‘Tofu Ryouri: Simple Japanese Tofu Recipes Cookbook’ Giveaway (Worldwide) (Closed)

  • Are you looking to cook healthier at home? I’ve partnered with a good friend Pat Tokuyama from All Day I Eat to give away his new e-cookbook titled ‘Tofu Ryouri: Simple Japanese Tofu Recipes to Cook Healthier at Home‘ to 10 winners worldwide!

    tofu ryiori japanese tofu recipes cookbook cover

    If you appreciate Japanese food with a healthy approach in mind, you’d enjoy this book by my friend Pat Tokuyama from All Day I Eat. ‘Tofu Ryouri’ is a collection of both traditional and contemporary Japanese tofu recipes. This book was created to help both seasoned and aspiring home cooks to improve their cooking skills, learn about Japanese cuisine, eat more healthy and more sustainably.

    The best part? Transporting yourself to Japan, without ever leaving the comfort of your kitchen! Just imagine, all the delicate and delicious aromas and flavors Japanese food is known for.

    This e-book is open to everyone worldwide, so don’t forget to ENTER!

    Japanese mapo tofu recipe

    What You’ll Love About ‘Tofu Ryouri: Simple Japanese Tofu Recipes to Cook Healthier at Home’ 

    This tofu cookbook features over 30 recipes, tried and tested by a second-generation Japanese-American with a passion for food and teaching. The majority of the recipes take 30 minutes or less to complete, with exceptions such as gyoza taking a little longer. (think about all those gyoza skins to fill, or better, that you’ll get to eat!)

    The e-book is available in Kindle format on Amazon. You can also watch the trailer here:

    ????Tofu Ryouri – Simple Japanese tofu recipes to cook healthier at home (BOOK TRAILER)

    Tofu Ryouri is a new e-cookbook that features over 30 Japanese tofu recipes to help you discover new ways to cook with tofu.

    tofu nira recipe on tofu ryiori cookbook

    About Pat Tokuyama

    Pat’s journey started when he sprained his ankle after surfing and was unable to walk in the summer of 2016. During this time, he started a food blog ‘All Day I Eat Like a Shark‘ and read a lot of books on the topics of food. 

    Several of these books significantly changed his perspective on and relationship with, food. The biggest changes included eating less meat, eating more organic and in season foods, and cooking on a regular basis. He credits these books for the personal transformation in his eating and cooking habits. 

    Though he knew it in his heart, he realized the power books can have on one’s life and wanted to give back in his own unique way. Given one of his favorite cuisines was Japanese and within that, tofu – an idea for this cookbook was soon born. With the hope that this endeavor will help you improve your diet, enjoy the food you eat, while also learning about Japanese culture, cuisine, and leading a healthier and longer life.

    tosayaki recipe on Tofu Ryiori cookbook


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    This giveaway contest closes on Friday, November 2, at 12 p.m. PST and is open to everyone WORLDWIDE. 

    Ten (10) winners will be selected via Random.org and contacted via email, so please include a valid email address in the email address entry box (please double check your spelling!).

    The winners are required to respond within 36 hours to claim the prize.


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    Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Pat Tokuyama from All Day I Eat

    Thank you for participating this giveaway!  The winners are…

    1. Carolyn
    2. Chuah Yi Ning
    3. Emilye
    4. Lola
    5. Melanie Gibson
    6. Raven
    7. Jill P.
    8. Crystal Z.
    9. Amanda
    10. Julue Chee

    I’ll email you shortly.

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