Nothing beats a homemade soup stock! Learn how to make different types of soup stocks with these easy recipes, which include chicken stock, Japanese soup stocks and more.

A mason jar containing Homemade Mentsuyu (Tsuyu) / Japanese Soup Base for Noodles.
A mason jar containing Homemade Mentsuyu (Tsuyu) / Japanese Soup Base for Noodles.

Homemade Mentsuyu (Noodle Soup Base) めんつゆ

Homemade Mentsuyu recipe with sake, mirin, soy sauce, and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes). Mentsuyu...
Katsuo Dashi (Bonito Stock) in a jar.

Katsuo Dashi (Bonito Stock) かつおだし

Learn how to make Katsuo Dashi, Japanese soup stock made from dried bonito flakes....
Homemade Japanese rice seasoning, Furikake, in a Japanese blue and white ceramic bowl.

Homemade Furikake (Japanese Rice Seasoning) 自家製ふりかけ

Homemade furikake is rice seasoning made with leftover kombu and katsuobushi from making dashi....
Demi Glace デミグラスソース | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Demi Glace デミグラスソース

Learn how to make a rich, velvety demi-glace sauce with this fool-proof recipe! The shortcut...
Piping hot oxtail broth in a Japanese bowl topped with green onions.

Pressure Cooker Oxtail Broth 牛テールスープ (圧力鍋)

Pressure Cooker Oxtail Broth is richly flavored and packed with nutrients - a perfect...
Mason jars containing Homemade Chicken Stock.

Homemade Chicken Stock

Homemade chicken stock/broth slowly cooked with ginger, green onion, and garlic. The stock...
Dashi made from Dashi Powder.

Dashi Powder + Recipe (Video)

Simply sprinkle the Dashi Powder over the food while cooking or add it to...
Dashi made from Dashi Packet.

Dashi Packet + Recipe (Video)

Dashi Packet (だしパック) is very convenient when you want to make dashi quickly for...
How To Make Dashi 3 Ways | Easy Japanese Recipes at

3 Ways To Make Dashi (Video)

You can easily make dashi (Japanese stock) for Japanese dishes at home and I'll...
Iriko Dashi - Japanese Baby Anchovy Soup Stock in the bottle.

Iriko Dashi (Anchovy Stock) (Video) いりこだし・煮干しだし

Learn how to make Iriko Dashi (Niboshi Dashi), a Japanese anchovy stock made by...
Dried shiitake mushrooms and shiitake dashi.

Shiitake Dashi (Video) 干し椎茸の戻し汁

Learn how to make flavorful and intense shiitake dashi, vegan-friendly Japanese soup stock. It's...
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