A plastic bag containing yuzu zest.

How to Store Yuzu Zest (Don’t Discard the Peel!)

Yuzu is a precious fruit especially when you live outside of Japan as they...
A mason jar containing Yuzu Ponzu (Yuzupon) - Japanese citrus dipping sauce.

Yuzu Ponzu ゆずポン

What to do with fresh yuzu fruits? Make this delicious Japanese dipping sauce called...
A refreshing salad drizzled with Yuzu Miso Dressing.

Yuzu Miso Dressing ゆず味噌ドレッシング

This Japanese-inspired Yuzu Miso Dressing recipe is so simple, yet it hits all the...
A white bowl containing Green Beans with Yuzu Vinaigrette.

Green Beans with Yuzu Vinaigrette インゲンの柚子和え

Bring a Japanese flair to your party side dish with this Green Beans with...
Tsukemono - Shoyuzuke (Japanese Soy Sauce Pickling) in a white bowl.

Tsukemono – Shoyuzuke (Soy Sauce Pickling) 醤油漬け

Shoyuzuke or Soy Sauce Pickling is one of the easiest tsukemono (Japanese pickles) you...
A plate containing chicken shiso gyoza and a small bowl of ponzu and yuzu kosho.

Chicken Shiso Gyoza with Yuzu Kosho & Ponzu Sauce しそ入り鶏餃子

Folding dumplings is easy with my quick Chicken Shiso Gyoza recipe. Simply fold the...
A wooden soup bowl containing miso soup.

Miso Soup with Yuzu Kosho (Video) 柚子胡椒入り味噌汁

Cozy up with a piping hot bowl of hearty Miso Soup with Yuzu Koshi...
A white plate containing arugula and burrata cheese topped with ikura and served with baguette and yuzu kosho pepper.

Burrata Crostini with Ikura and Yuzu Pepper

This tasty Japanese twist on Burrata Crostini pairs the soft and creamy cheese with...
Yuzu marmalade in mason jars.

Yuzu Marmalade 柚子のマーマレード

Homemade sweet, tangy and delightful yuzu marmalade. They are amazing in both hot and...
Yuzu Sorbet served on a bizenware.

Yuzu Sorbet (Video) 柚子のシャーベット

Refreshing Yuzu Sorbet refreshes your palate with the citrusy-floral essence of yuzu fruit. It‘s...
Yuzu Ice Cream | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Yuzu Ice Cream 柚子アイスクリーム

Treat yourself to creamy and refreshing Yuzu Ice Cream with my homemade recipe using...
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