Classic Yoshoku

Find your favorite classic yoshoku recipes (Japanese-style western cuisine), featuring omurice, Japanese curry, ketchup spaghetti, wafu hamburger and more.

A casserole containing Curry Doria (Japanese Rice Gratin).
A casserole containing Curry Doria (Japanese Rice Gratin).

Curry Doria (Rice Gratin) (Video) カレードリア

Japanese rice gratin with delicious curry meat sauce on top of rice and topped...
Simple, tasty, and easy-to-follow Japanese Hamburger Steak (Wafu Hambagu) recipe. Easy Japanese Recipes at

Wafu Hambagu (Video) 和風ハンバーグ

Wafu Hambagu are comforting and delicious Japanese hamburger steaks pan-seared until juicy and braised...
A white oval bowl containing Katsu Curry garnished with Fukujinzuke.

Katsu Curry カツカレー

Enjoy rich and flavorful Japanese curry served with chicken katsu or tonkatsu over rice,...
A white plate containing ume shiso pasta.

Ume Shiso Pasta 梅しそパスタ

If you enjoy Japanese-style (wafu) pasta, you‘ll love this Ume Shiso Pasta where simple...
Saikoro Steak | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Garlic Saikoro Steak (Video) サイコロステーキ

Garlic Saikoro Steak is tender beef cubes cooked in garlic-infused oil and topped with...
A white plate containing Ebi Fry served with tartar sauce.

Ebi Fry (Japanese Fried Shrimp) エビフライ

Succulent shrimp coated with Panko breadcrumbs and fried till golden, Ebi Fry is a...
An oval plate containing Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) drizzled with Japanese ketchup.

Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice) オムライス

Learn to make a classic-style Japanese rice omelette called Omurice with a creamy and...
Korokke on a white plate.

Korokke (Potato & Meat Croquette) コロッケ

Popular Japanese potato and meat croquettes called Korokke are breaded and deep-fried for a...
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