From Spicy Tuna, California Roll to Temaki Sushi, you can find your favorite sushi and sashimi recipes (complete with detailed instructions) here.

A ceramic bowl containing freshly made Pickled Sushi Ginger (Gari).
A ceramic bowl containing freshly made Pickled Sushi Ginger (Gari).

Pickled Sushi Ginger (Gari) (Video) 新生姜の甘酢漬け

Pickled Sushi Ginger, known as “Gari“ in Japanese, is perfect for cleansing the palate...
A ceramic bowl containing miso marinated hamachi served on bed of steamed rice along with shiso, scallion, and sushi ginger.

Miso-Marinated Hamachi Bowl ハマチ漬け丼

Miso-Marinated Hamachi Bowl is a simple yet elegant meal. Learn how to defrost the...
A black bowl containing a bed of rice topped with sashimi grade salmon, ikura, and shredded nori.

Salmon Sashimi Bowl (Donburi) 鮭いくら丼

Light and refreshing, this recipe for Salmon Sashimi Bowl (Donburi) with Ikura is easy...
A white plate containing a Dragon Roll.

Dragon Roll Recipe ドラゴンロール

Learn how to make your all-time favorite Dragon Rolls at home! I'll show you...
Futomaki (Maki Sushi) on a long white plate.

Futomaki 太巻き (Maki Sushi)

Futomaki or Maki Sushi is a traditional thick sushi roll with colorful ingredients that‘s...
Mackerel Pressed Sushi (Saba Oshizushi) and sushi ginger are on the bamboo sushi tray.

Mackerel Pressed Sushi (Saba Oshizushi) 鯖押し寿司

Learn to make delicious and beautiful Mackerel Pressed Sushi (Saba Oshizushi) at home with...
Spicy Tuna served in a bowl with scallion on top.

Spicy Tuna 簡単スパイシーツナ

Turn up the heat in your sashimi with my quick Spicy Tuna recipe for...
A Japanese bowl containing avocado and negitoro (fatty tuna) on top of steamed rice.

Avocado & Negitoro Donburi  アボカドネギトロ丼

Avocado & Negitoro Donburi is delicious Japanese tuna sashimi in a rice bowl that‘s...
A red platter containing California roll with ikura on top.

California Roll カリフォルニアロール

Easy California roll recipe with fresh avocado, crab meat, and Japanese mayo. Make this...
spicy tuna roll garnish with sesame seeds and topped with spicy mayo served on a dish

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Make these fiery Spicy Tuna Roll with sashimi-grade tuna tossed in a sesame sriracha...
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