Classic Yoshoku

Find your favorite classic yoshoku recipes (Japanese-style western cuisine), featuring omurice, Japanese curry, ketchup spaghetti, wafu hamburger and more.

A basket containing corn dogs served with ketchup and mustard drizzle.
A basket containing corn dogs served with ketchup and mustard drizzle.

Corn Dogs アメリカンドッグ – ‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’

This easy homemade Corn Dogs (アメリカンドッグ) recipe takes just minutes to make. They are...
A white plate containing clam pasta.

Clam Pasta ボンゴレ

Light yet flavorful, Spaghetti alle Vongole is an Italian clam pasta infused with garlic...
Mug cups containing kabocha soup served on a wooden tray.

Kabocha Soup (Video) かぼちゃスープ

Kabocha Squash Soup recipe with a few simple ingredients is a delicious and creamy...
A white plate containing Classic Mentaiko Pasta.

Classic Mentaiko Pasta 明太子パスタ

My easy Japanese Mentaiko Pasta recipe, tossed in a buttery cream sauce and mixed...
Sous Vide Steak - Japanese Style (Wafu Steak) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Japanese-Style Sous Vide Steaks 和風ステーキ

Perfectly cooked medium rare sous vide steak with a hint of garlic, served wafu...
A ebi katsu burger (shrimp cutlet burger) on the mini cutting board.

Ebi Katsu Burger (Shrimp Cutlet Burger) 海老カツバーガー

Japanese Ebi Katsu Burger or Shrimp Cutlet Burger is succulent baked shrimp in a...
Japanese curry served with rice.

Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry カレーライス (圧力鍋)

Dinner is solved on a busy weeknight with this easy and delicious Pressure Cooker Japanese...
A white gratin dish containing Seafood Doria (Rice Gratin).

Seafood Doria (Rice Gratin) (Video) シーフードドリア

Seafood Doria is a popular Japanese yoshoku dish. This rice gratin features your choice...
Croquette Sandwich | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Croquette Sandwich コロッケサンド

Croquette Sandwich is a popular “sando“ in Japanese bakeries that you can make at...
Baked Croquette | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Baked Croquette 揚げないコロッケ

Japanese baked croquette piping hot mashed potato mixed with juicy meat wrapped around a...
An oval dish containing Hawaiian dish called Loco Moco, consisting of hamburger steak, beef gravy, and fried egg over the steamed rice.

Loco Moco (Video) ロコモコ

A classic Hawaiian dish, Loco Moco consists of steamed rice topped with juicy hamburger...
A casserole containing Curry Doria (Japanese Rice Gratin).

Curry Doria (Rice Gratin) (Video) カレードリア

Japanese rice gratin with delicious curry meat sauce on top of rice and topped...
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