Homemade Ingredient

Learn more about the homemade ingredients that are made from scratch, which include sauce, condiments, stock, gyoza wrappers, and noodles!

A rice bowl containing steamed rice topped with Yukari Shiso Rice Seasoning.
A rice bowl containing steamed rice topped with Yukari Shiso Rice Seasoning.

Yukari (Shiso Rice Seasoning) ゆかり

Tangy, fragrant, and flavorful, Yukari (Shiso Rice Seasoning) is made of red shiso leaves...
A mason jar containing Homemade Shiso Pesto.

Homemade Shiso Pesto 大葉ジェノベーゼ

Homemade Shiso Pesto takes just 10 minutes to make and it is one of...
A weck jar containing ume miso.

Ume Miso 梅味噌

Make this sweet and fragrant homemade Ume Miso with seasonal Japanese plums, miso, and...
A weck jar containing homemade salmon flakes.

Salmon Flakes 鮭フレーク

These lightly seasoned Salmon Flakes make a great all-purpose topping or filling. Make ahead...
Gyoza wrappers in the making.

Gyoza Wrappers 餃子の皮の作り方

Let's make gyoza wrappers from scratch! All you need is salt, water, and flour!...
A white plate containing ume plum compote.

Ume Plum Compote 梅の甘露煮

The ume plum in the tangy-sweet compote is delicious as its own, but even...
Tall glasses containing ume syrup cider and ume compote.

Ume Plum Syrup 梅シロップ

Fruity, tart, sweet, and aromatic, this Ume Plum Syrup made from unripe green plums...
A white bowl containing Tempura Dipping Sauce (Tentsuyu) served with grated daikon.

Tempura Dipping Sauce (Tentsuyu) 天つゆ

Made with just four ingredients, Tentsuyu is the traditional and essential Japanese dipping...
Fresh homemade mochi made with a stand mixer.

How to Make Mochi with a Stand Mixer (Homemade Mochi) お餅の作り方

Make fresh homemade mochi using a stand mixer! Stuff the Japanese rice cakes with...
Negi Miso (Leek & Miso Sauce) in a weck jar.

Negi Miso (Leek & Miso Sauce) ねぎ味噌

Negi Miso (Leek and Miso Sauce) is an excellent all-purpose sauce to marinate your...
Plum jam in a white small bowl. Plum jam in a jar and plum wine in the back.

Plum Jam 梅ジャム

Make the best of the Japanese plum season by making plum wine (Umeshu) and...
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