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Browse delicious soup & stew recipes on Just One Cookbook. Even though they are especially comforting during the cold weather months, we can live with soups and stews all year round. Don’t miss our 10 Favorites Japanese Hot Pots, Soups & Stews.

A donabe containing monkfish and vegetables.
A donabe containing monkfish and vegetables.

Monkfish Hot Pot (Anko Nabe) あんこう鍋

Experience the warmest communal dining at home with this incredibly flavorful Japanese Monkfish Hot...
A donabe containing vegetables and pork in a savory miso soy milk broth.

Soy Milk Hot Pot 豆乳鍋

Delicious Japanese Soy Milk Hot Pot recipe with napa cabbage, mushrooms, and thinly sliced...
Matsutake Clear Soup 松茸のお吸い物 | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Matsutake Suimono (Clear Soup) 松茸お吸い物

tsutake Soup (Suimono) is a classic Japanese autumn dish of fragrant seasonal matsutake mushrooms,...
Black bowls containing Japanese corn potage.

Corn Potage コーンポタージュ (Japanese Corn Soup コーンスープ)

The Japanese love their hot or chilled corn potage. This creamy and smooth corn...
Japanese clam clear soup in a red bowl.

Japanese Clear Clam Soup (Ushio-jiru) あさりの潮汁

The classic Japanese Clear Clam Soup is made with kombu dashi broth and Manila...
Chanko Nabe in a donabe hot pot.

Chanko Nabe (Sumo Stew) ちゃんこ鍋

Chanko Nabe or Sumo Stew is a robust hot pot filled with all kinds...
A donabe containing pork, cabbage, tofu, and mushrooms in a kombu broth.

Hot Pot for One 白菜と豚バラの一人鍋 – ‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’

Fast and easy Hot Pot for One combines tender pork belly with napa cabbage...
White bowl containing flavorful oxtail soup served with rustic bread.

Pressure Cooker Oxtail Soup

Using a pressure cooker, you can prepare this hearty and flavorful tomato-based Oxtail Soup...
Chicken & Corn Chowder チキンとコーンのチャウダー | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Chicken Corn Chowder チキンとコーンのチャウダー

Easy and hearty corn chowder made with rotisserie chicken, baby red potatoes, corn, and...
Mug cups containing kabocha soup served on a wooden tray.

Kabocha Soup (Video) かぼちゃスープ

Delicious Kabocha Squash Soup with just a few simple ingredients. Enjoy this rich and...
Red lacquered bowls containing Sanpeijiru (Japanese Salmon Soup).

Sanpeijiru (Japanese Salmon Soup) 三平汁

When I visited Hokkaido, one of the dish I look forward to enjoying in...
A Japanese donabe containing kimchi stew filled with vegetables and kimchi.

Kimchi Nabe (Video) キムチ鍋

Warm up with this spicy and flavorful Japanese Kimchi Nabe made with anchovy broth,...
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