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Welcome to Just One Cookbook!

On the site you will find recipes for many of the most popular Japanese dishes, as well as a number of traditional Japanese recipes that you can explore.

To help you on your Japanese cooking journey, each recipe has a detailed description and step-by-step instructions with pictures.  Many of our recipes include a video tutorial, so you can watch the entire process before you get started. You can also find ingredient page and how-to advice that break down different tools and techniques that guide you along the way. Let’s start cooking Japanese food together!

Just One Cookbook (JOC) was created by Namiko Hirasawa Chen (Nami) in 2011 as a blog to keep track of her recipes and to share them with her friends who wanted to learn Japanese cooking.

The name Just One Cookbook came from her passion to create just one cookbook of her favorite family recipes, so she could pass them on to her children one day.  She always believed having good food on the table brought family closer together.

Nami learned cooking at a young age from her mother who prepared home cooked meals daily.  She was in the kitchen with her mom almost every evening, learning how to prepare ingredients and master techniques specific to each dish.  As was custom for her generation, Nami’s mother cooked from instinct and heart – never writing recipes down. After moving to the US, Nami found she no longer had access to the wide variety of Japanese foods she grew up with. With a desire to record and share her family’s recipes and her vast knowledge of Japanese cooking, Nami created Just One Cookbook.

As Just One Cookbook continues to evolve, the website is not only just the one-stop-shop for every home cook who wants to create delicious, authentic Japanese food,  you’ll also get a peek into Japan itself through culture guides and food-focused travel guides around the country.

Whether you’re passionate about Japanese cuisine or simply looking to expand your skills in the kitchen and try something new, you will find Just One Cookbook to be a fascinating and reliable window into Japanese cooking and culture.

Just One Cookbook has been nominated as a finalist for 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards in Best Food Video category.