Condiment + Sauce

Learn how to make homemade salad dressings, condiments and sauces that taste way much better than storebought ones. Don’t miss our popular homemade teriyaki sauce, tartar sauceJapanese mayo, ponzu sauce, and more.

Unagi sauce in a glass bottle.
Unagi sauce in a glass bottle.

Homemade Eel Sauce (Unagi Sauce) ウナギのたれ

Sweet, savory, and full of flavor, this delicious Homemade Unagi Sauce is the dream...
Homemade Japanese rice seasoning, Furikake, in a Japanese blue and white ceramic bowl.

Homemade Furikake (Japanese Rice Seasoning) 自家製ふりかけ

Homemade furikake is rice seasoning made with leftover kombu and katsuobushi from making dashi....
Homemade miso is in the making; soybeans, salt, and koji mixture in a glass jar.

How to Make Miso 手作り味噌の作り方

Make Homemade Miso from scratch with just 4 ingredients and a little patience. My...
Demi Glace デミグラスソース | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Demi Glace デミグラスソース

Learn how to make a rich, velvety demi-glace sauce with this fool-proof recipe! The shortcut...
A glass jar containing homemade all purpose miso sauce.

All Purpose Miso Sauce 味噌だれ

This All-Purpose Miso Sauce makes simple glazes, marinades, dressings, or dipping sauces for protein,...
A mason jar filled with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce.

Teriyaki Sauce 照り焼きのたれ

Savory and versatile, Teriyaki Sauce is now the mainstay seasoning outside of Japan. Learn...
A mason jar containing homemade Japanese mayonnaise (kewpie mayo).

How to Make Japanese Mayonnaise (Kewpie Mayo) マヨネーズ

Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpie mayo) has a rich egg flavor, is creamier in both color...
A Japanese ceramic containing Homemade Ponzu Sauce. It's on a tray along with all the ingredients used for the sauce.

Homemade Ponzu Sauce (Video) ポン酢

Ponzu is a classic Japanese condiment that is both refreshing and versatile. Enjoy making...
How To Make Custard Cream (Pastry Cream) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

How To Make Custard Cream (Pastry Cream) From Scratch カスタードクリームの作り方

Learn how to make homemade custard cream (pastry cream) and use it as a...
Various miso dengaku menus on the table.

Miso Dengaku (Tofu, Eggplant, Daikon & Konnyaku) 味噌田楽

Slathered in sweet & savory miso glaze, Miso Dengaku with tofu, eggplant, daikon, or...
Yuzu marmalade in mason jars.

Yuzu Marmalade 柚子のマーマレード

Homemade sweet, tangy and delightful yuzu marmalade. They are amazing in both hot and...
Yakiniku Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Yakiniku Sauce (Video) 焼肉のタレ

Sweet & flavorful BBQ sauce perfect for dipping thinly sliced of well marbled short...
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