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Platform – Why We Chose WordPress

Before starting her blog, Nami shared a recipe almost everyday with friends on Facebook for about a year.  The feedback she received from friends was that they liked following and trying her recipes; however, it was difficult to search recipe on Facebook.

Building a Website

To provide a better experience, Nami decided to build a website, but was planning to build it the really old fashion way, with html code for each page.  After doing a bit of research online, I was able to convince Nami that a blog platform is the right way to build her site, rather than coding html from scratch.

Self-Hosted WordPress

With many blogging choices available, we decided to go with the self-hosted WordPress platform.  You can find out more information about self-hosted WordPress vs WordPress.com accounts here.

The main reasons we chose to go with a self-hosted WordPress platform include:

  1. Widely used by many large and small sites (60 million)
  2. Lots of useful plugins  available, most of them are FREE!
  3. We wanted to host the site with our own domain name rather than a wordpress.com, blogspot.com or tumblr.com account.

If you want to start a blog but don’t want to pay for hosting, you can look into WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler for FREE blogging accounts.


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  • Kimby February 15, 2013, 5:35 am

    I’ve been considering the switch to self-hosted and your article has many convincing reasons, especially the plug ins. Thanks for sharing this!