White plates containing strawberry mochi cut in half.

Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) いちご大福

All-Purpose Miso Meat Sauce (Niku Miso) over steamed rice.

All-Purpose Miso Meat Sauce (Niku Miso) 肉味噌

An oval Japanese plate containing Japanese rolled omelette, Tamagoyaki, placed over a bamboo leaf.

3-Ingredient Simple Tamagoyaki (Video) 玉子焼き

A white plate containing chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage with sesame dressing.

Best Katsu Recipes: The Crunchy Japanese Cutlets You Want to Make Right Now

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Round ceramic plates containing six pieces of California rolls over a bamboo leaf along with sushi ginger.

California Roll カリフォルニアロール

Learn how to make popular California Rolls at home filled with sushi rice, crabmeat,…
A bowl containing steamed rice, raw egg, sprinkled katsuobushi, and a drizzle of soy sauce.

Tamago Kake Gohan (TKG) 卵かけご飯

Tamago Kake Gohan is a steaming bowl of hot rice topped with raw egg…
A ceramic bowl containing the Japanese potato salad.

Japanese Potato Salad (Video) ポテトサラダ

A home-cooked classic for over 100 years, Japanese Potato Salad features colorful fresh vegetables,…
A donburi rice bowl containing gyudon, simmered beef and onions over steamed rice.

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Japanese miso soup bowls containing tofu and wakame miso soup.

Homemade Miso Soup (Video) 味噌汁

A plate containing Teriyaki Salmon served with steamed rice and miso soup.

Teriyaki Salmon (Video) 鮭の照り焼き

A white ceramic plate containing Okonomiyaki, a savory Japanese cabbage pancake topped with okonomi sauce, Kewpie mayo, and bonito flakes.

Okonomiyaki Recipe (Video) お好み焼き

A ceramic bowl containing Japanese Chicken Curry along with steamed rice and fukujinzuke pickles.

Japanese Chicken Curry (Video) チキンカレー

Pressure cooker kakuni (Instant Pot Japanese Pork Belly) served over rice along with eggs and greens in donburi bowl.

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