Nama Chocolate (Royce’ Copycat Recipe) 生チョコレート

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Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート), copycat recipe for famous brand Royce Chocolate in Japan.  Easy Japanese Recipes at

Since we only have one more week to go before Valentine’s Day, I prepared two easy and quick dessert recipes for you to share with that special someone.  I don’t normally make desserts so this is a very special week on Just One Cookbook!

Today I’m sharing a Japanese chocolate dessert called Nama Chocolate.  I had received several requests from readers last year asking for this recipe and I apologize for the delay if you have been waiting for me to share.  Thank you for waiting!

Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート), copycat recipe for famous brand Royce Chocolate in Japan.  Easy Japanese Recipes at

If you are a frequent visitor to Japan, you either had a chance to taste or heard of this Japanese chocolate delicacy “Nama Chocolate” before.  Nama chocolate is very rich and moist.  This delicate and silky chocolate literally melt in your mouth.  It is very similar to French truffles (See my guest blogger Sissi’s delicious truffles) since the main ingredients are the exactly the same, just fresh cream and chocolate.  Unlike ball-shape truffles, Nama Chocolate comes in small squares.  The cooking method is slightly different from one for Truffles and it’s even easier to make than truffles as we don’t need to roll.

Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート), copycat recipe for famous brand Royce Chocolate in Japan.  Easy Japanese Recipes at

By the way, you might wonder what “nama” means?  Nama (na-ma) means “raw” or “fresh” in Japanese, and in this case it’s coming from abundant “fresh” cream being used.  Therefore, it must be kept it in refrigerator all times and is best enjoyed fresh so you have to eat them within a couple of days.  I highly recommend that you use high quality chocolate for this since that’s the most important ingredient for making delicious Nama Chocolate.

Nama Chocolate (生チョコレート), copycat recipe for famous brand Royce Chocolate in Japan.  Easy Japanese Recipes at

The well-known Nama Chocolate brand in Japan is ROYCE’ Chocolate and my readers especially in Asia might be aware of this brand.  If you visit Japan, their Nama Chocolate is available at the airports before heading home. :-)   Their Nama Chocolate is usually packed in a box for sale so I put my Nama Chocolate in the box as well.

Nama Chocolate
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: About 36 perfect squares + uneven squares
  • 400 gram (14 oz) good quality dark chocolate (70% cacao), but you can also use semisweet for less bitter taste.
  • 200 ml heavy cream (38% fat)
  • Liqueur of your choice (optional)
  • Cocoa powder to coat the chocolate
  1. Chop the chocolate into smaller pieces using a knife so that they will melt faster and more evenly.
  2. Line an 8" x 8" (20 x 20 cm) baking dish with parchment paper. Choosing the right size tray is important as the height of chocolate is decided depending on how much you pour.
  3. Add the heavy whipping cream into a small saucepan and bring it to ALMOST boil over medium heat. Keep an eye on the cream; when you see bubbles around the saucepan, remove from the heat.
  4. Add the chocolate and stir till the chocolate and cream are completely combined. Add liqueur of your choice (optional).
  5. Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish. Smooth the surface (which I forgot) and refrigerate until firm, about 4-5 hours.
  6. Remove the chocolate from the baking dish and cut it into cubes using a warm knife. Make sure to warm the knife after each cutting to prevent splintering. You can use hot running water but wipe it off completely before each cut.
  7. Sprinkle the cocoa powder and serve it chilled. You can keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days but enjoy soon.

Make sure the bowls and utensils you are using are perfectly dry. Even a small amount of water/steam can "seize" the chocolate melting process.

The ratio of heavy whipping cream (ml) and chocolate (gram) should be 1:2. Please do not replace chocolate with white chocolate for this recipe. The ratio is not the same.


The two most common problems of working with chocolate are separating and seizing.

1) Separation (oil came out of the chocolate) happens when you get the chocolate too hot. Dark chocolate should never be heated above 120 degrees F (Milk chocolate and white chocolate should never be heated above 110 degrees F). When chocolate gets too hot, the cocoa butter separates from the solids, and there is no way to salvage it (although you can bake with it and it tastes fine). The best way to prevent separation is to use gentle heat (simmer on lowest heat) and stir frequently. Since we're not using a double boiler in this recipe, make sure you do not bring the heavy whipping cream to a full boil. Remove from heat as soon as you saw bubbles around the edges of the saucepan.

2) Seizing happens when moisture is introduced to melted chocolate (even a tiny amount of liquid or steam). It happens all the sudden from a smooth bowl of liquid chocolate to a lumpy, grainy mass of chocolate.

To learn more details and how to fix the overheated or seized chocolate, please read HERE.

Try Green Tea Chocolate version, too!

Green Tea Chocolate | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook

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  1. I love your presentation of these nama chocolate! So tempting and beautiful. I’m a sucker for all kinds of chocolate. I love how easy it is that your recipe doesn’t involve “rolling” (that could get real messy). :) What a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea.

  2. I don’t know why you don’t make more desserts because you really do them so well! These are really pretty and homemade chocolates are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  3. wow homemade ROYCE?!?!! i didnt know you could make it. They look exactly like ROYCE! :) I used to get them from the nrt airport when i visited tokyo – i rem they had to be refrigerated all the time!

    i cant wait to try this soon (maybe after my sisters wedding as i am trying to fit into my bridesmaid dress!)

  4. Sensational Nami! They look just like Royce chocolates! And they are definitely easier and less messy compared to making truffles. Your presentation is gorgeous…you’re really quite an expert at food styling now. Love the pretty ribbons and pink background :)

  5. You must know how I approve of your foray into the world of desserts! These chocolates look marvelous…and my family would be thrilled if I made these beauties! Have a great week, Nami!

  6. Nami! glad u post this recipe since I’m a BIG fan of dark chocolate! 😀
    as always… chocolate is everyone fav dessert, even when we make it in a simpliest way :)
    How I wish I lived next to ur house so I can get one of them before the box go to ur brother in law! Haha ha!
    I’m sure he will enjoy the nama :)
    Tq for sharing sweetie! 😉

  7. I’ve tried ROYCE chocolates in Singapore before and it’s delicious! I love how smooth it is and it’s real popular in Singapore. I didn’t realise that it’s so easy to make though. They also had this chocolate covered potato chips which sounds a little odd but they actually went quite well together! Lovely photos as always!

  8. Ira Rodrigues

    I have never herd about this delicacy, thank you for sharing it with all of us. the parcels are so pretty , i like it!

  9. We used to travel on JAL a lot and I became addicted to the truffles they’d bring around. Oh to be before the financial crisis and be able to fly first class again. LOL

    Now I can make my own Japanese truffles!

  10. Hi Nami! I can just imagine how creamy this chocolate must taste, too bad my skin would get horrible breakouts if I eat even a little bit of chocolate, so this recipe can only be appreciate by afar… Hope you have a great week, it’s pretty cold at Houston so I am thinking stews for dinner would be good!

  11. Kimmi

    These look so amazing, and the steps are so easy to follow! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the lovely photographs. I definitely plan on trying these out when I get the chance~

  12. YAY a dessert and chocolat recipe :) I know you don’t really make a lot of sweets but I love it when you sure these recipes with us! I’ve definitely had NAMA chocolates before but i didn’t know that it meant ‘fresh’ and that it was so similar to French truffles hehe

    I’ve bought Royce nama chocolates before but didn’t really like them and i think it’s because the lady that served me wasn’t very nice either >_< so i think i'm just gonna make my own hehe

    Perfect for Valentine's day that's only a week away!!! I have NO idea what i'm gonna make or get Mr Bao ~

    Thanks again for the recipe and i'm sure you're brother in law is enjoying the truffles!

  13. Nami, the chocolates look extraordinary! Especially with your lovely presentation. I wish I had such a box now. I would finish them instantly. Instead of the dinner. You are totally right: they are like a simplified version of black chocolate truffles :-) I must try making them one day. Thank you for your kind mention and link!

  14. I love Royce chocolate! どれどれ、ロイスさんに近い味か調べてみようーっと!実は昨日作ろうかなと思ってました。私も似たようなレシピ持ってますよ。写真がとってもきれいです。

  15. Gosh! Nami u you have again caught our heart on this quick and easy Nama Chocolate!!! Looking at it now makes me craving for some… i think i can eat 5 or more in one go :p And your photos look awesome!!!!

  16. こんばんわ!


  17. You’re driving me crazy with this chocolate! Rather than make it myself, can I just order a batch or two? Seriously, I’ve never made chocolate but both Bobby and I love it so I can see this in our near future. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  18. Jackie | Sweet and Salty SF

    Hey Nami! Long time, no see! Wow, these chocolate look delicious and yet, so easy to make! I will definitely try them! Perfect gifts for family and friends! I see that your blog is doing SO well! Congratulations!! Jon and I are restarting our blog after a few months of neglect :/ Looking forward to more recipes! – Jackie

  19. I am so in love with Japanese chocolates. I love the creaminess and richness of these delicacies but I have never thought of making it myself. I can’t wait to try these out soon. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Caroline! It’s 8″x8″. I added to tray’s size in the recipe after I published the post, so you didn’t probably see it in my email subscription. I’m sorry about that. :-)

      If you want to get bigger squares, use smaller containers (anything square works) so the height of chocolate will be taller.

      If you plan to give it away as a gift and want to put in the box, you can line the box with plastic wrap and then pour the chocolate directly into the box, so that you chocolate squares will match the box. Hope this helps. :-)

      • Shahreen

        Hi Nami
        I was planning on making this chocolate for valentine’s day but one problem. The chocolate melts very easily and i was wondering whether it would get melted by the time i reached school. I can’t find 70% cocoa, can i use some other chocolate?

  20. Hi Nami – I just adore ROYCE chocolate – I think it’s made in Hokkaido, right? (I’d love to visit Hokkaido… but anyway) – My ex girlfriend always used to bring me some boxes when she came to visit – I’ve been trying to get my friend who lives in Japan now to send me some but he says he can never find it. In Tokyo apparently there are not so many places where you can get it – I think there’s a store at Shinjuku train station… maybe?

    Anyway – I’m so glad you posted this, and to be honest I didn’t realise it was so simple to make. I might just be making this for Valentine’s Day 😀

  21. Nami Nami Nami :DD
    Happy Val’s day~
    Ready to try this recipe!!!
    I do love choco~ Easy to make :9
    I hope my BF and family would loved this choco~

  22. This a perfect for Valentine’s…beautifully done Nami.
    Oh! I live near LA…if you have a chance to be in the area, please let me know and we sure should meet.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  23. I LOVE chocolate and I can’t even recall why I haven’t made my own homemade chocolate before. Since you posted this recipe (which I am so happy you did), I will definitely be trying it this weekend.

  24. Nami, I’m so glad you shared this recipe! I’ve had these Japanese chocolate before – they really just melt in your mouth. So delicious! And I’m surprised to find out that they are not that difficult to make. And next time I’m in a Japanese grocery store, I should look for the Joyce brand as well.

  25. divine recipe, Nami! and such charming photos. I’m not one for making sweet things – but I know what to ask for next time my husband goes to Japan, that’s for sure!

  26. Hi Nami – I fell in love with Nama chocolate the first time I tasted it! :) Thanks for this great recipe, I’m definitely going to make it! How would you make a maccha version?

    • Hi Jack! I haven’t created the recipe yet, but I know you need white chocolate, fresh cream, and matcha powder. The method is pretty much the same. But be careful to use white chocolate because it’s harder to handle compared to regular chocolate. :-)

  27. I was looking at your gorgeous chocolates and I was thinking that they just look like french chocolates. lol I have to try this recipe out, I still have some belgian dark bitter chocolate in my freezer (its in the freezer because of the ants), I can surely use that one right? arrigato nami! XD

  28. Hi Nami! I love the simplicity and elegance of this dessert. I would love to grab a piece and just devour it! Beautifully styled too!

    P.S. I think you should do more dessert posts :).

  29. Chandani

    Homemade chocolate nothing can beat that. And with few ingredients no messy rolling this recipe is gonna be on my cookbook. Thanks Nami.

  30. Why buy some when you can make it? These chocolates ARE perfect for valentines day coming up and they are not even difficult to make! Another great post, Nami :) I love all your recipes, food styling and photography but I hope you keep posting more desserts! 😀 I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Nami, It has been far too long since I last visited your lovely website. Just subscribe to your feed so I won’t miss your posts anymore:) Nama chocolate is new to me but it looks amazing! I love that you made this for readers requests, so sweet :)

  32. I am just drooling over your homemade chocolate. If you do ship some to Shannon, can you ask her to hand some over to me too please? LOL.. Simple and delectable and it’s Sharffen Berger. I bought a couple back while I was in San Fran. I have yet to use them. Lets just say I couldn’t bear to use it since I have no clue when will I be back. Missing ya and Happy Valentines Day in advance!!! Hugggsss

    • Hey Jo! I remember you were talking about Sharffen Berger. Glad you bought a couple of them. If you want more, let me know. I’ll ship to you more, so bake something delicious with them! :-)

  33. Stop cooking/baking right now and become a chocolatier! If only my mouth were my eyes! So delicious my mouth is already set at drool factor five! Have a good valentines Nami!

  34. Gorgeous! Love the neat little squares.. my husband doesn’t like cocoa powder coated chocolate (crazy, right?), so I might dust this with some drinking chocolate instead… Love this recipe, Nami! Your brother-in-law has finished the whole box, I’m sure… Thanks for sharing :)

  35. Stella-May

    Hi i was given some boxed chocolates and LOVED them so went looking where i could buy them in aust and came across this reciepe, my friend said she’d give it ago and put a bit of baileys liquor in it and they turned out bitter and not very nice she used your normal type of thickened cream & Lindt 70% chocolate. Should she be using a different cream?? HELP as i really wanted to make my own and give to her

    • Hi Stella-May! If it’s bitter, then try with milk or semisweet chocolate instead of dark chocolate. It will be less bitter. You have to use cream, and that’s not the reason why it’s bitter. I really like rich dark chocolate, but I know some people prefer milk or semisweet chocolate. Hope this helps! :-)

  36. Stella-May

    thankyou so much, I will try with a semi sweet chocolate, i am inlove with this chocolate and not sure where to buy it, so try and make i shall… again thanks will let you know how it goes :)

    • Hi Raquel! Sure, you can use small mold etc. If it’s big container, make sure you cut into small pieces. It’s very rich chocolate and you definitely don’t want to bite a big piece. Small tiny bites and you enjoy eating one after another… :-)

  37. I didn’t realise (without sounding ignorant I hope) that Japanese had their own version of truffles – I know there are a lot of cute sweet snacks, etc but didn’t know rich chocolate truffles were one of them!

  38. Nami, your homemade chocolate is incredible! It looks so rich and intense… I have featured this post in today’s Friday Food Fetish roundup. Let me know if you have any objections and thanks for the inspiration

  39. This version sounds so simple N. I make one with milk powder butter and sugar. When overcooked, the chocolate doesn’t turn out well. Everytime I make them, I will be stressed he he :-) But now I am going to try your version. Simple and straightforward.

  40. kit

    Oh, I miss the chocolates from Royce. They never last in this house. What a wonderfully easy recipe. As I’m not much of a baker, I’m so glad your recipe has such simple ingredients. Definitely would like to give this a try as your pics are just too appetizing.

  41. Natalie

    Those chocolate bars look divine! What a great recipe for Valentine’s Day! Also a great gift idea to give out. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  42. Ah, it’s so nice to see you making desserts! And chocolate! Love the chocolate! These treats would make stunning gifts for any occasion (at least I’d be happy to receive them any time)! :)

  43. I’ve tried once to make chocolate and let’s just say – it didn’t turned out as expected 😛
    I love how simple yours is. And the photos are stunning! You’ve come so far since I started reading you!
    If you still have some chocolate left I’ll be glad to take it off your hands, you know, that’s what friends are for :d

    • Hi Fern! It’s up to you. I dusted on top, then I also applied more on sides when I transfer to box and plates. I like cocoa texture, but if you don’t care for it, it’s not necessary. :-)

  44. Made these yesterday and relished them! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Since I made these for my lil one, i simply avoided adding any liqueur and it was pleasure to watch him enjoy homemade chocolate :) surprisingly for a 20 month old, he rather likes bitter chocolates! Thanks, Nami for posting a winning recipe!

  45. Hi there! I was just wondering if you could tell me what the fat percentage of the heavy cream is? I can’t find it over here (i guess they just don’t call it heavy cream) but i figure if something has a similar fat content it should be ok?


  46. girlie

    hello, i LOVE Royce nama chocolate but it is kinda pricey in the Philippines so I would really like to try this recipe. I have no knowledge about alcohol so can you recommend good liqueur? and how much should i add? thank you so much.

    anyway your site is awesome :)

    • Hi girlie! I also don’t put alcohol but I know people put Grand Marnier or Cointreau. You can start with 2 Tbsp, and add more if you like. Thank you for your compliment!

  47. Hi, Nami I have been missing for a while trying to catch up on things Iv’e missed this looks so good and your explanation of the word (Nama) only adds to my chocolate vocabulary. The + side as well is I can experiment with the alcohol element.

  48. mimi

    I just made it today and it turned out great, I love it, I heard about nama chocolate for awhile but since I live in America, I couldn’t taste the “real” nama chocolate, now I have my own nama at home. Thank to u :)
    Btw, I really love green tea flavor so I hope that u can give us the recipe for that by any chance :)
    Thank u so much !!!

    • Hi Mimi! Thanks for trying this recipe and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this nama chocolate! I haven’t created a recipe for the green tea version, but the method is pretty much the same: you will need white chocolate, fresh cream, and matcha powder. But be careful to use white chocolate because it’s harder to handle compared to regular chocolate. :-)

  49. I am so glad to learn that Nama Chocolate can be made. I thought that’s the range of chocolate under Royce brand. Tasted it once when my friend brought it back from Japan. Yah, he got it at Narita Airport. We can get it locally in Isetan but it costs more than double the price paid in Japan. Now I can make my own Nama Chocolate in my kitchen!!! Yabedabedoooooooo! My birthday is just around the corner. Probably will made it as a treat for myself and as an offering to the monks in our temple on my birthday.

    Thanks a lot for this recipe!

  50. I just saw this recipe on Fern’s blog and found out that it’s your recipe! Cool! I love chocolate. Homemade chocolate? Sounds delicious! I’m saving the recipe for Christmas time. :)

  51. Pat

    Thanks for posting this! I love ROYCE’ Chocolate. I used to buy it when I was still in the Philippines. Unfortunately there’s none here in the US. So thanks for posting, I will try this soon!

      • is it the paper we use to bake cake?i was using that paper, is hard to release, sticky and i need to cut it off especially the bottom part and waste part of it.anyway i would like to thank you for providing such good recipe, can be say is 90 per cent similar to royce name chocolates, i love it so much, thanks again Nami.

        • Thanks for your feedback – I really appreciate it! Yes, so you used the parchment paper but stick to the bottom part. I try to think what could cause it, but I’m not sure. Maybe fat content inside the chocolate? I don’t make dessert enough that I’m not experience enough to come up with any possible reasons. I’m very sorry I’m not very helpful here.

          I’m glad though that the taste was okay. I hope you didn’t ruin too much of a good chocolate! >_< Thanks again for leaving your feedback! :)

  52. Lilian

    Hi Nami, I made some nama chocolate with a recipe similar to yours last week, but it is very hard and not soft. Need help, do you have any solution to save my precious chocolate?

    • Hi Lilian! It’s hard for me to say why yours is very hard even the recipe you used is similar to this recipe. Mine is not like a chocolate bar hard, and it’s soft enough when biting into it. If I leave it at room temperature it would probably melt or get too soft. If you keep it out and doesn’t become softer, I’m not sure how you can save it… Sorry I couldn’t help more. :(

  53. Hi Nami, just saw this post, utterly tempting! I am going to try making it this weekend. Am thinking of adding alcohol, maybe rum or kahlua. If so, how much should i add? Thanks for this lovely recipe :)

    • Hi Esther! I’m terribly sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I assume you already made it this past weekend.

      Someone asked the similar question above and I mentioned 2-4 Tbsp. Hope your Nama Chocolate turned out well. :)

  54. Kelsey

    >w<.. Uhm.. me and my friend saw this recipe and decided this was the recipe we are going to use to make Valentine Chocolates. I was just wondering how long can the chocolates last not in a refrigerator/cooler since Valentine's Day will be on a school day?

    • Hi Kelsey! Depending on where you live – do you live in a cold place? This chocolate is preferably kept in fridge or in cold place until about 5 minutes before eaten. They should be eaten when they are slightly soft and cool. Some readers who commented above live in Southeast Asia and said it started to melt while cutting. Hope this helps… :)

  55. Deborah Clerkin

    Hello Nami. I am doing an article for valentines in a independent illustration zine and found this recipe which is wonderful. Would I have your permission to include this in my article if I make sure you are credited on the page?

    Warm Regards,

    Deborah Clerkin

    • Hi El! Sure, you can do it. How big the heart shape is going to be? Ideally, you should cut into pieces before you give away. Nama Chocolate is rich and it melts after you take it out from fridge. If you can, I recommend you to cut nicely before packaging, so you can pick up a piece to enjoy. Hope this helps. :)

  56. Christel

    Hey Nami! this recipe looks wonderful! & i’m planning to use your recipe to make it for Valentine’s Day. However, i was wondering if I could use silicon molds ( instead of an 8″ square baking tin? I happen to live in Singapore, and I’m afraid it would melt by the time I reach school. Is there any other solution other than using a cool pack to keep them not melted? Also, is it possible to use either cocoa butter or powdered sugar to make the chocolate sweeter? So sorry for the many queries!

    • Hi Christel! Although I’ve never used silicon molds before, I think it’ll work out just fine. :)

      Well, cool pack or ice or anything to keep it cold is necessary. As long as you can keep it cool ALL THE TIME like refrigerator temperature, it should be fine.

      If you could use milk chocolate instead of semisweet if you don’t like the bitter taste of chocolate. I personally prefer more cocoa in it, but milk chocolate will be more mild and you don’t really need to add sugar in it. But of course feel free to adapt to your liking. :) Hope this helps!

      • Christel

        thanks so much for your help, Nami!

        since that i’m using silicone molds, do i need to grease it before pouring in the mixture?

        • Hi Christel! I did a little bit research for silicone mold method. It looks like the best way is to apply thick coating of tempered chocolate on the mold first (you need additional chocolate for this). Put the mold in the refrigerator to let it cool. You make nama chocolate until step #4. Then let it cool down before you pour the chocolate into the molds. You only put 80% full. Drop the mold on the kitchen counter to make the surface flat and smooth. Keep in the fridge till the chocolate is firm.

          I haven’t tried this method on my own, so this is what I could advise from my online research. I hope it will work out! Good luck!

          • Christel

            thanks so much Nami! tempered chocolate is where i have to let the chocolate cool until a certain temperature and add cocoa butter right?

            really sorry, i researched on tempered chocolate before, and there were so many ways, i’m unsure of which method to use!

              • Christel

                hey nami!

                i would like to do a follow up (:

                sadly, due to hot climate, the nama chocolate was still too soft even after refrigerating them for almost a day. i put them in a freezer instead for at least 8 hours, and it’s fine!

                as the nama chocolate was too soft, i wasn’t able to take it out from the silicon mold nicely, was they would break.

                • Wow Singapore is really warm this season. I wish to be in such warm weather as it’s been so cold here.

                  Thank you for your tip on freezing them. Sounds like that’s a necessary step if the chocolate melts so quickly! Must be hard to give chocolate gifts….and I assume stores won’t carry them at room temperature there.

                  Thank you very much for trying this recipe and giving me feedback though. I now learned about the difficulty of making this chocolate in hot climate and can advise others properly. :)

  57. Anh Tu

    Hello Nami,

    I really want to try this recipe of yours as a gift for my boyfriend on Valentine’s. I want to ask if I have to use the type of chocolate that is specially made for cooking, or just any chocolate brand will do (the normal chocolate bars in supermarkets like Lindt or Cadbury). Thank you ^^

    • Hi Anh! No, you don’t have to but I recommend you to use good quality chocolate. Your choices look good – pick the best one you can find at the supermarket! 😉 Hope you enjoy this recipe. :)

  58. Ceres93

    I had an attempt at this…I followed the recipe as far as I could…but I didn’t get too far…I used very high quality cooking chocolate 70% cocoa…and the right cream..however in the end when I used all 400g of the chocolate, the end product became super oily and lumpy, what happened? :/

  59. Shelby

    Gratitude chocolates for my family! Just made them, and now I’m waiting for them to become stiff. I tried the “batter”, A-MAZ-ING! It is soooo good! I just really want to try the chocolate after it is completely done! I wanted to put a cherry or an almond in them before they became stiff, but I forgot to get some at the store…but I know they are going to be good either way! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I have been looking for this! A-MAZ-ING!

    • Hi Shelby! Thank you SO much for your feedback, and I’m really happy to hear you and your family enjoyed this chocolate! Thank you for your time to drop by and write feedback. :)

    • Hi Raymund! Sure you can use 7″ x 7″ but the height of chocolate will be a little taller than mine. Thank you so much for your kind compliment. :)

    • Hi Grace! From what I found on Internet (I have never made enough that I need to store in freezer), you can freeze in the freezer up to 2-3 months. However, alcohol in the chocolate (if any) will be evaporated by then and the quality will not be as good as when it’s fresh. It’s also highly recommended to pack in air-tight container so your chocolate won’t absorb other food smell in the freezer. Hope this helps!

  60. rein

    made this yesterday, it was really delicious!!! Thanks for the recipe! But it was SUPER HARD to cut it :'( it’s all sticky and starts to melt few minutes after I took it from the freezer… maybe due to hot weather? SO, my bro said that it tastes good but looks =_=|||

    • Hi Rein! Thank you for trying this recipe. I heard from some readers in SE Asia that nama chocolate starts to melt when they put it outside. I can probably suggest to cut inside the A/C or cut at night when it’s cooler? Another suggestion is to make small batches so you cut less? Sorry I can’t be much of help…. :)

  61. Lf

    Hi, Nami,
    My whole family are chocolate crazy, I would to make myself. May I know using van houten coco powder ? Or have to use coco in bar?
    Thanks for your recipe!


    • Hi Lf! You will need to melt a chocolate bar AND later you sprinkle cocoa powder to finish. You can use any brand of chocolate and cocoa powder, but I recommend a very good kind. van Houten cocoa sounds perfect. Hope I answered your questions…

  62. yen

    hi Nami! I’ve just made a batch of this recipe and can’t wait to dig in!!! how long does yours usually take to firm up in the fridge?

    • Hi Yen! Of course it depends on temperature, but it didn’t take too long, maybe a couple of hours at most. Hope you will enjoy it! :)

      • Yen White

        thanks so much! it was perfect after two hours, and i might try using a pizza cutter next time to avoid shards, think that might work? my son loved royce chocolates when we visited singapore so this is a very nice treat for him (if i don’t gobble it all down myself first)!

        • Hi Yen! Hope your son enjoy(ed) the chococlate. :) This nama chocolate is very dangerous to keep it around for me too. About the pizza cutter – hmm good knife always works for me, but never thought of using a pizza cutter. I can use more strength when I use a knife, so as long as it’s sharp, I like using a knife. Don’t forget to warm up the knife when you cut too (but please wipe the water if you use hot water). Enjoy! :)

  63. Delicious, thanks Nami, I am a big fan of your blog, what a beautiful project. I will definitively try it with some premium peruvian dark chocolate!!! Saludos!

  64. Nic

    Hi Nami, I love how your recipes are fuss free and easy to follow. One quick question, how do you coat all sides on each piece of the cut nama chocolate without making a mess? I don’t want my mother screaming at me for the mess I’m making in her kitchen. Thanks!

    • Hi Nic! Thank you! I’m so glad to hear you enjoy my recipes! Haha, I totally understand. After you cut nama chocolate into cubes, you can pick up each chocolate and dust cocoa all over it (using fine mesh sieve, I use one I use that’s for tea here – it’s small so mess area is only the area above chocolate.). If you want to do it nicely, you just need to focus a bit more and take time… for this picture, I made sure I don’t leave my finger print. 😉 Hope that helps, and hope you enjoy it!

  65. Amy

    I love this chocolate, and I tried your recipe last weekend and got nice compliments from my friends. However I wonder have you ever tried to make matcha green tea nama chocolate? I love matcha, and if you can share your recipe to make that, it’s great! Thanks!

    • Hi Amy! I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed Nama Chocolate! :) Yes, you can add green tea powder to it. You need to use white chocolate and matcha powder. I haven’t tested the recipe, so it’s hard to say the exact measurement for each ingredients. I’ll add this to my list of requested recipes. Thank you!

  66. Hi Nami!!
    I MADE “NAMA CHOCOLATES! And they were sooooooooooooooooooooo good! 😀 I even made them from locally sourced products that I got from an Organic Farmer’s trade fair.

    I am very new to cooking (especially baking and desserts!) so I was so surprised these turned out so well ahaha ! Here’s a picture of a bunch I made. They look totally bad compared to your photos but they tasted so wonderful.

    • Hi Aicha! Wow they look so delicious! So happy to hear they come out well and I would love to share your photo on Facebook fan page when I get a chance next time. Thank you for sharing the photo!

  67. Susan W

    The first time I had a sample of these in Japan, I was hooked! I am happy to try and make my own now…just in time for Christmas!

  68. WKN

    Hi Nami! Valentine’s is coming up and I wanted to make Japanese chocolates for me and my friends and came across this recipe 😀 I bought some dark chocolate with 52% cacao, is it sufficient for the nama chocolates or do I need a bar with higher cocao content? I’ve read in other blogs that if the chocolate is not good quality it melts easily, and I’m afraid this happens when I carry them to my friends T_T

    • Hi WKN! I think that should be okay. I’m not sure if quality and melting fast is related (I’m not familiar with that, but I’m not expert in chocolate field. :)), but if you live in a warm place, you need to make sure to chill the chocolate ALL THE TIME. The chocolate is very soft, melt in your mouth, which means it’s easy to melt. Make sure to pack enough ice and deliver in that case. :)

  69. Sha

    Hi Nami-san.

    I’m a follower of your blog as i loved to try out Japanese cuisines. This nama chocolate looks tempting, and i wanted to try it out. I’m just an amateur and didn’t know much about ingredients. I’m from Malaysia. It would probably be hard for me to find fresh cream/heavy whipping cream specially in the area i’m currently living. May i know if i could substitute it with something else? Plus, i’m not sure how to differentiate between Heavy Cream and the normal whipping cream. Here, they didn’t really specify the fat percentage. So, all of them looks the same to me.

    May i ask your opinion then? Which one would fit better to your recipe?

    I hope i could try it out! Thanks yea.

  70. Jenny

    Hello! When you heat the cream, what heat is it on? Medium or high? Also what does it mean by almost boiling? Is it when small bubbles form on the edges of the saucepan?
    thank you so much and hope u can reply asap for valentines day tomorrow!!!

    • Hi Jenny! I updated the recipe with a little more info. Heat over medium heat. When you will see bubbles form around the edges of the saucepan, that’s when you turn off the heat.

      Thank you for bringing it to my attention. :)

  71. Jennifer

    All the chocolate used baking chocolate, couverture or those eating chocolates we find in chocolates snacks section?

    • Hi Jennifer! Make sure to use good chocolate, not cheep chocolate that fat and other things are added. It will separate and may not solidify. :)

  72. Last Ending

    In this recipe doesn’t need butter? So how about the soft of the product?
    Can i use Lindt Excellence 85 or 99%?
    And if i want use 200g of chocolate, how ml of fresh cream should i use?

    • Nope, no need. We put butter into white chocolate to make it smooth. Without it, the texture is not as good. :) If you use 200 g of chocolate, then use 100 ml of heavy cream. :) I think 85% sounds better.

      • Last Ending

        Thank for your reply
        So with matcha nama chocolate 200g white chocolate + 1/2 of 125 ml whiping cream?
        I never eat chocolate 99% cacao because in my country doesn’t have that product, but i see some review of chocolate 99% cacao, it look very impressive so i wonder if i make nama chocolate by chocolate 99% cacao how it tatse 😀
        1 more thing is should you recommend some chocolate 85 or 99% brand?

        • Wait, I’m a bit confused. Are you making matcha (green tea) nama chocolate or regular nama chocolate?

          If you’re making matcha, please use white chocolate.

          If you are going to use half amount of chocolate, the rest of ingredients have to be half as well.

          It’s all about preference – some people think dark chocolate is too bitter. I like dark chocolate more than milk chocolate, but semi sweet is also good. So it’s really up to your preference. :)

      • Last Ending

        Sorry for make a mistake, i just have done 1 time make matcha nama chocolate follow exactly your recipe, but now i want to use just 200g white chocolate so i should use 1/2 whiping cream? Like the formula you said at this topic: ” If you use 200 g of chocolate, then use 100 ml of heavy cream.”

  73. puilengc

    Dear Nami
    TQ for a wonderful recipe. Tried but could not get the chocolate to stay firm even left in the freezer overnite.
    It was way too soft and ended up with lumps of chocolate. the taste was there. wondering was it becos I used whipping cream instead of heavy whipping cream?

    • Hi Puilengc! What fat % was your heavy cream? I wonder if your chocolate got seized or separated. Could you read my Note section to see if you think this could be your case?

      • puilengc

        Dear Nami San

        TQ for the prompt reply.
        I made sure that I the cooking utensils were dry during the melting process and the result was a smooth texture chocolate.

        I cut with a knife dunked in hot water and wiping dry with kitchen towel. But the chocolate kept sticking to the knife and unable to lift from the parchment paper.

        The chocolate was soft and unlike the firm texture as shown in your green tea nama chocolate video.

        The cream was 35.1% fat

        • Hi Puilengc! Thank you for your response (and I apologize for my late response). The chocolate DOES stick to the knife even you heat up the knife and when you touch the chocolate, it easily melts. Which is why Nama Chocolate has to be ALWAYS kept in the fridge (and take out right before serving). I think your room temperature was also warm. Also make sure to work fast. :) Your cream content sounds right.

          • puilengc

            Dear Nami San
            TQ for your reply. i live in a hot climate country.
            will it help if i dust cocoa powder b4 cutting?

            my frenz simply adore this chocoloate and i had been distributing y our recipe/recommending them to your blog.

            • Puilengc, unfortunately matcha powder doesn’t prevent from melting, and the powder is so fine that it’ll be messy when you hold onto the chocolate. Do you have latex gloves? It can act as insulation from the heat, so I think it doesn’t melt as much as bare hand. If it’s melted tiny bit (mine does too, if I leave it out for some time), you can hide with matcha powder. But when it melts like butter, it’s not going to work. Hmmm maybe put it in the freezer (not to freeze, but to make it very cold) right before you cut? Hope you can figure out the best way to cut.

              Thank you so much for introducing my blog to your friends. You’re too kind. Thank you!! xo

  74. Frances

    Hi Nami,
    Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’ve made this Nama chocolate for my son’s teachers day present. It taste nice but I’m not able to get as perfect cut like yours and further to that my chocolate seems like melting very fast. Do you suggest I put it in the freezer instead?

    • Hi Frances! Thank you for trying this recipe! If you make this let’s say in hot summer day, it’s very difficult to cut nicely as chocolate starts to get soft and melt as soon as you take out from the fridge. Nama chocolate needs to be always refrigerated and you only take it out when you eat. Therefore, if there is a way to keep your room temperature cool when you cut, it would be great. Wear (food-safe) latex gloves also helps as they insulate heat from your hands. Basically keep the chocolate cold when you cut and quickly put it back in the fridge. Maybe temporary put it in freezer might help right before you cut? I’ve never done that (SF is always cold or cool so I don’t have to worry this part), but it might help. Hope this helps you a bit. :)

  75. Huan

    I love nama chocolate so much and I desperately wanted to make my own. I even bought chocolate of different coca content to try to make it work. I used light whipping cream to subsitute fresh cream, which ended up giving me chocolate just taste the same as Royce’s except for the fact that it is too soft to be cut into pieces! Do I have to use fresh cream? It is unavaible in the market where I live and I was hoping you could give me a way to subsitute the fresh cream! Thank you so much! Love your work!

    • Hi Huan! I believe heavy cream is necessary to achieve the good nama chocolate texture. The richness comes from the cream. And with ingredients that are very minimal, the outcome relies on good ingredients.

      Now about the softness. Do you live in a place with hot weather? That can be it too. Even where I live, which is relatively cool all the time, Nama chocoalte gets melted after I put it out for some time. It gets too soft to cut. Nama chocolate requires to be in the fridge all the time (besides a few minutes before eating), and if you live in a hot place… it’s really hard to cut into cubes.

      Thank you so much for following my blog and for your kind comment. I really hope you can make it work!

  76. Oleander

    Hi, Nami! :) These are really awesome chocolates!! I made some just tonight and they had such an amazing flavor and consistency!

    I didn’t use cream because I’m vegan, but I found that canned, full-fat coconut milk worked quite well (you’d need to used the canned variety because it’s different than the variety that is normally used as a beverage). The coconut milk in the can separates at room temperature and part of it is solid and the other part is liquid. I didn’t heat it to mix them back together because I wasn’t sure if the ratio I needed for the chocolate would be the same. I just alternated between adding the solid coconut milk and the liquid (both from the same can) until the chocolate in the double boiler seemed like it had a good consistency. — I use a double boiler because then I don’t have to worry about burning the chocolate (which I might otherwise do — eek!). At one point, the chocolate/coconut milk mixture became a little gritty and lumpy, but adding some of the liquid coconut milk from the can fixed that and it became smooth again without a problem. Then I added some Heering brand cherry liquor until I could smell the cherry aroma just a bit on the chocolate, and it was strong but not overwhelming to taste. It became a nice smooth, velvet solid consistency in the fridge without any problem. The liquor I added really added an amazing flavor, and a tiny 2cm x 2cm square is extremely satisfying and rich, all on its own!

    Thank you for this amazing recipe idea!! I was just trying this recipe early in preparation for Valentine’s day, but I really think the people I want to share it with will be very happy! 😀

    I also hope that my information about the coconut milk can help anyone who may be curious as to how to make this without milk (as some people are lactose-intolerant and/or vegan). I made it entirely without milk and I couldn’t taste the coconut in the chocolate after it was finished, either. Another amazing recipe! Thank you again for sharing! 😀

    • Oleander, you’re very kind and awesome! Thank you very much for sharing! I’ll refer to your comment if anyone asks me for vegan/lactose-free version! It’s great to know that you made these without cream! Thank you for sharing this valuable information with me and my readers! :) I’m so glad you enjoyed this chocolate recipe!

  77. Alice

    Nami san,
    Can I use normal whipping cream or thicken cream to replace heavy whipping cream?
    Can use Hershey chocolate to make this chocolate?

    • Hi Alice! Use higher fat content cream. Heavy whipping cream is 38% and I think whipping cream is 35%. I think it should work, but I haven’t tried it with whipping cream yet. Hershey should work… :)

  78. Kara Demeio

    Ive never liked using heavy cream in recipes…is there any other cream i can use to combine with chocolates such as semi sweet or bitter?

    • Hi Kara! Nama chocolate is a very simple recipe, but the ingredients and portion has to be just right. I haven’t tried omitting heavy cream before and I’m not sure if heavy cream can be replaced with something else to get good final result with the right texture/flavor. I wish I could suggest something else but I made this as a copycat recipe of ROYCE’ chocolate, so the flavor and texture is very similar to ROYCE’. :)

  79. Alice Fong

    Hi Nami,
    I do this on yes”day, I put at refrigerate for over night, but how come it still soft? May I know what went wrong?

    • Hi Alice! It looks like the chocolate you used has vegetable fat, instead of 100% cocoa butter. When the chocolate is made of good quality, it will not solidify. That could be my first guess. If you used high quality chocolate, then I have to see what else went wrong… so far, people who failed seem to have used the wrong kind of chocolate. Hope this helps!

  80. Celine

    This is amazing, I had Royce chocolate at the airport just before boarding my plane and I was sad I hadn’t found it earlier in my 3 month stay, it was just that good! Now I can make it at home! Thank you! 😀

  81. ana

    I tried this recipe, but the chocolate was too goey to work with, even after leaving it overnight in the fridge! What did I do wrong??

    • Hi Ana! Thank you for trying this recipe! Some people who had trouble with this recipe always tell me that their selection of chocolate was not good after we discussed possible cause. Make sure the chocolate you use was good kind (should contain ONLY cocoa butter, not vegetable fat). Also, make sure your chocolate didn’t seize due to water (please read in my Note section). When you describe “goey” it sounds like your chocolate got seized by either over heating or water got into the chocolate for some reason. Hope this helps.