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A Japanese ceramic bowl containing simmered chicken and vegetables.
A Japanese ceramic bowl containing simmered chicken and vegetables.

Chikuzenni (Nishime) – Simmered Chicken and Vegetables 筑前煮

hikuzenni or Nishime is a classic Japanese stew of simmered root vegetables and chicken...
A beige ceramic dish containing steamed rice and Japanese cream stew.

Japanese Cream Stew (White Stew) クリームシチュー

Japanese Cream Stew (White Stew) is rich and creamy, packed with tender chicken and...
A white platter containing Honey Soy Glazed Spatchcock Chicken decorated with sage, pomegranate, and cranberries.

Honey Soy Glazed Spatchcock Chicken (Video)

This Honey-Soy Glazed Spatchcock Chicken is juicy, crispy, and delicious. Learn the foolproof way...
A ceramic plate containing Yakitori.

Yakitori Recipe 焼き鳥

Glazed in a savory-sweet sauce, these Japanese Grilled Chicken Skewers (Yakitori) are great for...
A blue and white plate containing Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings.

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken wings marinaded in honey, grated apple, garlic, soy sauce,...
A white plate containing Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Honey Soy Chicken はちみつ醤油チキン

Easy Honey Soy Chicken marinated in sake, soy sauce, and honey. This is a...
Crispy fried chicken wings on a Japanese plate along with a glass of cold beer.

Fried Chicken Wings – Midnight Diner Season 2 手羽先の唐揚げ

Crispy, juicy, golden. These Fried Chicken Wings featured in Netflix® “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories”...
A Japanese earthenware pot (donabe) containing Mizutaki (Japanese Chicken Hot Pot) filled with chicken, tofu, mushrooms, and all kinds of vegetables.

Mizutaki (Chicken Hot Pot) 水炊き

Mizutaki or Japanese Chicken Hot Pot is a dish that chicken, assorted vegetables, mushrooms,...
A white ceramic plate containing chicken cheese katsu served with shredded cabbage and cherry tomato.

Chicken Cheese Katsu – Midnight Diner Season 2 ささみチーズカツ

Breaded in Japanese panko and fried to perfection, juicy and crisp Chicken Cheese Katsu...
A large gray plate containing garlic onion chicken, green leaf salad, and steamed rice.

Garlic Onion Chicken 鶏肉のガーリックオニオンソース

Garlic Onion Chicken - Succulent pan-fried chicken smothered in a flavorful and robust garlic...
Japanese Salted Chicken Wings (Teba Shio) on the Japanese plate.

Teba Shio (Salted Chicken Wings) 手羽先塩焼き

Teba Shio is a popular dish in Izakaya (Japanese Tapas) restaurants. These broiled...
Creamy macaroni gratin in a blue STAUB gratin dish.

Macaroni Gratin マカロニグラタン

Amazingly rich, creamy, and buttery, Macaroni Gratin is true comfort food! Guaranteed to be...
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