Giveaway: Rice Cooker, Griddler or Amazon Gift Card (Closed)

Zojirushi Rice Cooker or $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

As 2012 is almost at the end, I would like to thank each one of you for your continued support.  I had an amazing year of blogging and my blog will turn 2 years old when January 1st comes.

Thank you for visiting my site for recipe inspiration, trusting my recipes, trying them and giving me great feedback.  Because of you, my life has become more meaningful.

As a way to express my gratitude, I prepared following sweepstakes.  I use similar/same products in my daily life and I hope you can win and enjoy it as well.  Please read the giveaway rules and details below.

[1st prize] One (1) winner will receive one (1) Zojirushi Rice Cooker or one (1) $150 Amazon gift card.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker or $150 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

[2nd prize] One (1) winner will receive one (1) Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler or one (1) $80 Amazon gift card.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler or $80 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

[3rd prize] One (1) winner will receive one (1) Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker or one (1) $40 Amazon gift card.


Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker or $40 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

The Rules: This giveaway is worldwide, open for everyone.  However, please understand that if the winner(s) lives outside of the Unites States, the gift will be the Amazon gift card due to shipping cost.  US resident winner(s) will have a choice of either the product or the gift card.

To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me what kind of ingredient or recipe you like to see on my blog.  You can enter your answer to win EVERY DAY. 

For Bonus Entries (please leave a separate comment for each entry):

1) Subscribe to my blog by Email (Leave a comment with your name, even if you are already subscribing).

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This giveaway will be closed on Monday, December 17, 2012, 11:59 AM PST.  Entries that do not follow the entry requirements will not be considered.  Three winners will be randomly selected via and announced at the end of this post and contacted via email on December 18, 2012.  Good luck!

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Just One Cookbook (yours truly).


Thank you everyone for participating.  Your feedback was very valuable to me and I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what food ingredients and recipes you would be interested in.  As usual, my children picked the winners.  Congratulations to three winners below!  I’ll be contacting you shortly via email.

1st Prize

Uriel Lewis

2nd Prize

S. Howard

3rd Prize


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  1. Patrick Thompson

    Thank you for having this contest. It is very generous. I would like to see more recipes made with Nori, as it is my favorite. 😉

  2. Eleanor Taniguchi

    Hi Nami! I’m vegetarian, so I love it when you post a recipe with all vegetable ingredients. However, I made your shio salmon recipe for my 90-year-old father, and he loved it! He’s Japanese and loves homestyle Japanese cooking. He’s not a sushi-bar kind of guy, though he likes maki-zushi once in awhile, and which I learned to make through your blog. Thank you so much for teaching me about Japanese cuisine!

  3. Mike Chong

    I’d like to see more vegetarian recipes and also king trumpet mushroom, broiled mackerel and your take on okonomikayaki.

  4. Megan Hui

    I would like to see entertaining and sushi recipes. I am also interested in cooking lighter recipes, still full of flavour but less calories, thanks Nami!

  5. LT

    Thanks Nami! i really like to read your blog. Keep posting all the those healthy and delicious meals! Whatever dishes that you made, all look very delicious! =) Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your beloved family!

  6. hfriday

    More miso recipes please! I got an abundance of white and red miso and I want to make something else besides soup and fish.

    Thanks :)

  7. anthonette

    I would like to see more vegetable recipes. I don’t eat meat, but love to eat seafood and vegetables. I would like to learn how to make more salad dressing recipes, light dressings.

  8. Hi Nami

    I’d like to see more vegetarian recipes and anything with Dashi stock – I love Dashi stock. Your blog is brilliant – it’s encouraged me to start making home made Japanese for the first time ever.

    Thanks, Lucinda.

  9. I love your blog and look forward to your recipes in my morning inbox. Also, whenever I pin one of your recipes on Pinterest, they get repined the most! We are Sushi lovers and just lately I have actually tried to make some. Your California roll is terrific and I was wondering….Do you have a recipe for Spicy Tuna?


  10. Bev Yow

    MUSHROOMS! Any kind of mushrooms. Fresh and dried. Steamed, stir fried, soup, and even deep fried…love your website, so glad i found your blog!

  11. Joyce Berry

    I love that your recipes are very doable. I really enjoy reading your travel posts, and introducing all the unique cuisines and foods that you eat. I love the black eggs that you boiled at the volcano in Japan. I hope to try that one day! I do know about black skinned chickens! We cook them with Chinese herbs and they are supposed to be higher in iron compared to regular chicken. Did you know black chicken have white feathers?
    Thanks for giving me great ideas every week to include in my meal plans!!!

  12. Nami, thanks for the giveaway. I am already subscribed to your blog. I would like to learn more side dishes from you. Thank you for the wonderful recipes for past one year and looking forward more from you in coming new year, keep up the good works.

  13. Joyce Berry

    Can you do a recipe on Nishime? My friend’s mom makes this dish and its so yummy. But I don’t really have the chance to get a recipe from her.

  14. Lara

    Nami, I love your blog! It’s first blog I follow. I have been to Japan this summer and miss it very much, so I try to cook a lot lot of Japanese food, your blog is great help.
    As for the recipe: would you try konbu no tsukudani? Or other non-fish stuffings for onigiri that one can keep for a while in the fridge.

  15. Happy holidays to you too! Another great give away! Yayy and thank you! 😀
    I’d like to see more of “chicken” recipes.. I love to eat chicken and make it in different ways :)

  16. Sara

    I’m fairly new to your blog and love all of your beautiful food and thoughtful recipes! I would love to see your recipe and preparation of Pad Thai.

  17. Nataliai

    I love all the recipes you post on your blog! It’s always a pleasure to see my favorite Japanese dishes explained with full pictures and motivational dialogue. My favorite recipes would be the bento recipes! So adorable!

  18. donna mikasa

    Such generous giveaways, Nami! We should be thanking YOU for sharing your wealth of recipes and taking such gorgeous photos of your fabulous dishes! I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m just happy to see any and all recipes that you feature!

  19. Adrienne

    I love to see all of your posts, but I have to say that my favorites have to be your bento posts. I am learning to make bento and your posts are easy to follow.

  20. Dick Kuniyoshi

    Having lived in Japan, I feel that international cuisine that the Japanese have adopted and adapted to the Japanese palate are my kind of food — like the natto or takana spaghetti with bacon bits and shredded nori, and the raw potato salad, served at Angelo Pietro in Honolulu. I thought that that the international cuisine at Tokyo restaurants were superior to those of their native countries, whether French, German,
    Italian, or even Hungarian.

    Maybe you could print such recipes?

  21. Jane

    Would want to learn more how to make japanese bento boxes for kids…Those that are made quite beautifully with characters. thanks!


    I love your website!!
    I am also Japanese and I love to see all your interesting recipes.
    Its nice having a site that I can go to and try a recipe that is authentically Japanese
    Keep up the great work!

  23. Vicki

    I find so many new ideas or just refresher ideas with your posts! Thank you! Hmm one ingredient I really don’t know what to do much with beyond mabedofu, tofu steak and in soups…any new tofu ideas!?
    Have a great Christmas!
    (added a subscription although I already subscribe and already liked the facebook page but added a comment)

  24. Patricia Orita

    IMy family have loved making Karaage for many years. We use miso in everything from breakfast to supper on some days.

  25. Marjorie Gorai

    I am a newcomer this year and enjoy your recipes. I particularly loved the Japanese Cheesecake and have received several requests to share the recipe. Not a problem, I tell them about your website. I know this is mainly about Japanese recipes, but do you have an easy recipe to make light and buttery dinner rolls? I am not very good with yeast.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!


  26. Marjorie Gorai

    Thank you for this contest. I live in Hawaii and have eaten a lot of “shave ice”. I’ve recently bought shave ice from a local guy who makes his own syrups from fresh fruits. His mango, lilikoi, strawberry syrups really taste like the fruits! He claims his syrups are healthy. They aredelicious and different from the store bought syrups. Would you happen to know how people make their own “healthier” shave ice syrups?

  27. Sandy Rodriguez-Neal

    I was kind of curious but do you have a recipe on Christmas Cake? I love Christmas cake and have yet to see one from you. So do have a recipe on one?

  28. Giovanni

    This is the first post that i write in your blog and need to thank you to be my guide in this new passion for japanese cuisine. I make a lot of dinner with my friends and with your recipies now they think that i am a great japanese cook :)

    thanks a gain and a lot :)

    now because i want so bad the Zojirushi Rice cooker ahahha i want to see in your blog more noodles recipes (i’m italian and love pasta of course) and more vegetarian recipes or some tips to make the same recipe for vegetarians.

    Marry Xmas and Happy new year for you and your family


  29. Angie

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving simple home cooking recipes that are tasty, nutritious and not fussy to prepare

  30. Vivian

    I really like recipes that involve a meal around fish. It’s one of my favorite things to eat and the ultimate comfort food for me. :)

  31. Frank Kusters

    Dear Nami, first of all a big thanks for your blog, it makes truly refreshing reading and I always enjoy it very much. I would like you to shed your light on homemade stock for ramen so we can do away with those chemical packages. Best regards and Seasons Greetings, Frank.

  32. ma. teresa magora

    i was looking for a recipe of agadashi tofu. but luckily i found so many interesting recipes. i want to know the recipe of japanese mayonnaise pls. tnx and god bless

  33. Peggy Cole

    I have only recently subscribed, so I haven’t looked at everything yet. I like chicken and beef recipes, but would also like to find some healthier vegetable dishes.

  34. Miriam

    Hello! I like lamb, do you have any lamb recipes for the holidays?
    I also enjoy any dessert entries (for my sweet tooth!)

    Thank you :)

  35. Hi Nami! First off, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!
    This is a fantastic giveaway, very generous of you. By the way, you always amaze me with all your dedication to this wonderful blog.
    There is one ingredient I would love to explore more: Lotus root. I have only tried cooking with it now that I’m about to leave Asia. Not sure I will find it in Brazil but loved it!
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!!
    All the best,

  36. Eva Farrow

    Dear Nami, thank you so much for your wonderful blog and recipes. Thanks to you I tried to cook Japanese food for the first time – before finding your easy-to-follow recipes, I was too terrified I’d get it all wrong. And lo and behold, the teriyaki chicken and rice turned out amazing! Incidentally, I enjoy all your recipes (bar the seafood ones as I’m not a fan!) and my favourite ones are the teriyaki marinade ones, and the rolled omelette! The absolutely easiest and best recipe of yours I have ever tried was Anko and it tasted exactly like in the restaurants! My favourite ingredient is chicken, as it is easy to get where I live (I get the free range, organic hapy chickens if I can and other meats are harder to get ethically sourced). Another ingredient I would like to see more of is tofu.

    All the very best and please keep the blog posts coming,

    Eva Farrow.

  37. Chao-Hua.chen

    This was my first time to cook the salmon | Japanese Salted Salmon (Shiojake/Shiozake) 塩鮭,my kids love to eat fish now.Thank you for your recipe gave me so nice ideas.
    Coco Vasco

  38. Sydney

    I’m a Japanese American college student and would love to see recipes that are easy for college students to make that are both delicious and healthy. I would really appreciate it because I love Japanese food and miss the food from Japan.

  39. Hong Chiew Eng

    Love following your blog and learning from your receipes. Would like more japanese ethnic receipes on pastries and snacks,

  40. Dumpling Love

    I love your simple traditional Japanese recipes. The flavours are so simple and clean, and the recipes are relatively simple…I’m so happy to be able to make them myself because my family and I love Japanese food!

  41. Lloyd Le Blanc

    Hello Nami,
    Having been to Japan many times for business I really miss the cuisine.
    Perhaps the healthiest ! However your recipes and comments have brought back may food memories and I have tried many of yours.It is like being back in Japan !
    Do you have a recipe for “choux cream ” the small French style cream filled puff pastries not unlike Profiteroles ?
    Love your site.



  42. dan nguyen

    I really like the Japanese Cheese Cake’s recipe on your blog. I am really happy
    that I can make it by follow your recipe ! thanks

  43. Plumeria

    I love your blog. Your chicken teriyaki recipe is the best! I’m looking for a dynamite recipe. I first found you by searching for a doria recipe. My friend makes it with white sauce, and consomme to cook the rice, but she never uses recipes so had none to pass on to me. Could you please post a white sauce doria recipe? Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  44. Anya

    I really like the homey feel of the food you cook. I subscribe to your newletter and follow you on your fan page on facebook.

  45. Valerie Mongrain

    I LOVE your steak croquette. Really. I tried them out last week and wow, delicious. Thank you so much for this blog, I love japanese cuisine.

  46. Hello Nami. :) I’ve become a big fan of yours lately, and tried making a lot of my favorite dishes for the first time. I like to see recipes using dashi, because I’ve been making batches almost weekly and I’m eager to use it all!

  47. Maria

    I love all your recipes and I would love to see some special recipes for kids if you have some. Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

  48. Nami, so thoughtful of you to have this giveaway contest! Well, we have always enjoyed japanese desserts, so more of such recipes would be really nice :). Thanks and hv a good weekend.

  49. Sarah Allison

    Dear Nami

    Thank you so much for this wonderful contest but most of all thank you for sharing all the wonderful recipes with us. I have tried some of your recipes and my family have enjoyed them very much. Would love to see more recipe on cooking with salmon as my children love them. Wishing you and family a wonderful Holiday Season and A Prosperous New Year.

    Allison (Singapore)

  50. Phil Hjemboe

    I eat vegetarian for the most part (I do eat fish) so naturally I would like to see more veggie recipes. I love the blog, though, even when the recipe isn’t vegetarian.

  51. DK

    Love your recipes, especially those for the Bento boxes. Would like to enter this contest, but I do not have a Facebook account. I’m sure your page is nice, but I was hacked via Facebook & cancelled it.

  52. Joy

    I rec’d recipe for shrimp tempora and can’t wait to make it for X-Mas eve. It is so very pleasant to have food/cook site(s) alternative to comfort,italian,etc. Can’t wait to begin making some of your wonderful foods. Have used Panco in the past but can imagine how many more uses I will find with your recipes. Thank you for sharing and know that i will make the very best of your expertese gift(s). Have a great holiday season.

  53. Tu

    Love your chicken teriyaki, I make it for my daughther’s lunch all the time. So, I’d like to see more chicken recipes. Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.

  54. may gwinn

    Love this blog! How about a traditional New Year’s menu? like my Japanese mother used to make? My mother recalled that the first thing you would hear in the morning on New Year’s day is the sound of children playing with their hagoita (battledore) and hane (shuttlecock). How about recipes for o-manju variations, how to make anko, etc. Thanks! May

  55. Lora

    Nami, I love all your recipes! Thank you for having this giveaway! I especially like all the different preparations of chicken.

  56. Alfredo Di Stefano

    I love to see more recipes along “Cooking Japanese for one person”. I recently made the Oyakodon (over rice) using the Oyako Nabe pan and it was perfect for one meal. Thank you for a lovely and informative website.

  57. Beth

    Hi Nami!! I am subscribed to your email list and also to your facebook page. Thank you for fabulous Japanese recipes. My favorite is Adzuki bean….Dorayaki. It was a favorite treat for me when I visited the markets near my hometown of Misawa.

  58. StaceyN

    I would love to see more recipes with Salmon! We love salmon and fish in my family so more recipes would be wonderful. Stacey

  59. carolyn

    I went to a japanese restaurant that mixed traditional with modern. Had a ‘traditional’ chili which was unbelievably good and just a little spicy (it complimented the soft Shell crab that came with it) id love to make it at home!

  60. Barbara Leckstein

    Okay, I’m already subscribed – wouldn’t want to miss a single posting. We have eaten better since I signed on. I like the facebook (under the SO’s account). I would like more fish recipes, we have gotten hooked on the flavors and the SO who never ate fish before is asking for more.

  61. Amy Spowart

    Is there a recipe for Hamachi Kama? A local restaurant has the best Hamachi Kama with a delicious ponzu dipping sauce… hope I can make it at home. Thanks.

  62. Sumi Fulwider

    I am a recent subscriber and have thoroughly enjoyed your recipes. Also enjoyed following the experiences of your family, esp. your trip to Asia. Wonderful photos too!

  63. Nunki Denetso

    First of all, I love your site. My husband and I loves Japanese food so
    Much. I think being a Marine’s wife due to time he spends away from us, this site made me make special food for him that he loves. So, thank you for making the recipe easy, convenient and affordable.

    One thing I would really want to make is this lobster special roll. We tasted it at Gin sushi in Pasadena. It has eel sauce but don’t know where to get it or how to make it. But OMG!!! It is ridiculously Delish…. It is a California roll but topped with lobster and the eel sauce.. Now we live in San Diego… We hardly drive there. I hope you could feature it and teach us how to make it. My husband will be so happy…

    Thanks again and God bless,
    Nunki Denetso

  64. Shirlene

    Hi Nami,

    Great contest!
    Anyway, i’ll like to see braised pork belly recipe. (the japanese kind, those mostly found in izakaya restaurant.)
    Love those.

  65. I’d like to learn more about sushi. There is so much inauthentic sushi in the US, but I’d like to know what makes good authentic sushi. I’m a Facebook fan.

  66. Elena

    Hello Nami!
    I was very happy to find your blog while searching for comprehensible ton-jiru recipe.
    Is it possible to make o-sechi-ryori at home? Currently I live in Japan and can get all needed ingredients,but no one seems to make it at home now days…
    Another request will be o-bento for high-school boys-a power lunch for eating machine:))
    Thank you in advance

  67. Orakarn S

    I would like to see more vegetable dishes. My current favorite dish from your vegetables recipe is the eggplant with sesame ponzu sauce. So good!

  68. Pamela

    Hi my name is Pamela and I really enjoy ur great recipies, I have even. Tried a lot of them and they are great I already have a few of my favourite recipies in my recipie box.

    Hope to see some more interesting recipies.


  69. Enita Woo

    Hi Nami. Thanks for all your delicious recipes. I look forward to more simple, easy-to-prepare but delicious dishes. I love mushrooms so I hope you can share more recipes using that. Happy Holidays!

  70. Lily Kozai

    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! It’s all natsukashii, because my mother would cook Japanese food all the time. I would like to see some kind of manju recipe because I think my kids would like to try that. I use many of your recipes when I cook for my family. Thank you again for your blog site!

  71. S. Howard

    I haven’t made it through all the recipes that are here already, but I would love to see more mushimono (蒸し物). Especially anything that I might be able to make in the steamer basket of my rice cooker.

  72. Maria-Cristina Silva

    Thanks for your recipes! I am Ecuadorian but I think I was Japanese in my other life and absolutely love Japanese food. I love your website and easy recipes.

    From the middle of the world (Ecuador)

    Maria Cristina

  73. Well…I love all your recipes! I’ve tried so many of them too. They’re all so good! I think one of my favorites is the dango recipe. It makes me really happy. Oh, and your dessert recipes make me really happy too. :) If anything, I’d like to see more dessert recipes. Your desserts are the best!

  74. Nami, I can not forget the cheesecake recipe, so I like to see more Japanese deserts, please-))) I have already subscribed and liked your facebook, and I really happy to know you!

  75. Armie

    This is my first time subscribing and wow lots of fun recipes and they’re easy to make. Thank you! I’d like to see more recipes on chicken and seafood with vegetables. Thank you for a chance to win.

  76. Grace

    I don’t read many blogs, but yours is a MUST! Not just the recipes, but the entries about your trips and restaurant reviews!

  77. Lori

    I would love to see a few more chicken recipes. I have two daughters who won’t eat fish so that limits me sometimes. I subscribed about a month or so ago and have loved getting your emails. I just liked you on Facebook too.

  78. Sherree

    I found you because I was looking for recipe to cook Japanese dishes. After my trip to Japan in November I want to learn how to cook some of those delicious meals. I love your site because you show step by step instructions.
    I would like to know how to make some of the soup (broth) I had. Udon, Ramen, Miso and Clear. Also Bento box that I could pre make for unch
    Thank you for taking the time to post these delicious recipe.
    Merry Christmas

  79. Kel

    Hi Nami, I’d like to see some recipes using matcha. Thanks and I’m already a subscriber to the newsletter. Aloha from Hawaii!

  80. Gochoa

    I was looking for easy (eggless) recipes. Eating out is expensive AND having an egg allergy makes it an adventure. I wanted to make my own to ensure no eggs and to save a bit of money. I LOVE the spicy rice noodles.

  81. Cheryl Kitagawa

    I am Japanese but never learned to cook “Japanese”. Since I am caring for my Mother, we are both enjoying your recipes, especially the chicken dishes. Thank you.

  82. Theresa Materazzi

    Love your recipes! And this is an awesome giveaway! I was wondering
    if you have recipes for picky eaters? My 11 year old is very picky, he
    loves everything with chicken but I was wondering if you have “sneaky”
    ingredient recipes? 😉

  83. Hi Nami! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity! I love to see easy Japanese recipes for home cooking – especially soup meals, with a combination of both meat and veggies or else fish and veggies. It’s always fun to read your posts & learn from you. Happy Holidays!

  84. Nan Mess

    I am a fairly new subscriber and so happy I found your blog. I would love to know how to cook authentic sukiyaki. Lived in Japan for three years, love the people, the culture and traditions and especially the food! Finding your blog is one of the best things to happen to me this year! Thanks for posting it!
    Nan Mess

  85. ava

    My childhood friend is inviting us to visit her family in Japan,but she’s not a cook,so she said we’re likely to eat out when we visit. That will be expensive i’m guessing,so i plan to learn simple dishes that i can make there,especially if ingredients are readily available. So i would love recipes with minimal ingredients but maximum flavor,lol. Thanks Nami, advance happy holidays

  86. Adrienne

    Hi Nami — I love the recipes with Japanese sauces that I can replicate at home — it’s hard to find them in the stores around here! Thanks!

  87. Lesley Shell

    Please post a recipe for homemade Kimchi, I buy it at the store but it is super spicy and would like to make my own “milder” version. ♥♥

  88. Happy Holiday season, Nami. How sweet of you to think of your subscribers with your generous giveaway. Although I enjoy all your recipes, I especially like to see the ones that are made in the Japanese home ie omurice and chawanmushi, simple and tasty.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve already liked your blog on Facebook but will do so if not. :)

  89. Brenda

    Love your website and will be making the mochi ice cream and dango for Christmas. Would love your version of Bento for dummies. :-)
    Already subscribed to the newsletter.


    Thank you for a wonderful website!
    I would like to see recipes for red and black rice. I just found some in a organic store and would like to try some different recipes.

  91. Mark O.

    Aloha Nami!
    I am a recent subscriber to your e-mail newsletter which I enjoy very much.
    A new ramen shop opened that advertised a “Tonkotsu” style broth, so decided to try it. It was so delicious! I just can’t get it out of my mind- the broth was so silky and rich. I would like to learn how to make that broth! They also served Char Siu in the dish which also was very tasty and would like to learn how you make that too.
    Mahalo- Thank you- Arigatoo gozaimasu.

  92. Jasmine B

    Aloha and congratulations on your success! I am unfortunately not a fan of Facebook so I won’t be qualified for this giveaway. I do follow your posts and emails and I thank you for your amazing recipes (Japanese menu). Much love and appreciation. Looking forward to more! Maybe misoyaki butterfish too?? Mahalo’s girl!

  93. Deanna

    Love your recipes. Unfortunately, I did get a chance to learn all my Mom’s great traditional Japanese cooking from her while she was here and didn’t realize what a great cook she was until she passed away. So, I would love to see the good old traditional dishes.

  94. Sheri-Ann Munoz

    I would love a recipe for Japanese beef curry. I have looked for curry powder from Japan but it doesn’t seem to be the same depth of flavor as I have found in a curry I tried called Agura. I comes ready to heat in a foil package. Can this flavor be duplicated?

  95. Martha

    Just discovered your site. Been working on Japanese cheesecakes. My cake does not fall in the center. It always shrink in the middle of the outer edges. To make them presentable, I have to cut off the sides until it’s one vertical edge. Of course, the cut off sides are the cook’s very private treats. But it cuts about 1 inch from all sides, reducing the servable portion. Help…
    Thanks for the generous giveaway offer :)

  96. Jeannette

    I love cooking asian. I use a lot of the cooking oils and rice vinegar. I do alot of stirfries and LOVE shrimp. Can eat and cook all the recipes I can find.

  97. It’s hard to pick just one category of recipe I like to see on your blog. The bentos were so cute and I really had fun reading all of those posts but I must say, your desserts always get me. I think I’m going with sweets and desserts.

  98. renee

    I would love to see recipes of Japanese hot noodles. I tried some in Beijing,China years ago, but I don’t remember the name. Something with udong noodles.

  99. Al Grappone

    Your One Cookbook is perfect. Very clear step by step instructions. The pictures are very clear. I especially like the Japanese recipes.

    I am a subscriber.

  100. Carrie

    Love the site!!! Would love more recipes with sea veggies like hijiki and wakame. Oh, and since winter is almost here some yummy recipes for nabe and oden would be much appreciated! Happy holidays!

  101. Carmen Chiu

    Hi Nami,

    I like the appetizer and dessert in Japanese style you made. When I have no idea what to cook, I would always go to your blog to get some ideas.

  102. Eri

    I will give you my wishes at January but thank you again for this lovely giveaway Nami, you know that I am a subscriber, and a fan on facebook.

  103. Shari

    Hi Nami! I would love to see a recipe for the great pickled veggies I remember when I lived in Japan. Veggies, such as cucumbers, eggplant, squash, etc. were inserted into some type of mash and then removed days or weeks later when they were ready for eating. Does that sound familiar?

  104. Christine

    Hi Nami,
    I love your blog! I would love to see more recipes using egg or tofu. They don’t need to be vegetarian. I love to cook with meat for flavor but my husband and I try not to eat large portions of meat to try to be healthier.
    Thank you! Christine

  105. A friend tried your Korokke recipe and said they’re the best! So I just started browsing your blog and I want to try the salmon and roe don, it looks delicious!

    I’m also subscribed to your eNewsletter and Liked you on FB. Thank you!

  106. nancy

    I have enjoyed all of the recipes and tried quite a few. My husband is Japanese and since I have followed your recipes he is quite happy and I am getting compliments instead of what’s this? I would ginger pork or eggplant or iwashi with ginger. Thank you for the great recipes and photos (which are very important). Merry Christmas to you.

  107. Keiko Ono

    Dear Nami ~ i subscribe to your emails & have recommended your site to many friends. I love the miso & tofu recipes. Simple Homestyle Jpn cooking recipes would be great.
    Okazu, oyako, etc… Fresh vegetables & salads too!! LOVE your site, photos & recipes!

    Happy New Year OMEDETO!!!

  108. Sue Tuohy

    Although I love traditional recipes from all around the world, I have eaten some fantastic fusion of the east and west food. This is very popular in Australia as we love to put our “attitude” on what we cook. This way you can have a go at cooking anything and substitute ingredients without a worry. Can you give us some twists to your traditional recipes you present. Many thanks and Happy Holidays.

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    I never missed reading your blog and had learned more easy and yummy food preparation! am so glad my sis-in-law told me about your food blog! :)
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    More power to your blog for the coming years!

    Warms regards,

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    I love to make many of your recipes as I cook Japanese food almost every night for my husband. We love Japan and travel there about twice a year….in the spring and fall. You make cooking so much fun and exciting with all your recipes with all the pictures of the beautiful dishes and ingredients! The pictures make it very easy to know exactly which ingredients to use. Your photos are outstanding!! Could you share some recipes that use YUZU juice? I LOVE YUZU but unable to get the fresh fruit in Hawaii so I resort to buying the bottled juice. Thank you for always sharing such wonderful meals!!
    Aloha from Hawaii, Nani Terada

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    It would be great to know a recipe of ‘takikomi gohan’
    using Brown rice and a typical pot instead of a rice cooker.
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    • Irene

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      Hope my comment still counts this way!

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    I love your website. Your recipes are authentic and easy too.
    Thank you!

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    I love your site and the recipes you post. I’ve never gone wrong trying them. I was going to ask for a recipe for the elusive Mushipan perhaps with some optional flavors, but in looking through some of the older recipes, Lo and behold, you’ve posted it!! While I realize you’re not much into baking, some of the interesting lunch foods in Japan are actually the snack/sandwich breads and would be great to work up for lunches throughout the week. Can you possibly post some of those, like Curry pan, yakisoba pan, etc. Also would love your take on a Yaki-mono dinner. We do that at home occasionally since we no longer live near a kushi-yaki restaurant.

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    I cook Shiojake this morning and that was the BEST salmon I have ever eaten, it was so good and so simple to prepare. Thank you very much Nami. Would love more salmon recipes please.

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    I would love to see more recipes with broccoli and young corn. :)

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    I enjoy your recipes and have tried many of them. I am from Japan but I never cooked when I lived there. After moving to the U.S., I started cooking since my American husband loves Japanese food and started to appreciate my mom’s cooking back when I was in Japan. We would love recipes with seasonal vegetables as well as main dishes that aren’t deep fried since we are trying to eat healthy.

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    I would like to know a good recipe for dragon fruit. On its own it tastes a bit blunt (maybe we got not so good stuff?). I am not a baker or other sweets-creating person. However, my husband and I enjoy savory dishes with fruit. Any idea what to pair dragon fruit with (I think for pork it has not enough umpf), beef, I think, is not good. So, chicken, shrimp, fish or tofu?
    I am open to almost everything!

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    I’m a Malaysian and have been following you only for a few months and am really impressed with the tempura dishes as well as the other dishes. I have tried making the prawn tempura after looking at your advice on line. It turned out quite well.

    I abstain from taking pork and beef due to religious restrictions. I do wish for more dishes using fish and chicken which my family enjoys and vegetarian recipes that you have tested for a variety. Tq.


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  171. Marguerite Leow

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    I would like to make Korokke using Cream Cheese as the ingredient. Can you please tell me if I should I make it the same method as the Kani cream Korokke and what type of cheese would you recommend? Thank you! :)

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    It would be wonderful to see more recipes for salad dressings? I buy them from the store, but it would be nice to make my own, & more vegetarian/seafood dishes.

    • Michelle

      Hi Nami, thanks for the giveaway. I am already subscribed to your blog and facebook. I would like to see more soups, stews or steamboats recipes since its winter now in Japan 😉

      Thank you for the wonderful recipes always.

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  179. 512
  180. 513
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    I would love to see more Japanese home cooking / everyday meals that you think are easy or low-hassle enough to make on weekdays. On another note, I am always so impressed by how Japanese households keep their houses so tidy. Although it’s not a recipe, I’d love to know more tips on this subject.
    Love Christine

  183. Laura

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    O, O, I know, do you make mochi? My boyfriend and I tried to make it with mochi rice and a kitchen-aid last year, very experimental. It mostly worked. He’s made it before, but by pounding or using a machine, and not a mixer, so we didn’t really know what we were doing. We successfully made the paste (I guess you’d call it that?) but then we couldn’t really figure out what to do with it after (I suspect his mom was the one making it not him). We fried the next-day leftovers then the rest of it went rotten because we couldn’t figure out how to dry it. He kind of thought it was crazy, but I like doing crazy kitchen things.

    • Denise Foerster

      Dear Laura,

      this blog is almost exclusively devoted to Japanese Wagashi, and has a very good mochi recipe. The author writes in English and German. I highly recommend it – just seeing the beautiful pictures is amazing!

      Best, Denise

  184. Carolai

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    What about an oyster dish since it is oyster season.

  185. caroline k

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  186. Ola Jane

    Nami: I found your website by chance recently when looking for ways to use my over abundant crop of Japanese cucumbers. Love it. Thanks. How hard is it to make mochi balls with the sweet filling? I live miles away from Japanese food and sometimes I crave those Mochi balls. More vegetarian recipes, too! Thanks.

  187. Ami

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  188. Tracie Trump

  189. Tracie Trump

  190. Tracie Trump

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  192. Carolyn

    My daily routine is to check your blog for new recipes.
    Id like to see more recipes that my kids ( 1 and 3yr old) will eat easily and that is quick and easy to make for me…or ones that i can prep easily the night before so cooking the next day is easy.
    Thanks…Happy Holidays!

  193. Caroline in San Francisco

    Your Oden recipe reminds me of my mom. It’s something we used to enjoy together during the winter season. I enjoy your blog and always appreciate recipes for any dishes that are fairly quick to make and that everyone will love, especially a 2nd grader.

  194. I love your pictures of food and your travels, you have such great visual taste!
    I enjoyed making your gyoza, and the video really helped. Thank you for sharing
    your food experiences and recipes, I really enjoy your blog! As for recipes, I always
    enjoy any recipe that’s super easy.

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    i used to work at a “high end” Kaiseki restaurant here in Maui and although some may consider these “simple foods” they were prepared and served in the multi-course meals we served. I miss those days but look forward to using your recipes at home. FYI, I am new to your blogs but get excited each time you post something.

  198. Katherine

    I would love a recipe for spicy champon! I had it a few years back at a ramen house in Little Tokyo and can’t find it anywhere else~

  199. S. Howard

    For today’s request I am inspired by the cool, damp weather we are having here. How about some lovely soup recipes, please? I have a wonderful one for Japanese Sweet Yam Soup, that I got on another site, but that’s about the only one. Oh, and I have one for miso soup with wakame, tofu, and green onion. Do you have any soup recipes that you haven’t shared with us yet? Please do so soon! 😀

  200. jhiselle

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    I have subscribed to Just One Cookbook via email and am already a fan on Facebook ^_^/

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  203. Hi Nami,
    I’d love to see more of Japanese Curries.I had a Japanese curry long time back in London.Haven’t tried any since then :)
    I already like you on Facebook!

  204. MusicaNLAlma

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    Have also subscribed and liked your facebook page quite a while back :)

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  209. Tanya

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    Tanya Klatt

  210. Javier

    Thank you for this contest! I discovered you thanks to your Google+ posts. The ingredient I’d like to see featured more is chilies (any kind!).

  211. I have been subscribing and following you on Facebook for months now and I’m always excited to see your new recipes!! 😀

    There’s this “Japanese Cheesecake” recipe that I love at Genki Sushi here in Hong Kong and I think gelatin is on of its ingredients. I’m not sure how “Japanese” that is..haha..but it’s really really delish!

  212. Tiffany Naeole

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  213. William Yap

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    Thanks for sharing your recipes.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  214. hai nami… its a generous of u to held an event like this, ans since its world wide i think i will give it a shoot! 😉

    i would like to see more recipe for tofu, miso and ice cream… greedy I’m ha! 😀

    i already subscibe 😉

    Elies Lie

  215. I like the family meal post and your give away. Unfortunately I cannot participate because I am not on facebook so cannot fulfill your condition. If just leaving comment is enough then I count me in. I love your bento box posts and would love to see them totally vegetarian.

  216. That’s a very hard question Nami! I love so many of your recipes. I think that ones that intrigue me the most are some of the marinated, grilled meats – like the tongue and pork belly. I’ll keep the others for another day. :) Thanks for such a great giveaway opportunity.

  217. Nami this is an awesome giveaway. I think this is the rice cooker you recommended to me awhile back. Just had to throw my hat into the ring. I’d love to see you do more ice cream recipes. I tried the ones you have and they were amazing. You know me and ice cream. I’d love to learn some simple veggie roll recipes. Trying to cut back on meat a bit.

  218. adelaide

    Hi Nami

    I seriously adore Japanese food, and I love your tempura recipes. I am just wondering recently I bought a airfry machine (one of those which allows me to cook french fries with just one tablespoon of oil compares to normal deep fried). i have yet trying to make Tempura with airfrier. i am just wondering if there is a healthier way of making tempura or even my all time favourite chicken karaage?! thank you.

    Adelaide x

  219. elizabeth

    there’s this side dish that I’ve tried at the japanese market before. it’s sweet potato cooked with lemon, it seems kind of stewed and is sliced in rounds. I’d love to see a recipe on that!

  220. Aya

    I would also love to see any recipes you have that use shiso. I have a large ao-jiso plant that produces more than I know what to do with!

  221. KiKi

    I was wondering if you have any substitution for ingredients with Shabu Shabu if it’s hard to find some of the mushrooms or even the sauces. Thank you!

  222. Florence Tong

    My family and I like your recipes of Mango Ice-cream & Strawberries Frozen Yogurt, and I also purchased a ice-cream maker because of your yummy recipes. Thank you!

  223. Florence Tong

    I purchased a ice-cream maker, because my family and I like your ice-cream, especially the mango ice-cream and the strawberries frozen Yogurt. I would like to have more dessert recipes. Thank you!

  224. Ashley

    I really liked seeing recipes using seafood, particularly fish, on your blog. ^^ Ever since I moved to Fukuoka, I’ve had the privilege to have access to all kinds of fresh fish, and though I’m just a newbie in the kitchen, I really want to take advantage of his access while I still can (since I’m moving back to the states next summer).

  225. Vanitha

    I really love this website. I especially love the bento posts. You really make japanese cooking at home so much less daunting. Thanks. Vanitha

  226. Hi Nami!

    I would love to see some things with avocado in it. Right now, I only use it in sushi, sandwiches and to blend it with durian for a smoothie. I would like to see other creative ways you would use it!

    I also would like to see things with bread; Not as the main course but little stuff for appetizers!

    And different types of dips!

    Thank you for the awesome give away!

    I am also subscribed by email and Facebook!


  227. Raphael

    What about Chinese roast pork (siu yuk)? It’s tricky to make at home and there are so many different methods people use to duplicate the crispiness you get at the bbq shops.

  228. Maki

    NAMIchan, sugoine-. My first one will start JP school from April in Ho Chi Minh and he will need Bento every day… Looking forward to seeing some easy and quick bento ideas! And I am glad that you made this for world-wide! hehe.

  229. Binny

    I would love to see more recipes using soba! I love soba noodles, but wonder how I can use them other than in zaru soba. Especially now that winter is here, it would be nice to have a hot soupy soba dish!

  230. margo

    Negi-toro and avocado was one of our “special” and rare employee meals. Thanks for the recipe, I have an Avo on the counter almost ready and green onions in the garden now I just have to find the Toro…..

  231. Dora

    Just signed up for the newsletter and liked you on Facebook!
    Please put more Japanese recipes here! You have the best ones I’ve found online! Always tastes authentic!

  232. Helen

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    • Anita Tanoto

      Hi Nami, I would like to know how to make Chirashi? My Daughter likes to eat ramen, could you please make more ramen dishes?

    • Anita Tanoto

      Hi Nami, I would like to know how to make Chirashi? My Daughter likes to eat ramen, could you please make more ramen dishes?

      Arigato Gozaimasu :)

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  237. Anita Tanoto

    Hi Nami, I would like to know how to make Chirashi? My Daughter likes to eat ramen, could you please make more ramen dishes?

    Arigato Gozaimasu and Best Regards:)

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    Thanks for such a generous giveaway, Nami!

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    Thank you!,
    (I like how I have to do math when I comment! LOL!)

  243. S. Howard

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