Learn the basic tips and techniques in Japanese cooking with these helpful How-To pages. From gyoza-wrapping, how to thinly slice meat to how to store cooked rice, we’ve got you covered. Follow along and you’ll be a confident cook in no time!

How to Cut Avocado
How to Cut Avocado

How to Cut an Avocado

Learn how to cut an avocado like a pro with my easy, step-by-step instructions...
A baking sheet containing perfectly wrapped gyoza.

How to Fold Gyoza

Easy tutorial on how to fold gyoza 2 ways with step-by-step instructions and photos....
Otoshibuta | Easy Japanese Recipes at

What is Otoshibuta (Drop Lid) and How to Make It 落し蓋

Otoshibuta (drop lid) is usually made from wood, but you can substitute it with...
A green plate containing Shiraga Negi (Julienned Long Green Onion Garnish).

How to Make Shiraga Negi 白髪ねぎ

Follow my simple tutorial to make Shiraga Negi, the refreshing thin strips of long...
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