Lychee Coconut Sorbet

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Lychee Coconut Sorbet |
Since I bought my ice cream maker a few weeks ago I’ve been experimenting with different flavors of ice cream.  Even though my husband objected to buying ice cream maker in the first place, I knew I was going to buy one regardless so I had kept all the ice cream and sorbet recipes I found even before we purchased one.

When my fellow Bay Area blogger Jean shared her Lychee-Coconut Sorbet on her beautiful blog, Lemon and Anchovies, I knew I was going to try making it.  I love the flavor of Lychee after an Asian meal.  It’s tartness seems to cut through the grease quite well.  The best part about this recipe is I can stock up ingredients in the pantry so I can make it anytime since my freezer bowl is now always in the freezer waiting for its next challenge.

Lychee Coconut Sorbet II

My sorbet photos didn’t turn out as well as I liked so please take a look at Jean’s Lychee-Coconut Sorbet post if you need any convincing that this sorbet was absolutely delicious.  I bought a new ice cream scooper for my future ice cream/sorbet posts so I can make a nice round ice cream/sorbet shape!

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Lychee Coconut Sorbet
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 2 (20-oz) cans lychee, including syrup
  • ¼ cup sweetened shredded coconut
  • Juice of ½ lime (2 tsp.)
  1. Using a blender (not a food processor), pureé the drained fruit and shredded coconut until smooth and set aside.
  2. Add 2 cups of lychee syrup from the cans into the blender. Mix quickly with a spoon. Keep the blender in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow the flavors to meld.
  3. Pass the mixture through a sieve into a large bowl (that will fit in your freezer). Then put the remaining solids back in the blender and blend again with 1 Tbsp. of liquid. Pass the mixture through a sieve again and chill the bowl in the freezer for about a half hour (or a little more if you have time).
  4. Right before making sorbet, add the fresh lime juice into the mixture and stir.
  5. Start mixing with your ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions. I set timer for about 30 minutes.
  6. When it’s done, transfer to an air tight container and keep it in the freezer for 3+ hours.
If you don't have an ice cream maker, check out here.

Recipe source: Lemons And Anchovies


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  1. Look great! This is what i need most now for the HOT summer weather in Singapore. I bet it taste refreshing with the fragrant from the lychee. How i wish I have an ice-cream maker to make it easier for my task tooo :p

  2. Nice and easy! Pity that it is winter here and I don’t feel like putting my ice cream machine bucket in the freezer (I think that we got the same one!!!).

    If you don’t mind I would like to put your blog on my blogroll :-)


  3. Nami, you become a specialist in ice-cream making! Your sorbet looks fantastic and I love the photos too! I rarely eat lychees, but whenever I find good, fresh ones I am able to eat tons of them! I would have never thought of coconut and lychee combination… I must try it in something else, waiting to have a bigger freezer and an ice-cream maker. Have a great weekend!

  4. You don’t have to convince me, this looks so gorgeous! I have said it before ice cream is one of my top favorite foods! I laughed when I read that your husband didn’t want the ice cream maker but you knew you were going to buy it anyway!

  5. Nami, so co-incidence, you made Lychee and i made longan, both also cold desserts, hahaha..I wish to have a ice cream maker too, i want some of your Lychee right now, sound so cool and good. Have a nice weekend ahead. This weekend i going back to hometown to see my parents and sisters, that must be fun!

  6. Nami, as I just told Sonia I want to have her longan pudding and now I want to have yours too! Never thought of adding coconut into lychee sorbet, sounds yummy :)

  7. Such delicious flavours from Jean. You are right, this is perfect after an Asian meal. The bonus is that it has no cream. Aside from being fattening, I find that it gives a cloying after taste in the mouth. Maybe it’s just me. Lovely sorbet, Nami.

  8. Ah, I am so jealous you have an ice cream maker! I want to buy one so bad but my parents don’t want me to because they know they will eat too much ice cream :) haha!

  9. Brilliant idea! I’m going to be visiting my family in Birmingham, Alabama and this will be a perfect refresher to enjoy in that intense heat!

  10. Hi Nami, The sorbet is looking absolutely delightful. A very well made post with beautiful pictures. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Its always fun to see ur appetizing recipes. Saving this recipe of urs and wud love to give ur version a try on the coming weekend. Have a wonderful week ahead….Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!

  11. You are so killing me with this recipe!! lychee is my favorite fruit! My daughter can eat a whole bunch just by herself! with coconut it will be heavenly!
    I just have to try this sorbet recipe… but i wish it magically appears in my kitchen right now! waaaaa :(

  12. I can’t say that i have ever tasted lychee but I noticed the sorbet at Lemons and Anchovies too and thought it looked so refreshing. Definitely a must try!

  13. Oh NO Nami, now I have to go get an ice cream machine! I am lactose sensitive so ice cream is on a “do not touch” list, but sorbet? That’s a totally different story!

  14. Mika

    Wow, this looks soooooo yummy! I bet now Shen feels like this was a wise investment to make ; )

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  15. Holy Yum!! How did you know that I love lychees & coconut- thats a winner combo in a sorbet Nami..I have to try this soon.We love both of these- infact we love all tropical fuits :) Quite a refreshing & healthy [ the fact there is only fruit & no cream] dessert!!
    Have a fun weekend!

  16. This looks fantastic and it looks so easy to make! I’ll have to try it! I love my ice cream machine too and I can’t wait for spring/summer to start using it again more often! Have a great weekend! :-)

  17. I’ve seen the recipe when Jean posted it and drooled over it, now after seeing yours I really need to consider buying an ice-cream machine.
    The summer just started and so many tempting sorbets and ice-cream recipes are shared by my foodie friends.
    Stunning photos as usual Nami

  18. I love it, Nami! This look so easy and as you say, it’s something you always have to hand in your store cupboard. I bet hubby is eating his words now about the ice-cream maker, after tasting all those delicious “experiments”! :-)

  19. Hi Nami!! I miss you pretty lady! This looks so refreshing. I could just drink the mixture straight from the blender.

    LOL. I’ve been collecting ice cream recipes too! I can’t wait for summer to roll around in Sydney.

  20. It is absolutely great to know that you tried out your friend’s recipe and Nami, let me tell you that your photography is improving day by day! Great picture.
    The recipe is wonderful and I love the combination of lychees with coconut.

  21. This looks so refreshing! The flavor must be fantastic, and I can imagine eating it after dinner as well as for a nice cool snack in the afternoon. I think the only way I’ve ever tasted lychee is in a lychee martini, so I’d definitely like to see how it tastes otherwise.
    I see I’ve got some catching up to do here…I’ve been a bit unplugged for the last two weeks!

  22. Nami those photos look lovely … wish I could get mine to look so good! Glad you got to buy an icecream maker – it’s a saver for me in the summer. You get to serve ice cream without worrying what else you are eating, and it’s so quick. I have to say recipe sounds quite exotic.

  23. Ah, another divine recipe from Nami! I am a fan of lychee and this is just such a wonderful combination here with the coconut in a nice cooling sorbet… beautiful!

  24. Let me introduce you to a weirdo who doesn’t like ice cream .. ME !! This looks so beautiful and lychee are such a sweet and gorgeous fruit.

  25. I leave you for a week and you come up with all these wonderful frozen desserts! Nami, the lychee and coconut are tropical flavors and always a winning combination for me. I loved your mango ice cream post too…you’re killing me! My ice cream maker is going to work overtime from now on ;-).

  26. Sounds fabulous and it looks so luscious! I love lychee juice so I know I would love this! Have fun with your ice cream maker! I can’t wait to see what other yummy frozen desserts you’re gonna come up with! :)

  27. You can tell your husband that I’m very pleased you went ahead and bought the ice cream maker! It’s actually inspiring me to pull mine out and use it. :) I love the combination of coconut and lychee. Looking forward to trying this!

  28. Nami, your sorbet AND your photos both turned out great! I’m so glad you tried the recipe and that it worked for you. I wish I had some now. Love the shot of your little girl looking into the ice cream maker–too cute! Can’t wait to see your other frozen creations. :-)

  29. These are two of my very favorite flavors of all time!
    Sadly, however, my lychees will likely never make it to cooking (or ice cream or sorbet) stage because I am addicted to the fresh fruit itself. I can eat the whole 2 pound bag at once >.<

  30. Oh Nami you’re tempting me to get an ice cream maker too! Whenever I see your ice cream posts now, I’ll be craving for some and in the meantime, thinking of how to convince my hubby to get one for me! lol 😛
    Lychees are the 2nd best (watermelons 1st) refreshing fruits to me and I love its unique ‘not-too-sour’ + sweet taste. :)

    • Hi Amrita! I heard people make ice cream & sorbet without ice cream maker, however I’m not sure details of it. All I know is that you have to take it out from freezer, mix it up, and put back in the freezer every 30 minutes… It requires more time and effort, but it’s possible.

  31. Sylvia

    We bought an ice cream maker last December–not the usual time of year for buying ice cream makers, since they’ve since been on sale now that summer is here. But I haven’t regretted it at all, because I found your website when I was looking for a matcha ice cream recipe. Today my son was looking for a lychee sorbet recipe and found yours. He made it, and it was FANTASTIC! With lychees in season, we used fresh lychees and added some simple syrup. Please keep up the good work. I love your site!

    • Hi Sylvia! So glad you found my site and thank you for trying this recipe! Using fresh lychee sounds wonderful. I had Lychee shaved ice from this Asian shop after dinner tonight and I was just thinking about making this sorbet again, too. Thank you so much for your feedback. :-)