Japanese Grocery Stores around the World

  • Welcome to the ultimate list of Japanese & Asian grocery stores around the world where you can purchase Japanese ingredients! 

    The ultimate list of Japanese and Asian grocery stores around the world

    The list of these grocery stores is provided by local Just One Cookbook readers. They can be Japanese grocers, other Asian grocers, local major supermarkets or online stores, but please note that not every store carries a comprehensive range of Japanese products or fresh ingredients. We try to provide the website link if they have one.

    Before you make a trip to any of the stores, it’s best to do quick research for updated information. You can also look online or check their Facebook page for more information.

    Thank you so much for contributing to this great list in advance!  If your local store is not shown below, please leave a comment on this post with the name (website if you know), city, and country. Your contribution is much appreciated. Thank you!

    * If you want to know the best Japanese restaurants around the world, please click here.

    fresh produce at japanese grocery store

    Note: We’re constantly updating the list when we get a chance. Please let us know if you see any store that is no longer in business. Any comments without our response mean that we haven’t got around to update the directory, but we’ll get there:) Thanks for your patience! 

    Online Shops

    Please click here to check out the list.


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