Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi ちらし寿司

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Easy Chirashi Sushi Recipe | JustOneCookbook.com

Chirashi Sushi (we call it Chirashizushi in Japan) is a type of sushi.  Although sushi is often misunderstood as just nigiri (a small block of rice topped with a piece of raw fish) or those interestingly named rolls in the US, there are actually many types of sushi in Japan.

Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi | JustOneCookbook.com

Among all types of sushi, Chirashi Sushi is probably the most commonly served sushi in Japanese homes.  It literally means “scattered sushi”.  Each region in Japan serves a slightly different version of Chirashi Sushi with different ingredients and toppings.  In Osaka where my mom was originally from, it is also called barazushi or gomoku sushi.  Sushi rice is mixed with unagi and cooked or uncooked vegetables.  On the other hand, Edomae Style Chirashi Sushi (Edomae = Edo-style or old Tokyo style) is most common type of Chirashi Sushi served in Tokyo area and Japanese restaurants in the US, with assorted sashimi and colorful garnishes arranged beautifully on top of the sushi rice in a bowl.

Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi | JustOneCookbook.comChirashi Sushi is often cooked to celebrate special occasions, such as festivals and parties.  It is also commonly eaten on March 3rd, when we celebrate an annual festival called The Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri).  Since I have been busy, I quickly made Chirashi Sushi using this convenient Chirashi Sushi Mix which is available in Japanese (and hopefully your Asian) supermarkets.  With cooked Japanese rice, you can enjoy delicious Chirashi Sushi in less than 30 minutes!  It’s definitely better than eating fast food, right? 😉

Chirashi Sushi Mix

You have leftover Chirashi Sushi?  Stuff Chirashi Sushi into inari-age to make Inari Sushi!

Inari Sushi | JustOneCookbook.com

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Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2-3
  • 2 Japanese rice cups (=360ml) short grain premium Japanese rice
  • 1 packet Chirashi Sushi Mix (I used “Sushi Taro brand”)
  • Kinshi Tamago (Shredded egg crepe garnish)
  • Ikura (salmon roe)
  • Handful of blanched snow peas
  • Kizami Nori (Shredded nori sheet – See Pantry)
  1. Cook 2 cups of Japanese rice
  2. Place warm cooked rice in a large bowl (I use hangiri, a wooden flat bowl, for sushi). Add one packet of Chirashi Sushi Mix while the rice is hot.
  3. Fold everything together with the rice. Instead of “mixing”, you need to slice through rice using a rice paddle to separate the grains.
  4. Serve in a bowl or plate and garnish with Kinshi Tamago, ikura, and snow pea. You can put any topping you like, such as your favorite sashimi.
  5. Place shredded nori sheet on top right before you serve (otherwise it they will wilt quickly).
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  1. This sushi looks delicious – totally not the traditional one we all know and love but equally good looking 😀
    As always, I use pickled veges instead of fish – all set and ready to devour this recipe!
    Thanks my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Ultimate Reese’s Stuffed Peanut M&M Peanut Butter Cookies + Peanut Butter Banana Softserve

  2. Oh yum ~ I really have so so so much to learn about Japanese cuisine :) I have never heard of Chirashi Sushi but it sure looks tasty and I like the idea of making inari sushi :) I love it! Thanks for sharing Nami 😉

  3. Nami, I didn’t realize that something like this chirashi sushi would also be considered sushi! I always learn so much from you. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and so much better than any fast food!

  4. Nami, this dish has one of the most beautiful colour combinations! I also see that the textures of the toppings would be very different and interesting. In short, chirashi sushi sounds like one more Japanese dish I would become hooked on.
    Thanks for giving us the leftover recipe too! It’s an excellent idea.

  5. Wow. Learned something that this is also sushi. Now that’s what I call Fast Food, Nami! It looks full of interesting flavours and textures. Loving it – and enjoy the Doll’s festival.

  6. Natalie

    Wow that looks really good. Never seen sushi served like that before. Thank you for sharing this with us and opening our minds to different kinds of sushi and not the typical nigiri.

  7. I’ve never made this before but it’s nice to know there are some quick and delicious ways to prepare it. What type of flavors does the seasoning packet have? I wish I had you with me when shopping at the Asian Market. I could learn so much and be more creative in my kitchen and sushi class. I like the added garnish as well of the shredded nori, it makes for a nice presentation.

    Thank you for sharing all this great information.

  8. I keep looking at your picture and then the picture on the package and they almost look identical. Almost. Your’s looks much better. Way to go Nami!!!

  9. favorite post ever of yours! we love love love sushi but I never get to make it as often as I want and our favorite place is off limits for the moment due to a new baby:) Will be making this very very soon! thanks my friend

  10. Hi nami! =)

    Your chirashi sushi looks so gorgeous and it realy looks simple. time for me to check out if india has a japanese online shop, so hopefully I ll be able to make all your wonderful creations soon! thanks for sharing!

  11. This is very interesting Nami! I still remember the first time I ordered the “Sushi Special” at a restaurant thinking I was getting a bunch of cooked rolls, when the server came over with a big rice bowl with all raw fish slices, I could not believe it! Needless to say I couldn’t eat much because this was before mt taste pallet matured, thinking back I can only say ” WHAT A WASTE OF GOOD FOOD!”

    Thank you for sharing, Chirashi Sushi looks absolutely beautiful!

  12. I just thought sushi was sushi – a piece of fish on a round of rice! DUH! Thanks for educating me on that. I also didn’t know there was such thing as sushi seasoning which I will definitely try to find at my Asian market. I could eat seasoned rice all day! I love it that you mentioned shredded egg crepe as a topping because I do make these a lot and add to rice. Now I just need to find some of that beautiful roe! This dish looks SO good and a perfect meal for us! Gorgeous pics as always and I love YOUR bowls. :)

  13. I didn’t know there were other types of sushi. I love how each time I visit you here, my Japanese food horizons expand. I love stuffed tofu skins, too. I can have a complete meal with just those. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you today. :)

  14. I have never had chirashi-sushi, though I’ve seen it served at one of the first sushi restaurants I went to. Yours looked much nicer than the one I saw. :)

    I’ve made inari-sushi numerous times and even posted the last one I did. They weren’t very impressive (no tobiko etc) as it was just the leftovers that I had thawed for a quick supper.


  15. donna mikasa

    That package of sushi mix is so popular here (we have a Don Quijote chain) but I’ve never tried it before. I’m a visual learner so thank you for the photos! Looks like we’ll be having this for Girl’s Day!

  16. I can’t believe your dish look just like the picture on the package!!! Well done!
    Love the little slippers. Are those chopstick holders?

  17. I love Chirashi Sushi! I didn’t know there are so many different kinds. The ones I’ve tried didn’t have the mixed vegetables in the rice. That sounds like a wonderful addition to the Chirashi Sushi and I know exactly where to get this package (lucky me! hehehe…) Your presentation is awesome. I’m always amazed at your artistic talents in arranging you food/dishes. You have a wonderful weekend too. I look forward to your guest post next week.

  18. Hi Nami – I love chirashi! They do such lovely bowls of it here in Japanese restaurants… and it seems so “pure” too. Delicious fish, some tasty, filling rice, colourful toppings… it’s a wonderful lunch in my opinion. It’s so fun to learn a new thing – I never new it meant “scattered” before! Now I can impress people with my sushi knowledge 😀 – Also, for the salmon roe… am I the only one, or does everyone else like to push those between the tongue and the roof of your mouth to get that satisfying “pop” when they burst? 😀

  19. Yum! I often make it with scrambled eggs because it is quicker than with the egg crepe, and also has a stringer flavour, which suits me since I don’t put fish eggs in mine. But the egg crepe strips are so elegant…

    Ciao and have a good day

  20. Scattered sushi sounds like something even I could make! LOL… with my clumsy fingers I have always been nervous about trying to make those perfect-looking sushi rolls! :) This looks delicious, colorful and really interesting! LOVE the pictures too, Nami! Thanks for sharing :)

  21. eek, Nami, your pictures are so incredibly beautiful. I love the marbles and the geta in there, which highlights the extreme color explosion in your bowl of chirashi sushi!!!!
    I really wish I had it in front of me for real right now!!

  22. This sushi looks beautiful and delicious! I have had sushi only once in my life, few days back. Before that I was afraid of raw fish but once I tasted it I found out it’s awesome!
    I should try Chirashi Sushi sometime very soon!:)

  23. Debra Kapellakis

    I tried Sushi once many years ago. I did not enjoy it. The photographs you posted here make me want to try this dish. lol thank you

  24. I just love learning more and more about Japanese food. I never would have thought to call this sushi!! It’s a beautiful and colorful dish!!

  25. Eri

    Oh Gosh Nami, I cant take my eyes off your pictures, they are Amazing! I love all your recipes, they are so easy to make if you have the ingredients. I loooove your cuisine!
    Have a nice weekend!

  26. I love Chirashi sushi and you remind me that I haven’t made this for months – it’s high time to make it again :). I have never seen those instant Chirashi sushi mixes over here though, would love to try them! Looking forward to seeing your cute guest post :)!

  27. Great recipe with great flavors and crunchy textures!!This is something that I could try making,since we all love Japanese food!!!Thanks for sharing Nami :)

  28. I enjoyed reading your recipe and the photos are lovely! I like an easy recipe that is flavorful and fun to play around with the different veggies etc. Nice to visit your blog and look forward to following you;-)

  29. That bowl of yum looks so pretty, Nami! I mean pretty as in magazine quality pretty! You captured the almost crystal color and reflection of the light on the roe. Nice job, Nami! :)

  30. I’m not normally keeping a sharp eye out for fish roe, but for whatever reason, your picture is causing me some serious enticement! I totally agree with the above comment as well. Your photos are absolutely stunning! Keep it coming!

  31. Gorgeous! I’ve never gotten to try chirashi sushi – most of the places around here serve the typical Americanized rolls. Which just means I’ll have to make it for myself – can’t wait.

  32. This has always been my favorite type of sushi! ^^ Its just so easy to eat and the presentation is always beautiful – especially with yours, Nami! I hope that you had a nice celebration today! ^^

  33. haha I was one of them that always thought sushi is just a block of rice with toppings. It’s great to know that there are many different forms of sushi so I won’t embarrass myself in front of my Japanese friends. This recipe is easy to make and beautiful as usual!

  34. I’ve never had Chirashi Sushi, but from the pictures I’ve seen, I’ve always thought it was a bit like the sashimi rice that I sometimes order in Japanese restaurants (I’m not too familiar with Japanese food!)- but this looks much tastier! I’ll be on the lookout for a packet of Chirashi Sushi next time I visit my Asian supermarket 😉

  35. I think the cubed sashimi don I always love might actually be a chirashi sushi. This is my kind of meal. I don’t think I’ve seen chirashi sushi mix sold here, I can season the rice like making sushi rice with rice vinegar and sugar?

  36. You know I’m such a sucker for sushi, but usually make it in a more labour intensive form… it’s great to know much more alternatives to making sushi, especially more time efficient ones :)

  37. Nami, this is one of the truly prettiest dishes I have ever seen. Your photography is simply luminous. I’m happy to learn about Chirashi Sushi as I am one of those who has firmly embraced ‘California style’ sushi 😉 (I love the fresh veggies – avocado, carrot, etc.). Gorgeous presentation Nami.

  38. Nami-san, I love scattered sushi and you version sounds so simple and your pictures are just gorgeous. I can still enjoy this here in Hong Kong as we still have the very same brand of Sushi Toro. おいしい

  39. Wow, Nami, this is just gorgeous. And the comforting thing for me is that this sushi is not in the least bit intimidating – anyone can make this! I love it :)

  40. I love making chirashi at home for a quick and refreshing dinner treat. With the assortment of toppings, it’s like every mouthful is a different taste sensation. No wonder I never tire of eating this dish.

  41. Elizabeth @Mango_Queen

    Oh my goodness, I’m comment #90! Nami, this is such a favorite of my son. I must make this soon. My son, Toby (the one who loves Green Tea cake) always orders this when we eat out. Now I have a recipe to make for his dinner at home. Thanks for sharing. Have a good week!

  42. Maria Metters

    How do I sign up for your giveaway?! I LOVE the recipes on your post, and now must get your cookbook:)
    Thank you!

  43. なみさん



  44. We love chirashi, so fun to top it the way you like. Not sure if My daughter would go for the salmon roe, but I won’t know unless I try it. Who knew she would like nori and furikake on her steamed rice :) I will look for the Chirashi Sushi Mix.

  45. I love coming to your blog and learning new things. I am lucky to have a very well stocked Asian market in the same shopping complex as my store, but no one there can help me when I have questions because of the language barrier. With your help I get small hints about what some of the products may be! This chirashi sounds wonderful.

  46. I’m so behind on your posts due to a bout with strep throat, but I’m having so much fun looking at the ones I missed. I LOVE these photos. Really nicely done with the marbles. :) The sushi looks exquisite too. I always learn things here and now I know that I would like to try this “scattered” sushi. I’m always looking for a new twist!

  47. I love ikura! I miss having a good source for fresh since we moved from Japan. Thank you for your delicious blog! I look forward to seeing all the recipes.

    ~Susan (also I tweet as @agoodcooker)

  48. I LOVE Ikura! I use them when I make variations of Wafu pasta or Tarako pasta! Your Chirashi looks so delicious! You have a lovely blog as well! I am glad I found it! Cheers!

  49. Simple Treats

    Hi Nami. I chanced upon your blog while browsing for green tea suppliers, and what a find it is! Love your site and love the way your present your food. I will definitely try your recipes, hoping that I would be able to find the ingredients in this part of the world. Cheers!

    • I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment till now, after 5 months (probably misplaced in email and didn’t realize your comment). I’m glad you found my site and I hope you still enjoy my blog. :)

  50. chieko

    My mother is from Osaka, too! I was born in Tokyo. Since I loved chirashi, she’d make it for me as a treat when I was a kid, especially if I was home sick and couldn’t go to school. Great memories!