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Nagoya Castle, Science Museum, and Noritake Garden

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    Join us on a tour of historic Nagoya Castle, intriguing Nagoya City Science Museum, and enjoy the beautiful artistry at Noritake Garden.

    Nagoya Travel Guide - Part 2 (Nagoya Castle, Science Museum, and Noritake Garden) |

    Are you ready for Day 2 of Nagoya (Read Day 1 here)? On today’s tour, we’ll take you to very different experiences, from the beautiful and exquisite Nagoya Castle and Honmaru Palace, to hands-on experiments and planetarium at Nagoya City Science Museum, and finally the peaceful garden and art at Noritake Garden.

    Things to Do in Nagoya – Day 2

    Nagoya Castle 名古屋城

    My family loves visiting Japanese castles. During our travels around Japan, we always try to visit if there is a castle in town. During our stay in Nagoya, we visited the Nagoya Castle with the family to learn about its history.

    Nagoya Castle was originally built in 1609 by the powerful shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and the neighboring Honmaru Palace (本丸御殿) was built in 1612. Unfortunately, most of the castle was destroyed by air raids in World War II and the current concrete replica was built by the city in 1959. Until the Meiji era, the Owari lineage of the Tokugawa family had resided in the castle.

    Nagoya Castle | Just One Cookbook

    nagoya castle-9814

    nagoya castle-9823

    nagoya castle-9828

    Deep moats next to the castle wall.

    nagoya castle-9832

    Giant rocks!

    nagoya castle-9833

    Next to the castle is the Honmaru Palace (本丸御殿), currently going through a 9 year (2009-2018) complete reconstruction project. The construction is being done in 3 stages, and we visited right when the second stage was completed.

    The Honmaru palace was built as the residence and government offices for the first lord of Owari Province. The reconstruction project is being completed using traditional materials and techniques.

    nagoya castle-9836

    nagoya castle-9838

    A picture of the palace and the castle prior to them being destroyed.

    nagoya castle-9840

    The artworks and the details that went into recreating the palace were simply breathtaking.

    nagoya castle-9847

    All the work were completed based on historical pictures and archives of the original palace.

    nagoya castle-9854

    Walking through the grand palace, I imagined the lords back in the days must have had an amazing life.

    nagoya castle-9858

    nagoya castle-9859

    nagoya castle-9865

    nagoya castle-9868

    After touring the palace, you then head over to Nagoya Castle.

    nagoya castle-9872

    The current castle is a rebuild made from concrete, 8 floors in total.

    nagoya castle-9873

    The creature that is associated with the castle is called Kinshachi (金鯱) – imaginary sea animal with tiger’s head and fish body.

    nagoya castle-9875

    The exhibitions on the 2nd floor included models of the castle and the city during Edo period.

    nagoya castle-9876

    A visual model of the Hommaru Palace structure.

    nagoya castle-9879

    nagoya castle-9881

    More models of Hommaru Palace. The current rebuild is constructed on the previous palace location.

    nagoya castle-9884

    Art works that were saved prior to the fire that burnt down Nagoya Castle on display.

    nagoya castle-9887

    The 3rd floor had reproduction of castle and life in town during the 1600’s.

    nagoya castle-9888

    nagoya castle-9890

    nagoya castle-9892

    Fancy carriage used for carrying lords and ladies around.

    nagoya castle-9894

    The fourth floor contained armor and swords collections on display.

    nagoya castle-9896

    nagoya castle-9898

    On the fifth floor, detailed history of Nagoya Castle, stone pull exhibit, and a full-scale replica of Kinshachi for visitors to experience and enjoy.

    nagoya castle-9908

    nagoya castle-9919

    nagoya castle-9923

    nagoya castle-9905

    View of the city from the top floor observation room.

    Nagoya City Science Museum 名古屋市科学館

    After learning about the history of Nagoya City and Castle, let’s fast forward into the future and head to Nagoya City Science Museum. My children had an absolute blast at the museum as many exhibits are hands-on and allow them to touch and experiment.

    nagoya city science museum-0101

    nagoya city science museum-0105

    What’s the large circle on the building? It’s the world’s biggest planetarium!

    nagoya city science museum-0001

    nagoya city science museum-0009

    Shadow exhibit, allowing children to use different objects to cast interesting shadows and shape. The TV monitor on the right allowed the visitors to see what’s on the other side.

    nagoya city science museum-0013

    nagoya city science museum-0015

    nagoya city science museum-0017

    nagoya city science museum-0021

    Human hamster wheel!

    nagoya city science museum-0031

    Do the flowers look like they are moving to you?

    nagoya city science museum-0035

    Each floor is divided into 2 sections, here is part of the 2nd floor on discovering the earth.

    nagoya city science museum-0040

    nagoya city science museum-0046

    nagoya city science museum-0050

    nagoya city science museum-0053


    nagoya city science museum-0056

    3rd floor exhibits on mechanics and technology.

    nagoya city science museum-0059

    How the rice cooker works!

    nagoya city science museum-0064

    Replica model of the city.

    nagoya city science museum-0065

    nagoya city science museum-0067

    nagoya city science museum-0069

    The 4th floor had exhibits on principles of nature.

    nagoya city science museum-0076

    nagoya city science museum-0078

    Experience deep freezing lab and what life is like in the polar region (for a fee).

    nagoya city science museum-0079

    Live view of the deep freezing lab.

    nagoya city science museum-0081

    The bottom part of the sphere is an amazing area dedicated to space.

    nagoya city science museum-0084

    nagoya city science museum-0085

    Video playing what’s it like to view earth from the international space station.

    nagoya city science museum-0089

    nagoya city science museum-0091

    nagoya city science museum-0096

    Inside the planetarium, the projector is at the center of the room. The entire show was done in Japanese and the story is not easy for foreign speakers to follow. I recommend skipping if you don’t speak Japanese fluently.

    nagoya city science museum-0097

    nagoya city science museum-0099

    nagoya city science museum-0107

    nagoya city science museum-0110

    Noritake Garden ノリタケの森

    It was difficult dragging our children away from the museum, however the trip must go on. After immersing ourselves with science and technology, it’s about time to enjoy some art. We visited the beautiful Noritake Garden and watched artists work on beautiful pottery and plates.

    nagoya noritake museum-9928

    nagoya noritake museum-9936

    The garden is located in the center of the city, made up of a large park on the north side and the welcome center, craft center and museum, and cafe on the southern part.

    nagoya noritake museum-9949

    The red brick buildings that were in operation from 1904 through 1975.

    nagoya noritake museum-9954

    nagoya noritake museum-9955

    In the welcome center, which is free, you learn about the history of Noritake Company and its founders.

    nagoya noritake museum-9957

    nagoya noritake museum-9960

    nagoya noritake museum-9961

    nagoya noritake museum-9964

    nagoya noritake museum-9967

    nagoya noritake museum-9970

    nagoya noritake museum-9974

    Detailed model of how the modern day kiln works.

    nagoya noritake museum-9976

    In the craft center and museum, there is a fee to enter. In the first two floors, there are craftsmen working on projects showing you hand painting techniques in their workstations. There are painting workshops where you can paint your own designs on plates and cups.

    The top two floors are the museum with beautiful collections from the past 100 years. No pictures were allowed in the building at all. It was amazing seeing the detail hand painting work the artists were creating right in front of us. If you can appreciate details and fine art, I high recommend visiting the museum. The pieces and set on display are simply marvelous, each one requiring super detailed work and creativity to make.

    nagoya noritake museum-9978

    Collections of dinnerware you can purchase in the gift shop. I have to warn you, they are really expensive. A single cup and sauce is around 6,000 yen.

    nagoya noritake museum-9980

    nagoya noritake museum-9983

    nagoya noritake museum-9927

    Getting around Nagoya

    It was not as easy getting around Nagoya as some of the other Japanese cities we’ve been for sightseeing. There is a Nagoya Me-guru loop bus that goes to some of the popular tourist destinations; however, it does not operate on Mondays and the entire loop takes 1.5 hrs. The bus also stops running at 6:15 pm. Many of the tourist destinations require 3-4 hours to fully enjoy and waiting for the bus to come around isn’t the best use of the short time there.

    We did use the Me-guru bus from the Castle to the Garden and back to Nagoya station, for the rest of our destinations we took the subway or used taxi to save time.

    Nagoya Meguru Routes

    Have you been to Nagoya? If so, where was your favorite place that you visited? Please let me know in the comment below so I can visit next time I’m in this beautiful and intriguing city!

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