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A black bowl containing Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles.
A black bowl containing Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles.

Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles 黒胡麻担々麺

Black Sesame Dan Dan Noodles or Kurogoma Tan Tan Men is a Japanese take...
Gyoza with Wings called Hanetsuki Gyoza (#羽根つき餃子) is a Japanese dumpling with flavorful and juicy filling and fried to crispy perfection!

Gyoza with Wings (Hanetsuki Gyoza) 羽根つき餃子

Gyoza with Wings (or Hanetsuki Gyoza) are juicy, crisp Japanese dumplings that are pan-fried...
A white bowl containing cold curry udon with sliced pork, boiled egg, and fresh vegetables.

Cold Curry Udon 冷やしカレーうどん

Cold Curry Udon is a refreshing summer meal of thick Japanese wheat noodles in...
A donburi bowl containing crispy tonkatsu over rice topped with tonkatsu sauce.

Crispy Tonkatsu Donburi クリスピーとんかつ丼ぶり

Breaded pork loin deep-fried to perfection and place on a bed of steamed rice,...
A bowl containing Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry over steamed rice.

Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry 豚肉とナスの味噌炒め

Miso Pork and Eggplant Stir-Fry is a delicious and easy weeknight meal of tender...
A white bowl containing Okinawa Soba and delicious Japanese dashi and pork broth, topped braised pork belly, fish cakes, green onion, and red pickled ginger.

Okinawa Soba 沖縄そば

This classic Okinawan Soba noodle soup is a comforting bowl of chewy noodles in...
A blue plate containing 2 slices of Rafute (Okinawan Braised Pork Belly) garnished with julienned ginger.

Rafute (Okinawan Braised Pork Belly) ラフテー

Exceptionally juicy and tender, this classic Okinawan Braised Pork Belly called Rafute (ラフテー) is...
DIY Thinly Sliced Meat

How to Slice Meat Thinly

Thinly sliced beef or pork is a key ingredient for many delicious Japanese recipes....
A white plate containing thinly sliced Miso Ginger Pork served with shredded cabbage, sliced cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes.

Miso Ginger Pork 味噌生姜焼き

With umami-rich miso, savory soy sauce, spicy ginger, and a hint of sweet mirin,...
Japanese Pork Roast sliced on the cutting board.

Japanese Pork Roast 和風ローストポーク

Easy and simple Japanese Pork Roast with signature Japanese seasonings and caramelized vegetable gravy...
A wooden soup bowl containing miso soup.

Miso Soup with Yuzu Kosho (Video) 柚子胡椒入り味噌汁

Cozy up with a piping hot bowl of hearty Miso Soup with Yuzu Koshi...
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