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While I’m visiting my family in Japan, I’ve asked several blogger friends to blog-sit for me and today’s sitter is Biren from Roti n Rice

Biren currently lives in Twin Cities, Minnesota, but she grew up in Malaysia where home cooking was an eclectic mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisines.  After moving to the US and having her own family, she started baking and cooking more diverse recipes.  On her blog, she shares Western, Japanese, and other East Asian cuisines like these delicious Chicken Curry with Kaffir Lime Leaves and Tau Sar Bao and Matcha Anpan

When you visit her blog, you will realize that her recipes are very nicely sorted and organized in different categories.  Her attention to detail has made it very easy to find recipes you are looking for.  She has a wide range of recipe collection spanning over 300 tasty recipes.  Check out her blog for tonight’s dinner ideas after this post. 😉

Now please welcome Biren with these easy and delicious Lavender Madeleines.


BirenOn behalf of Nami, I wish all fans of Just One Cookbook  Irasshaimase or Welcome to the “store”! My name is Biren and I blog at Roti n Rice. Today, I am honored to be “blog sitting” for Nami while she visits family in Japan. Like you, I am usually the visitor coming here to get a glimpse into the Japanese home kitchen afforded by this blog to the English speaking world. I am sure you will agree with me that Nami does a fantastic job of sharing her food and culture with us.

Although Nami and I have only met virtually for about a year and never in person, it is as if we have known each other for a while. Our passion for food and family brings us together. I have two teenage boys myself and Nami enjoys reading about their antics when they were her children’s age. On the food front, I enjoy an eclectic mix of cuisines in my home cooking and easy Japanese food is in that mix. Onigiri, miso soup, grilled fish, and tsukemono are some of my go-to dishes when pressed for time to lay a meal on the table. Ocha-zuke is comfort food for me.

However, I also do enjoy a little baking and since Nami has always said that she does not have too many baked desserts here, I have decided to share one with you today. Madeleines immediately came to mind when I was planning for this guest post. These little cakes are in keeping with the Japanese’s love for all things dainty and the philosophy of Hara Hachi Bu (腹八分) – eating until you are 80% full.

Lavender Madeleines II

Madeleines are mini sponge cakes with a distinctive shell shape. They are made famous by Marcel Proust in his novel Remembrance of Things Past where the madeleine episode has been well quoted. A pan with shell-like indentations is needed to make these cakes. These pans can be purchased at specialty kitchen stores.

If you have never eaten madeleines, I urge you to give these a try. They are pretty easy to make and relatively fuss free. I mixed in some culinary lavender for added flavor and fragrance. Lavender also reminds me of summer days ahead…

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Lavender Madeleines III

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Lavender Madeleines
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12 madeleines
  • ¾ cup (115g) all-purpose flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp culinary lavender, crushed to release its fragrance
  • 2 large eggs, at room temperature
  • ⅓ cup (75g) sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 stick (8 tbsp/115g) butter, melted
  • Extra butter and flour for greasing and dusting pan
  • Powdered sugar, optional
  1. Grease a standard size Madeleine pan well. Dust with flour. Preheat oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. Sift together all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix in lavender. Set aside.
  3. Beat sugar, eggs, and vanilla together until light and fluffy, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add flour mixture and melted butter.
  5. Gently fold in flour and butter until well incorporated.
  6. Spoon batter into each mold cavity until almost full.
  7. Bake for 12 to 13 minutes or until the edges are golden brown and the centers spring back when lightly touched. Do not over bake.
  8. Remove from oven and cool for 5 minutes in pan. Turn the pan over and give it a light tap to unmold.
  9. Cool on rack, shell side up. Dust with powdered sugar and serve with tea or coffee.
For a more pronounced “hump” appearance, cover batter and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Then spoon batter into prepared mold, leaving batter mounded in the center.

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  1. Mmm, I never tried madeleines with lavender before – sounds absolutely wonderful! Considering I live in France I don’t eat nearly enough of these dainty little things as I should! Thanks for sharing this, Biren! Good inspiration for my future experiments :)

  2. Lovely post from Biren! I love the relaxing fragrant from Lavander and since I have some at home, I would sure give this lovely recipe a go :)

  3. Hi Biren! nice to see u here blogsitting for nami. =)
    I am a HUGE Madeleines fan and I know already that when I get my oven I will bake Madeleines first!! Hopefuly I ll have some lavender around too when this happens. thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello Nami :) This is my first visit to your lovely blog. I look forward to reading your posts as I love Japanese food and greatly admire Japanese culture.

    Biren, the madeleines are lovely, as is everything you do. Your spread is just gorgeous, and I love how you’re using this opportunity to raise awareness on autism. Brava bella!!

  5. I love lavender in baked goods: it elevates them to a different level and makes extra special. having said that, I’ve never tried adding lavender to madeleines, will do that next time! :)

  6. Debra Kapellakis

    It is good to see you here. Thank you for sharing. I do not like Lavender but many friends and family do. I am going to share this with them. The photo’s are lovely.

  7. Yay, Biren and Nami!! Two of my favorite ladies that hit it out of the park every time with their international cuisine!

    Biren these cookies look beyond beautiful!! Great guest post. :)

    Nami- hope you are having the best time in Japan!! ~ Ramona :)

  8. Welcome to Nami’s blog. You’re such a good ‘blogfriend’ to agree to take over while she’s away and with such a tasty treat. I love madeleines which I discovered this past year. I have to confess that I am trying to grow my own lavender with some faint hope of using it in some recipes … perhaps these. We’ll see what happens if my lavender seeds ever germinate.

    PS: I’ve tried refrigerating the batter to get the distinctive hump but it never worked for me. :)

  9. Hello Biren nice to meet you and Thanks for Nami for asking you to guest blog :) Ohhh these madeleines look so PERFECT! I often see madelienes that are really burst and never so nice and pale like these ones ~ Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love the use of lavender. I have some in my garden that I use in both sweet and savoury recipes. No idea if it’s the culinary variety or not, but it does the trick!

  11. Alyssa

    Wonderful guest post! I’m grew up in the twin cities, so it’s nice to meet a blogger from there. Your madeleines look beautiful. And I hope you are having a wonderful time in Japan, Nami!

  12. Hello Biren. Lovely to see you blog-sitting for Nami and what a lovely choice of madeleines with a French lavender touch! They are stunning, as are your photos. Eating to 80% full? Love it.

  13. What a great guest post from a very talented fellow blogger! Thanks for sharing, Nami, and introducing me to someone new! Biren, these madeleines look absolutely beautiful and so delicate yet delicious. Great job on them, and thank you for contributing such a nice guest post to one of my favorite bloggers! :)

  14. Hi Nami, and Biren- Such a lovely guest post, Biren! Love Madeleines…never tried it with the delicate Lavender. So perfect for spring, and the lovely texture, and flavor!
    Have a wonderful time in Japan, Nami…so nice to be able to spend quality time with your family:DDD

  15. Hi Biren, I’m very happy to meet you! Your madeleines look fabulous. I love the lavender twist. I bake madeleines quite often, but always with vanilla. I am sure lavender gives them a divine smell and taste. Wonderful idea.

  16. donna mikasa

    Hi Biren! Your Madeleines look scrumptious–I can almost smell the lavender! Nami, I hope you have a nice visit with your family!

  17. Madeleines are great – they’re one of my wife’s specialties (she’s the better baker). The lavender is a nice touch, and one I wouldn’t have thought of – great idea. Nice post – thanks.

  18. I can only imagine the clean flavor the lavender must give to those gorgeous madeleines. What a great guest post.

    Have a safe and wonderful holiday, Nami.

  19. Very nice looking madeleines, Biren! Love that you used to try this sometimes soon!
    Nami and Biren I enjoyed reading this guest post. Nami, have fun back home, and stay safe! Ladies wishing you great week ahead!!

  20. Beautifully done, Biren! Madeleines are one of my favorite things to bake, and I will definitely try to make them with lavender. Have a wonderful trip, Nami!

  21. I saw madeleines in Costco and was SO tempted to buy them. I wish yours were sold like that in big packs, Biren!

    And Nami, happy travels! I wish you would stop by LA though. :-)

  22. I have never made madeleines but every time a craving hits, I go to the French bakery in town. Might be time to try now. It was so nice to stop by and meet Biren.

  23. Once i start eating Madeleines I cannot stop! That is how much i love it. I can only imagine how flavorful it will be.
    Nami .. didn’t know you visiting Japan. Have a great time out there sweetie :)

  24. I’ve always wanted to dabble in baking with lavender but I’m a bit concerned that the finished product will taste like perfume or soap to me. These cookies couldn’t be anything but delicious though!

  25. Tobias @ T and Tea Cake

    Hi Biren! So nice seeing you here.

    You really doubled the amount of French in your madeleines with adding lavender; bet your kitchen must have smelled comme un soir chaleureux dans la provence à fin de l’été! 😉


  26. What a wonderful idea for Madeleines! I love how you put a special flavor to it. I can just imagine the aroma. Thanks, Biren. I love your recipes when I follow you on Twitter! And thanks for featuring her, Nami. I must make this. Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Japan !

  27. Hello Biren! Very nice to see you here at Nami’s and thank you for bringing in these delicious madeleines. And Nami — thank you for bringing in Biren. You ladies are wonderful and I love following your blogs.

    ~ ray ~

  28. How gorgeous Biren! I am so glad Nami asked you to blog sit for her! My family and I just got back from a great weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country, one of our favorite stop is at Becker’s winery, they have a nice lavender field there, and sell plenty of products made from the lavender they harvest. I stumble across a lavender seasoning packet and was surprised people eat the flowers, though seeing them in your baking post it makes a lot of sense!

  29. Those are really lovely–I’m not sure what makes lavendar culinary, but I definitely need to shake up my basic madeleine recipe. Thanks for the guest post!

  30. These madeleines look amazing, I love the toasted edges. I have yet to make anything with lavender, but this recipe may be the first one. Thanks for having Biren, Nami-I will need to pop on over to her blog!
    Also enjoy your time with the family Nami!

  31. Oh, Biren, your madeleines look amazing! Perfectly executed (mine usually stay stuck in the pans!!!). So fun to find you on Nami’s blog :)

    Nami, have a fabulous time visiting your family! You are my blogger inspiration…I am finally trying to balance life and blogging. Thanks for all your kindness and support!

  32. Actually I haven’t ever had madeleines and have had almost no food items with lavender. I do make a lavender tea and love it, so I can imagine that this lavender madeleines are quite tasty! Thanks for the inspiration Biren!

  33. These look lovely! I would love to try these, one because I have never tasted lavender in food and second I have never tried madelines ever! But I wonder if I will be able to easily procure the baking pan in the Indian market where these are not familiar. Lovely guest post indeed :)

  34. Becca W.

    Just made a batch of these madeleins, and they are delicious. I would suggest making a double batch though, as they are so good making only 12 just isn’t enough. Wonderful recipe and I will be making these for the girls at my new job. :)