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A Little Thought on Happiness

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    women blowing dandelion

    Watching the Colorado flood unfolding on the news this past week, it reminds us how fragile our lives can be and things we treasure in life could be gone in a split second. I typically share little thoughts here and there in my recipe posts but once in a while I like to pull myself away from the digital world and just ponder a bit.


    As some of my readers know, I’ve been pretty sleep deprived for the past two years. Where does most of my time go? I definitely spend a lot of time writing posts, being on social media, developing recipes, and shooting picture for the blog. I also spend quite a lot of time throughout a day answering reader’s questions and kind emails.

    Why you ask? It’s because of the readers’ encouragement that’s kept me going. Every day I receive a few personal emails thanking me for the recipes I shared on my blog. They always share some personal story about how they found my blog, what they cooked, and how much they enjoyed the recipe. Some say the recipe and the flavor brought back sweet memories of what their mother used to make, or it was exactly how they remembered one of their best meals they had at a friend’s house in Japan. I love reading those emails with my husband because it’s what keeps our engine running every day.

    painting the sun

    After blogging became my new career and my husband and I took it more seriously, and we started to spend the weekend photo shooting and video making. I always feel guilty of not spending enough time with my children while we are working. With last year’s Hurricane Sandy’s devastation and the recent Colorado flood, it made me realize that disaster could happen to any of us and take everything I love away from us in a split second. Because of this, we make sure to always allocate time for our children on weekends. During the times when we are busy working, they are quite creative at keeping themselves entertained while daddy and mommy experiment with new flavors.

    hand making heart shape

    What is our typical family time on the weekends? Between photo/video shooting, we go out for fun or go for biking as family and we always sit down together to eat what I cook for the blog. It’s always hard to have balance between work and play in life, but we do our best we can and treasure every moment we have with our family.

    I want to say thank you for your continued support and always feel free to just email and say hi. If there are improvements I can make please let me know as well. I always respond even though I may need extra time depending on my workload.

    Speaking of support and readers’ emails that brightens my day, Folgers Coffee is spearheading the idea that positivity can change the world, through the power optimism. The platform will let consumers share and spread meaningful, fun, and positive content, to brighten the day of their family and friends, through FacebookTwitter and Instagram and several times daily, Folgers will brighten users’ news feeds with positive content and real, personal stories.

    I am looking forward to the stories and will be sharing my happy thoughts there. Speaking of my little ones, I think I’ll surprise them this weekend with their favorite Chocolate chip cookies with Nutella. I can already see the smile on my children’s face when they see the cookies. And I will be looking forward to enjoying the cookies with coffee.

    nutella chocolate chip cookie

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