Spicy Edamame スパイシー枝豆

Spicy Edamame | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Have you tried edamame before?  Edamame beans are green soybeans and they are sweet, mild and has a slightly “beany” flavor.  In Japan, edamame beans are often boiled in salty water still in their pods and served as an appetizer.  Between sips of beer, you pop the beans out to eat before the main course is served.

Today I’ll show you how you can turn regular edamame into a spicy version, Spicy Edamame.

This stir-fried spicy edamame is very addictive and you can’t stop eating them.  When you pop the edamame beans into your mouth, your lip touches the edamame pod that is coated with spicy garlic miso.  The perfect mix of peppery spice and aromatic garlic excites your palate leaving you wanting more.  This edamame beans appetizer/snack is very easy to prepare and will be a popular appetizer for home parties.

If you are not a big fan of heat or spicy food, no problem!  My children eats non-spicy version but it still has plenty of flavor from the garlic miso seasoning.  They love popping the pods out of edamame beans.  Add more or less chili paste based on your preference.

Miso is such a versatile ingredient that it’s fun to keep around in your kitchen.  It gives great umami and depth to your dish.  You can discover more miso recipes here on my site.

Spicy Edamame | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

To get the Spicy Edamame recipeclick here over at the Hikari Miso’s website.  Enjoy!

Minute Miso Sweet

Note: The consistency of Minute Miso is more liquid than typical miso.  If you cannot find Minute Miso, you can substitute with 1 Tbsp. miso paste (awase miso or white miso preferred) and 1 Tbsp. dashi/water for 2 Tbsp. Hikari Miso’s Minute Miso.

Hikari Miso products will be available in Amazon soon (some are available already).  You can also buy Hikari Miso products in Japanese grocery stores (my local Japanese and Asian stores carry their product).

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Hikari Miso.  To read more about my partnership with Hikari Miso, click click here.

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  1. We always order out sushi on the weekends and get double batches of Edamame. I prepare it at home as well, it’s so easy but have never tried a spicy version. I just made a large back of Saikyo Miso for some Black Cod that I made and still have some White Miso leftover. I will definitely try this recipe using that. I’m certain my family will love it.

  2. Bree

    I love all your recipes! They are so simple to follow and so yummy when they turn out! Keep it up! I love this blog so much!!

  3. Oh this is our absolute favorite appetizer when we go out to a restaurant. Good to know I can now make this at home with your recipe. Thanks for sharing, Nami. And thanks for the kindest comments when you visited the blog. Happy weekend!

  4. The taste of edamame is quite unlike peas. They are milder and complements anything they are paired with. I love them in ‘zhajiang’ sauce (black bean meat sauce). I love what you have done here. They remind me of a French bean stir fry that I do with belachan and chilli :) I’m sure these are finger-licking good.

  5. I am embarrassed to tell you that the first time I ate edamame… I tried to eat all of it… skin and all. I was like.. this is really chewy. LOL!

    Now I’m a little wiser… this looks nice and spicy. Just how I like it. :)

  6. Whenever I dine at Japanese restaurant I usually will order one of this as I love to eat this beans. Sometimes I do find this frozen edamame at the supermarket and will buy this occasionally to eat as snack. It is great to add some taste and flavour into this edamame.

  7. We love edamame and eat it all the time – hehe my son can probably eat a half a bag by himself in one sitting :) I’ve never tried a spicy version or thought of stir frying them. This sounds so delicious and flavorful! Pinning to try it soon, thanks for sharing Nami and have a great weekend!

  8. ニンニク味噌合わせ枝豆摘みを食べると食欲がぜったい強くなりますね。



  9. Yup, edamame is pretty common at most Japanese restaurants in the U.S., they always serve them first with a bit of sea salt on it. The spicy version looks better 😉 I love a bit of heat from the chili paste!

  10. Edamame is simply obligatory at every visit in izakaya (whenever I go to Japan of course because here we don’t have izakayas alas). I love them so much! I wish I could buy fresh edamame here, but already frozen ones are ok and I often cannot resist them when I go to my grocery shop. I have only had them with salt, but this spicy seasoning looks amazing!

  11. I love spicy edamame. I usually just use sesame oil and the Japanese chili powder. I love that you use this miso paste for even more flavors. Can’t wait to try this. :) Definitely adore this healthy snack.

  12. These beans have recently been becoming more and more popular. They’re often served as a pre-dinner snack and I see people buying them at sushi places and then walking around snacking on them. I have never tried a spicy version! It looks like these would be very tasty xx

  13. I’ve only made the edamame steamed and salted…but your spicy version sounds amazing. Note to self: Buy that darn miso that’s been on my shopping list for months!!

  14. I’ll take the spicy version, Nami — these sound terrific! Do you think sriracha sauce would be ok to substitute for the chili paste? Also, I never thought I’d grow up to eat “green soybeans” — I used to have to weed acres and acres of them when I was a kid. :) Funny how your tastes change… for the better!

  15. Hubby and I love love edamame! We will buy frozen bags and devour them for our midnight snack:-). AND of course we enjoy them every time we go somewhere:-) Yum, Hugs, Terra

  16. We are crazy about edamame at home especially my little one. I need to make this. Usually when we go to ROYS restaurant they serve us this with drinks. They have a spicy and salty mix on top. This looks amazing. So going to make this for my daughter.

  17. I love eating edamame! It`s one of my favorite things about going to Japanese restaurants. Hehe. I`m really bad at eating spicy foods, but my mom loves spicy dishes and edamame, so she would love this!

  18. anon

    Hi Nami,
    Since the skin cannot be eaten, should I take out the cooked beans and coat them with the fried seasoning (instead of the whole beans with skin on)? Thanks.