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Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook Giveaway (Worldwide) (Closed)

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    Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook Giveaway

    If you find your self looking for creative ways to enjoy sushi without fish involved, I have a great cookbook to give away.

    Today I’m partnering with Tuttle Publishing to give away two (2) copies of Vegetarian Sushi Secrets by Marisa Baggett.  This giveaway contest is open to everyone worldwide.

    Vegetarian Sushi Secrets Cookbook Giveaway

    Everybody loves sushi. Now vegetarians can fully enjoy it too!

    American sushi expert Marisa Baggett has been working passionately for years to perfect sushi recipes that take full advantage of the freshest garden vegetables, herbs, tofu, mushrooms and spices available at your local farmer’s market or co-op. Her innovative use of sustainable ingredients like fresh asparagus, apple, daikon radish, basil, tomatoes, beets, corn, shiitake mushrooms and cucumbers set her sushi recipes apart from all others you may have seen.

    This vegetarian cookbook offers completely new ways for localvores to enjoy their community supported agriculture and market vegetables with sushi rice. This is the ultimate farm-to-table book with creative Asian flair! Marisa not only shows you how to make the usual thick and thin rolls but other types of sushi that are just as delicious—and even easier to make!

    These recipes are about combining delicious rice with tantalizing pairings you might not have tried or thought of before, such as:

    • Apple & daikon radish
    • Cucumber & peanut
    • Spicy carrot & tomato
    • Pomegranate & basil
    • Ginger & beet
    • Summer corn & pickled okra
    • Sweet potato & shiitake mushrooms
    • Strawberry & rhubarb

    All of Marisa’s sushi recipes are extra simple to make. For example, her Tempura Avocado Hand Rolls are a snap to put together—even if you’ve never made sushi before!

    Marisa starts by giving surefire recipes for making perfect sushi rice every time. She provides tips on which vegetables work best with sushi rice and how to create your own original combinations. Vegetarian Sushi Secrets is a gem of a Sushi cookbook that shows you how to make foolproof thin rolls, thick rolls, inside-out rolls, hand rolls, bowl rice sushi and many more in no time at all!

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    Tuttle Publishing has amazing collection of books, especially topics extending in Asian and Japanese cultures. You can start checking out their bestsellers if you are looking for new books to read.

    Important Rule for the Giveaway:

    • Your email entry has to match with your email address in my Email Newsletter Subscription mailing list.
    • This giveaway closes on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 12 p.m. PST and is open to participants worldwide (everyone!).
    • Two (2) winners will be selected via and contacted via email, so please include a valid email address in the email address entry box (please double check your spelling!).
    • The winners are required to respond within 72 hours to claim the prize.


    Subscribe to Just One Cookbook Email Newsletter if you haven’t (see the rules above) and write in a comment below on this post what your favorite sushi is.  One entry per person.

    Good luck!

    Full Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Tuttle Publishing.


    Thank you for participating this giveaway! The winners are…

    Vegetarian Sushi Cookbook Winners

    Congratulations Edward (#8) and Chris (#92)! I’ll email you shortly. 🙂

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