidZania Koshien in advance.  KidZania concept was created and developed by a Mexican founder.  It’s a child-sized replica of a city, including buildings, shops, banks, theaters, and there are vehicles moving on streets.  There was one KidZania in Florida in the US but it is now closed.  The first KidZania location in Japan was in Tokyo.

When a child enters KidZania, they are free to choose from any of the 80 occupations, from an airplane pilot to photographer.  For our children, we booked EAP (English Activities Program) since they are not very fluent in Japanese so there were fewer job choices.  However, the benefit of the EAP program is that kids in EAP don’t have to wait in line to work at job they want.  The jobs in the program are already pre-arranged so the teachers will leads the students from the assigned job to the next.

For that day, our children were assigned to work as a jet pilot (ANA airways), a factory worker at Coca Cola bottling plant, a pizza maker at Pizza-La, a worker at Idemitsu gas station, and a photographer at SONY Photo Studio.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 3

Our kids worked really hard from 4:30 to 8:00pm.  After each job is done they get paid a salary (play money).  For kids in the local area, they can save the play money in the bank.  Since we don’t know when/if we’ll return to Kidzania, we told them that they can spend all the money they earned at the department store (inside the complex as well).  I was going to help my kids pick their gift, but adults weren’t actually allowed to go inside the store.  They were happy with small toy they could buy with the salary they had earned on their job.

While I was attending the wedding, my husband took the kids to Suma Aqualife Park Kobe (須磨海浜水族園).  It was great because children were free and they got to see a lot of creatures and a dolphin show.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 4

After the park, they stopped by for the traditional western Japan snack – Takoyaki (たこ焼き).  It’s a popular street vendor snack in the Osaka area.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 5

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese pancake made of batter.  It’s cooked in a special grill with rows of semi-circles (picture above) and filled with diced octopus (tako), tempura scraps (tenkasu), pickled ginger, and green onion.  After it’s cooked, they brush takoyaki sauce and customers have the option of mayonnaise, topped with aonori and katsuorubshi (shaving of dried bonito).

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 6

The wedding banquet was over by 3pm and our trip continued to Osaka that day.  Kobe, which is known for Kobe Beef, is about a 25 minute train ride from Osaka.  For the next 2 and half days, we spend most of the time with my grandparents and my relatives.

While we were in Osaka, Sakura (cherry blossoms) were blooming everywhere.  It was so pretty.  My family took my grandparents out for Hanami (花見; flower viewing) in the neighborhood.  We walked around a little bit and took family pictures.  It was a clear sunny afternoon with beautiful blue sky, and everyone look up to see the full bloom Sakura.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 7

We didn’t have much free time but whenever we had some time for ourselves, my husband and I took our kids on mini sightseeing trips in Osaka.  We went to ride Tempozan Ferris Wheel at Tempozan Harbor Village next to the famous Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (one of the largest aquariums in the world).  At the time it opened in 1997, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel was the tallest at 112 meters, roughly 35 stories tall.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 8

Two of the cars were completely clear including the floor so we decided to take it for fun.  Below is the famous aquarium, Kaiyukan.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 9

And some views of Osaka Port.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 10

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 11

The views toward Osaka downtown.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 12

Later on that day my cousin and his wife took us for a walk to check cherry blossoms along the river near the Imperial Hotel.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 13

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 14

During Hanami (flower viewing), a lot of people picnic under the trees and enjoy the scenery.  Friends and family bring some food and drinks to get together to relax for the day.  You have to get to the best spots very early in the day to claim them because there are literally thousands of people along the river.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 15

Another afternoon, we went to see Osaka Castle.  We often stop by Osaka Castle because our kids love seeing it.  Here, the entrance to the Castle.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 16

We started to see the castle.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 17

Behind them, it’s the single biggest rock that makes up the castle’s wall.  Look at how tiny our children are.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 18

There were lots of tourists because of the cherry blossom season.  Some people enjoy the gardens but our focus was checking the castle so we continued to walk.  Osaka Castle is one of Japan’s most popular castle to visit.  If you are curious about this castle, you can continue reading about it here.

Now here we are!

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 19

It makes a huge difference when there is cherry blossom tree in front of it.  We went up to observatory in the central tower.  Just one picture from the top.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 20

On the way down to the main entrance to the central tower, we also quickly went through Osaka Castle Meusum (as our kids were too young and impatient to understand the history).

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 21

The miniature figures show the scenes from the folding screen depicting the Summer War of Osaka.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 22

After seeing the samurai worriers, my son wanted to take a picture with the cannon.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 23

Lastly I’ll just show our lunch boxes we had on Shinkansen on the way back to Yokohama from Osaka.  Anago (sea eel) Sushi on the right is very famous in Osaka.

Japan Trip 2012 Vol 2 24

Next Thursday, my husband will be a doing restaurant review at Japanese Teppanyaki dinner.  We had high quality Wagyu (Japanese beef), lobster, and more!  This was an unforgettable meal, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Continue reading Vol. 3 of Japan Trip 2012.
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  1. Hi Nami! Osaka looks wonderful! We are planning to visit Japan in the near future and thus, your post was quite useful and informative. You kids are so sweet!
    Loved the sushis!

  2. Wow, Nami – what a post! I so want to go to Japan, especially after reading this. It all looks so special. That hotel looked wonderful and the children looked like they had a ball like their parents. Love that they got a “salary”. Great idea for our kids 😉
    Beautiful photos of your trip!

  3. Stunning photos! First, that buffet is amazing – and love that you kept going back and back and back…I would too! Second…is that place only for kids? I SOOOOOOO want to do it myself! I would totally sneak in and pretend…it just looks awesome. Why can’t they do that for kids?

  4. I can’t get enough of these posts about your experiences my friend! Soaking it all in waiting to release them when I go to Japan one day 😀
    Love it!

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. Oh, jealous you got to go to KidZania! When my kids are older, I’d love to take them there. We did the Suma Aquarium too… I feel like I was in Osaka/Kobe with you, I took so many similar photos! :)

  6. Nami what a wonderful trip with so many incredible places to see. I especially love Kidzania. Such a great concept for children to learn about working and saving their money. I’m curious, what does it cost to spend time at Kidzania? When you said your children worked there for 2.5 hours I was shocked especially at their age. They must have had a wonderful time. I will have to go back to view that link.

    I’m sure it was wonderful spending time with family and having the opportunity to go to your best friends wedding.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with such beautiful photos and cherry blossom trees.

    • Hi Vicki! Here’s the cost for KidZania. I thought some people might be interested, too.

      This is basic price for 6 hours at KidZania.

      Children (3-6): Y3400 ($42 at current exchange rate)
      Children (7-12): Y3800
      Children (13-15): Y3900

      Adult (16+): Y1800
      Senior (60+): Y900

      EAP (English Activities Program) : Y6800 ($84 at current exchange rate)

      *You need to make a reservation for either Morning (6hrs) or Afternoon (5hrs) Period as tickets run out.

  7. The kidZania place sound so fun, my kids sure like this place but I think they are now too old to enter this place. Beautiful and awesome cherry pictures, hopefully one day I am able to visit during cherry blossom period. Can’t to find out your husband restaurant review.

  8. Eri

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! And thanks for sharing all those places you and your family visited. I didn’t know about KidZania, my kids will love that place. I will be sure to add that on my list of places to go when we get a chance to go back. And you are making me very very hungry with all those pictures of yummy looking food…

  9. Eha

    What a wonderful post, Nami! I don’t know whether to concentrate on the beauty of the cherry blossoms [lovely photos!] or the sumptious breakfast at the Kobe Hotel :) ! Great also that the children had so many interesting things to do: had never heard of KidZania – can’t believe they wanted to leave! And the lunch boxes really call out to me . . . specially that sea eel!

  10. Nami! Just beautiful! Thankyou for sharing these lovely vignettes from your visits.
    It brings so many different perspectives.
    The Bento boxes are the best!

  11. Charlie

    Morning Nami!

    I was just over to Kim’s blog, and your Teriyaki beef looks so so good!

    How wonderful that you have been a guest there :~D

    Have a Joyful Day


  12. hi Nami, really enjoyed part 2 Those pics of the children at Kidzania are just too adorable – what a charming idea. Those lunch boxes are a work of art. How your family must have enjoyed seeing the little ones. Thanks for the great post.

  13. Hi Nami – I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Kobe and Osaka.
    Would have definitely picked the Japanese breakfast too.
    Love the photo of the kids at the castle wall.
    Looking forward to your husband’s restaurant review.

  14. donna mikasa

    Such a wonderful post! So lucky you saw the sakura in bloom, and your children had a marvelous time at KidZania! What a fun concept! The food looks fabulous–especially the anago sushi! I’m drooling…..Thank you for sharing your trip photos with us!

  15. Thank you for sharing more pictures. It only makes me want to go back to Japan even more. We didn’t get to Osaka when we lived there but visited Matsumoto Castle when we were on a trip to Kyoto – it was quite amazing! I’m so gald you had a good time!!


  16. なみちゃんのお子さんたちって、すごいかわいいね。こんな写真を見てると、すっごく日本に帰りたくなるのよねえ。 この間、なみちゃんの肉じゃがを作ってみました。 私のよりも、上品な味で、美味しかったです。次回は2倍作って、残り物ご飯で、簡単な夕食を次の日にしようと思いました(すぐ食べきれたのでした)。 いつもブログにコメントありがとうございます。ココナッツカレーも美味しそう!

  17. Nami the photos are incredible. I was just loving all the pics of the cherry blossom trees. We actually put in two Kwanzan trees a couple of years ago because I love them so much. We have apple blossoms in the back yard too that are about 40 years old. They bloom white so they look great with the pink from the Kwanzans. Your kids are so adorable. Love the place for them to play. We don’t have anything quite like that here in Canada. Love seeing photos of your trip.

    And a huge thank you for doing the interview for me. I am very honored and touched. xx

  18. Beautiful pictures Nami…you brought so many memories of my visit to Japan a while ago…love the sakura blossoms…thank you so much for sharing all these precious pictures.
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  19. Wow Nami – more stunning pictures and the hotel looks incredible. And not just the food either, but the decor as well… I’ve never heard of Kidzania before, but that’s such a cool concept and it looks like the kids had a great time (which learning)… I think my favorite photo is of the Tempozan Ferris Wheel all-glass car – that is so cool.

  20. These photos look beautiful and it makes me want to go to Japan even more! I’ve never been (even though I’m Japanese American) but the cherry blossoms and that ferris wheel look simply amazing! Great post :)

  21. This second part of your trip looks even more extraordinary! You know I have once seen a tv program about Kidzania and thought it was so wise, educative and useful! I love the idea. The hotel breakfast looks so gorgeous! I am sure I would always choose the Japanese option (I hate sweet breakfasts and even more the müsli or cornflakes…). Oh, and takoyaki… My dream dish!
    The hotel room is so big and beautiful! I have heard so many times that Japanese hotel rooms are tiny, but maybe only in Tokio.
    I think I will take trains in Japan only to be able to eat gorgeous ekiben 😉

  22. お花見に間に合って良かったね。うちもそろそろ日本に遊びに行こうかな〜 子供達が新幹線に乗りたがっているからね。私もたこ焼きとかお好み焼き食べたい!

  23. Candice

    Hi Nami, Thanks again for sharing such beautiful photos and an informative post. My FI and I are thinking about going to Japan next year so this is all very useful information. I was especially intrigued with Kidzania as I’ve never heard of it and didn’t even know Florida had one at one point. I think it’s a great concept where kids can learn to work and save money at such a young age. =) I have put Kidzania on my list of activities to do in Japan (even though I don’t have kids).

    My favorite photo is the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. It looks so cool! I would love to ride on that.

    I just read your guest post/interview with “Cravings of a Lunatic”. Great job!

    Btw, I’m jealous your kids ate takoyaki. I love that stuff!!

  24. I can’t believe how beautiful the tress look with all that blossoms and flowers, it’s like magic and so inspiring.
    Hey, here we have a kind of KidZania, it’s called Divercity, kids have to work in different places so they can earn money and spend it.

  25. I love reading about your time in Japan! And your kids are just the cutest!! KidZania and everything looks like fun and the cherry blossoms are just beautiful. Have you read about all the controversy surrounding kobe beef in the US recently?

  26. Susie

    Wonderful photos of the second part of your trip. Everything looks so pretty and the hotel looks amazing. It’s nice to see pictures of our family your children are beautiful. :)

  27. Those cherry blossoms are magnificent, Nami!!! So many fun photos from your trip…you made it so enjoyable for your children! I’m sure they has a wonderful time.

    PS…I loved Kim’s feature on you!

  28. Wow! Love all the photos, and your kids are so cute. Looks like you had a lot of fun, though it may have been exhausting to do so much too. Looking forward to your husband’s review! I love teppanyaki, but I’m pretty sure the restaurants in the US aren’t very authentic, especially since the staff are usually Chinese. :)

  29. Rebecca

    So enjoyed your photos and reading about your trip. So glad it all went well and that you had cherry blossoms while you were here. (They were unusually late!) You certainly managed to get a lot in for the short time you were here!

    (What fun to read a blog about a visit to my stomping grounds – been an Osaka girl for over 25 years! 大阪ほっまに好きやねん!)

  30. Nami… Japan is sooooo beautiful!! I love that the kids got to “work” and make play money!! What a cool experience. I was just amazed by all the pictures. I can certainly see that you and your family had a wonderful time… what a great trip!

  31. I’m in awe of all the beautiful cherry blossom trees that they have in Japan. Not just any old cherry blossoms trees, but enormous ones, that I’ve never seen anywhere else.
    So cute with the kids making pizzas and getting paid with play money!
    Love all the beautiful photos and educational post you shared with us, Nami!
    Thanks so much for sharing your vacation stories and photos:DDD

  32. Nami, thanks for sharing this! Next time we are in Japan with our kids, for sure, we want to take them to KidZania! That’s such a brilliant idea!!! And those cherry blossoms!!!! So bee-yoo-tiful! I missed our cherry blossom season here in Toronto :( Now, I’m kicking myself!

  33. Stunning Pictures!! Seems Like you all had wonderful time in Japan. The cherry blossoms trees look too good. In Vancouver also the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and look very pretty.
    Both your kids look so cute:)

  34. Nami – what a beautiful post. I have never been to Japan yet I felt like I traveld there from your lovely post. Your kids are adorable. I absolutely love the concept of KidZania – what a fun things for your kids to be a part of. I need to put Japan on my bucket list – it is beautiful and full of magical culture.

  35. These are just fantastic pictures Nami! What a treat to get a glimpse of Japan. And those lunch boxes – yum! I probably could have eaten all of them. :) I think the thing that is most surprising to me is all the cherry blossoms. I had no idea they were so prevalent and they are just gorgeous!

  36. Hi Nami…I enjoyed reading your post and all the beautiful shots of the places you visited. Makes me wish I could go there too, but it’s so far away….both in space and time! Wow, that’s a lot of takoyaki…I suddenly miss eating them! Love the bento boxes too….and the sakura…and your adorable kids enjoying the holiday that mummy and daddy brought them on!

  37. Gosh, those Cherry Blossoms shots are gorgeous! After seeing them, I’m too shy to post pix from my shopping trip in Seoul. Hahaha!

    I’ve been to all the places you’ve mentioned but not KidZania Koshien, tho’ I’ve heard so much about it. My kid is already 17, so I won’t have any chance to go unless I’ve a 2nd one. But, my factory has already stopped manufacturing. Lol!

    Did I hear Wagyu?? I’m a huge fan!!!

  38. CC

    Thanks for sharing your adventures, Nami! It was such a pleasure reading makes me want to go to Japan even more!! Especially for the sakura! Have a nice weekend!

  39. What a scrumptiously edible and gorgeous posting. I love the opportunity for the kids “to work!” The castle, the cherry blossoms, the lunch boxes! All so welcoming!

  40. Wow! What a great post Nami and so many images there. And I can’t believe I saw takoyaki! It must be a very popular dish in Japan. What a wonderful time you must have had in Japan, not only you but your whole family xx

  41. Nami – Another wonderfully enjoyable post about your trip! The pictures are gorgeous and the tale is very interesting and absorbing. I found the part about KidZania extremely interesting. Being a long time educator that concept should be adopted everywhere! It’s said that the only one we’ve had in the U.S. is closed. I guess Disney World is better than real life. UGH! Lots of interesting things in this great post! Love the hippy daughter’s T-shirt. :)

  42. Welcome home, Nami-san! It looks like you`re having a blast with your family!The photos really make me want to visit the Kansai area and The Kidzania sounds terrific! Looking forward to seeing the photos from your next post on the the trip :))

  43. AHHH Nami! I envy you, surely u ll be smiling reading that.

    I heard but hadnt seen the kids city before. Do some people come everyday there to train their kids or something? they get payed right, isnt that child labouring? just curious u know. ^.^

    AMAZING view and omg the castle. as u know I am fascinated by japanese history. The last samurai wars etc.

    Stupid question but… are there any geishas in this city?

    I was wondering that day what u guys eat for breakfast, I grew up with croissant and jam on the bread so its interessting and sometimes shocking to know that others eat differently. lol I always make fun of my husband who loves curry for breakfast (they all do).

    great impressions, thank you nami!

  44. Wow, Nami these photos are amazing, and it looks as you guys had a fabulous-fabulous time. See, we adults should learn good lessons from the kids. They work very hard but yet they don’t complain if they get paid real money or not for as long as they had fun! LOL! Oh my goodness your kids are adorable, Nami!

    ~ ray ~

  45. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation photos with us, Nami, they are indeed beautiful. It would be lovely to see photos of the wedding, if you could share them. The food looks amazing (I’ve never had Kobe Beef and would love to try some). I am looking forward to the restaurant review. I am not sure I will ever get over to Japan, but your photos certainly make it very intriguing. Thanks again for sharing.

  46. I dream of visiting Osaka one day, your photos are so inviting! loved every single one of it! I would love to witness the blooms with my very own eyes!

  47. Japan was already high on my list of places to visit (we were supposed to go last year) but you’ve just made me want to go even more. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us, Nami. Love seeing the sites, food and your kids. :)

    One of the things I look forward to when in Hawaii is the Japanese breakfast I get to enjoy at one of the hotels in Maui. I will shoot for that part of the breakfast buffet over bacon and eggs any day! :)

  48. I felt transported to Japan while reading this! Fantastic job Nami!!! Kidzania is such a great concept. They should definitely be doing that in the U.S. – I think it would really catch on. The flowering trees are just gorgeous. It will be easy to take hundreds of pictures of them. I’m glad you are back home and thank you so much for sharing your family vacation and the pictures of your adorable children with us!

  49. The breakfast at the hotels in Japan always look so lovely! Every single detail just makes your stay enjoyable. So fun to visit Japan through your pictures, Nami. I specially love the picture of your son & daughter in front of the cannon. They look like they are such great siblings!

  50. Nami, you couldn’t possibly have chosen a better time to be in Japan. Those photos are just magic! You must look at them again and again and have terrific memories. I’m so glad you got to be there for your best friend’s wedding.

  51. Thank you for taking us along this amazing trip Nami.
    When I was a kid we used to watch many Japanese animation mini series and I always loved the cherry blossoms! A walk down a street lined with cherry trees in bloom must be a very special experience.
    Thank you for taking pictures of the real thing :)

  52. Great post! The kidzania thing sounds SO amazing! I can’t believe the one in the US closed down…maybe kids there don’t wanna work 😉

    The cherry blossoms are spectacular. Like something out of a fairytale. How lucky you got to see them!

    And the FOOD! Loving those lunchboxes. Want!

  53. Hey Nami thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures from Japan. I am a big fan of cherry blossom and the cherry blossom in Osaka is absolutely beautiful. I’ll travel to Japan just for that let alone all the delicious food and wonderful cultures. I can’t wait to make my way to Japan soon. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Oh Nami, every time you post your food pics, it makes me want to hop on a plane straight to Japan!!They look so delicious!!I just love the idea of the kids getting to work and getting paid!So the cherry blossoms and all the other lovely pics!You guys sure had a great time :)

  55. Hi, Need a huge favour, my son is celebrating children’s day at school and I offered to prepare some japanese dishes for the kids to see and savour, so could you please please mail me or direct me to wards some easy but authentic ones :) thanks

  56. Oh I am in love with all of the food options! I really should take a vacation to Japan but when I fly that far around the world I always end up heading to the Philippines to visit my relatives. Maybe next time I can set aside a week in Japan first :)

  57. Hi! so enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the beautiful pictures! It looks like you all had a great time with friends and family and saw so many beautiful sites! KidZania looks like the most amazing place ever! What a great idea for kids!! Also, I loved reading about the hotel breakfasts– I’ve only been to Japan once and it was for about 24 hours on my way back from China (so I’ve said since I must go back!) but we had the most delicious and beautiful breakfast served in the hotel– such a wonderful treat!

  58. Japan is definitely on my list of places I’d like to visit! Osaka castle looks amazing! Makes me think of reading Shogun again… Have you ever read that book?

  59. Nami san,

    Ohanami was just on time! What beautiful photos you have taken and thank you so much for showing us here!

    I have been to Kobe once although I used to live in Osaka for few years. The hotel you stayed looks gorgeous and I would love to stay such a nice quality hotel someday:-) Takoyaki and Japanese dinners look just amazingly delicious! I am here in Japan but feel like I travel with your family when I read this post.

  60. Your Japan pics really make me want to visit Japan…!! Look at those bento goodies, I think I would not be able to stop buying bento boxes there ;). As I have told you earlier in FB, my parents also visited Japan recently (which made me totally envious…!!) and they loved it! Unfortunately my mum couldn’t find any shops which sell bento boxes (my parents went with a tour group) and in the end she only bought things like mochi and seasonings for noodles ;).

  61. I’m really enjoying your stories from Japan, Nami, thanks for sharing them with us. I’ve already had Japan very high on my “to visit” list, but seeing all the beautiful photos and reading stories, I want to even more :)

  62. Karin


    I really enjoy looking at the pictures in your blog and of course your recipes too. Do you have a recipe for onsen tamago like the one you had for breakfast at the hotel? It looks like there is some kind of sauce in the onsen tamago. Is it some kind of dashi with light soya sauce?

  63. Wow that was fun for the kids, I’ll be stoked if I were that child. I love field trips.
    BTW that takoyaki looks good, thats my top 1 favourite Japanese food.

  64. I know I said it before but your kids are too cute! What an amazing trip you had! I love the photos of the cherry blossoms. They are so beautiful. I hope to go there one spring to see them in person. I love the idea of that kidzania. How amazing is that?! After reading through your post and seeing all your amazing photos I really want to take a trip there!!!

  65. Nami, thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us! Last night’s Amazing Race went to Osaka, so when I came to your site and saw the temple photo, I recognized it right away! What a beautiful country, we can not wait to visit when Trinity is a little older, want to make sure she remembers all the sights!

  66. Hi Nami! I enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. It was a trip down memory lane for me too as I’ve been to many of those same places. Glad you had a great trip with your family.
    – Michael

  67. I am so glad I didn’t miss this segment of your trip. What a wonderful time you all had. I must be so nice to catch your friends wedding and show your kids the country where you grew up! And spend time with family! I enjoyed all the beautiful photos….very interesting. I love the bento lunches, and woul like to eat breakfast like in the morning.

  68. YAY! The next part of your trip :) I love all the photos and everything you did with your kids hehe it seems like a great activity for the kids to make friends and learn some important skills such as managing money 😀 I wish my parents had sent me to those kinda activities maybe I wouldn’t be so much of a shopoholic then hahaha I really miss Japan looking at all your photos just make me remember all the great times I had with my sister when i went hehe 😀 Can your children speak Japanese?

    It must be so wonderful for you to go home 😉 Great post Nami!

  69. I gotta take my kids to KidZania when I visit Japan! :) I know they’ll have fun and love it. The cherry blossom is really gorgeous. I better plan my next visit to Japan in Spring. BTW, you’ve got me craving for some Takoyaki!

  70. Stunning photos! This sounds like a wonderful trip. I especially love the photo of your kids next to the cannon. I have one like that from one of the forts here. I’m glad you and your family had such a lovely vacation!

  71. Cristina

    I luv the concept of KidZania…so cute how the kiddies are all dressed up and role playing! {sigh} so beautiful all those cherry blossoms. That has to be the most beautiful and serene experience to be amongst a grove of those trees in bloom. It must’ve been difficult to leave Japan from vacation. Sounds and looks like you had a memorable time. Thank you for sharing about your trip – I enjoyed your images and writing about it, Nami. :)

  72. Nami, i just got to read your vol 2. Loved vol 1, was waiting for vol 2 but then i got busy. This is again such an informative post about Japan. If i were to visit Japan ever will keep these things in mind. Osaka looks beautiful. Actually all pics looks fantastic. Am glad you had a lovely vacation:)

  73. Hi Nami,
    love your post! Wanna be in osaka right now! That’s one of my favourite things in japan… on every corner delicious and healthy food is waiting for you…greetings from germany, michiko

  74. Dear Nami,

    Your kids are absolutely adorable!! I tried the signature Miso cod at Nobu’s restaurant in Melbourne once it was pretty awesome. Since then, we have tried to replicate it at home because the meal at Nobu was not cheap at all either!