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Want to improve your cooking skills? Here you’ll find helpful guides for beginners. Learn how to cook & store rice, how to wrap wontons, how to thinly slice meat etc. You’ll find our comprehensive resource on How-To and cooking tips & techniques that will make you a confident cook in Japanese cuisine.

How to Deep Fry

Basic Japanese Cooking Tips

Occasionally skim the scum and foam in the shabu shabu hot pot.

How To Skim Off the Scum and Fat from Soups and Stocks (灰汁取り)

Glass airtight containers with steamed rice in them.

How to Store Cooked Rice

Otoshibuta | Easy Japanese Recipes at

What is Otoshibuta (Drop Lid) and How to Make It 落し蓋

DIY Thinly Sliced Meat

How to Slice Meat Thinly

A white plate containing a Dragon Roll.

Best Sushi Recipes to Make At Home (How to Guide)

Learn how to make your favorite sushi at home! Find sushi recipes including California...
Step by step instructions on how to cut half a salmon into thin Japanese-style fillets.

How to Cut Salmon into Japanese-Style Fillets

Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to cut a side of salmon into thin...
A plastic bag containing yuzu zest.

How to Store Yuzu Zest (Don’t Discard the Peel!)

Yuzu is a precious fruit especially when you live outside of Japan as they...
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