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White bowl containing flavorful oxtail soup served with rustic bread.

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Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry カレーライス (圧力鍋)


Instant Pot Chawanmushi (Video) 茶碗蒸し (圧力鍋)


Instant Pot Short Ribs 牛バラ肉と大根煮 (圧力鍋)


Instant Pot Basics

Perfectly cooked rice served in a rice bowl along with miso soup.

How to Make Japanese Rice in an Instant Pot

Here's an easy, fail-proof method to cook perfectly plump and shiny Japanese steamed rice...
Rice bowls containing perfectly cooked short grain brown rice.

Instant Pot Brown Rice 玄米の炊き方

Follow my tips to make perfectly cooked Instant Pot Brown Rice. With a pressure...
Black ceramic bowls containing Japanese Mixed Rice (Takikomi Gohan).

Instant Pot Takikomi Gohan (Video) 炊き込みご飯(圧力鍋)

This Instant Pot Takikomi Gohan is Japanese mixed rice with chicken and vegetable pressure...
White bowl containing flavorful oxtail soup served with rustic bread.

Pressure Cooker Oxtail Soup

Using a pressure cooker, this hearty and flavorful tomato-based Oxtail Soup (Hong Kong Style...
A plate containing Japanese seafood curry made with pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker Japanese Seafood Curry シーフードカレー (圧力鍋)

If you love Japanese curry, it's time to try Japanese Seafood Curry packed with...
Spaghetti Bolognese on a white plate next to the Instant Pot.

Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese スパゲッティーボロネーゼ (圧力鍋)

Easy and quick homemade Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese, this delicious recipe is made all...
Slow Cooker Sriracha Chili Chicken Wings | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Slow Cooker Sriracha Chili Chicken Wings

These sticky, sweet, and spicy Sriracha Chili Chicken Wings are perfect as party appetizers...
Pressure Cooker Instant Pot Nikujaga (Japanese Meat and Potato Stew) in a white bowl.

Pressure Cooker Nikujaga (Video) 肉じゃが (圧力鍋)

Nikujaga is the classic Japanese mom's home cooked dish deliciously prepared using a pressure...
Japanese curry served with rice.

Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry カレーライス (圧力鍋)

Dinner is solved on a busy weeknight with this easy yet delicious Pressure Cooker Japanese...
Two bowls containing fine and chunky sweet red bean paste (anko).

Pressure Cooker Anko (Red Bean Paste) 粒あん・こしあん (圧力鍋)

Delicious and easy anko recipe (red bean paste) prepared in a pressure cooker just...
Pressure cooker kakuni (Instant Pot Japanese Pork Belly) served over rice along with eggs and greens in donburi bowl.

Pressure Cooker Pork Belly (Kakuni) 角煮 (圧力鍋)

Make delicious melt in your mouth pressure cooker pork belly, the Japanese name for...
A plate containing slow cooker chicken wings along with daikon and eggs.

Slow Cooker Chicken Wings (Video) 鶏手羽と大根の煮物

Delicious chicken wing cooked in a savory soy sauce dashi with daikon, the slow...
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