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Negi Miso Chicken

Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: miso chicken, pan fried chicken
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Servings: 2
Author: Nami
Tender chicken marinated in negi miso, made with Tokyo Negi roasted in sesame oil, and seasoned with miso, sugar, mirin, sake, and soy sauce. 


  • 1 lb chicken thighs/breasts
  • 1 Tbsp neutral flavor oil (vegetable, canola, etc) (for cooking)

Negi Miso Sauce:


  1. Gather all the ingredients. 

    Chop green part of Tokyo negi into fine rounds.

    Negi Miso Chicken Ingredients
  2. In a large frying pan, heat sesame oil on high and stir fry green onions until wilted.
    Negi Miso Chicken 1
  3. Add miso, sugar, mirin, sake, and soy sauce, and keep stirring. It gets burned easily because of miso so keep stirring while you cook. When the liquid is dehydrated, turn off the heat and set aside to cool down Negi Miso Sauce.
    Negi Miso Chicken 2
  4. Wash chicken and pat dry with paper towel. In a bowl or Ziploc bag, combine the chicken with Negi Miso Sauce and marinate for at least 2-3 hours.
    Negi Miso Chicken 4
  5. In a large frying pan, heat oil on high heat and brown the chicken until bottom side becomes nice golden brown. Flip the chicken and cover to cook until chicken is done. Serve immediately.
    Negi Miso Chicken 5

Recipe Notes

Tokyo negi: You can substitute negi with leeks, green onions, or mix up with both for the similar flavor and texture.

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