Browse delicious appetizer recipe ideas on Just One Cookbook. Here you’ll find popular Japanese appetizers like edamame, chicken karaage, gyoza, teriyaki wingsJapanese pickled cucumber and much more.

Japanese Salted Chicken Wings (Teba Shio) on the Japanese plate.

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Agedashi Tofu (Video) 揚げ出し豆腐


Gyoza (Japanese Potstickers) (Video) 餃子

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) on a Japanese plate, served with Japanese mayo.

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) (Video) 唐揚げ

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A ceramic bowl containing Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams.

Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams (Video) あさりの酒蒸し

Japanese Sake-Steamed Clams made in 10 minutes with just 5 ingredients! Expect minimal fuss...
A plate containing chicken nanban in skewers.

Chicken Nanban (Fried Chicken with Soy Vinegar Dressing) 鶏肉の南蛮漬け

Inspired by Portuguese food, Chicken Nanban is fusion cuisine at its finest and tender...
Cranberry Brie Bites placed on a wire rack garnished with thyme.

Cranberry Brie Bites

These Cranberry Brie Bites make a deliciously festive addition to your holiday gathering! With...
A blue and white plate containing Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings.

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Chicken wings marinaded in honey, grated apple, garlic, soy sauce,...
A bamboo steamed basket containing pork shumai (steamed pork dumplings).

Pork Shumai (Steamed Pork Dumplings) シュウマイ

Japanese Shumai (Steamed Pork Dumpling) is typically made with ground pork and minced onion,...
Crispy fried chicken wings on a Japanese plate along with a glass of cold beer.

Fried Chicken Wings – Midnight Diner Season 2 手羽先の唐揚げ

Crispy, juicy, golden. These Fried Chicken Wings featured in Netflix® “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories”...
Japanese Salted Chicken Wings (Teba Shio) on the Japanese plate.

Teba Shio (Salted Chicken Wings) 手羽先塩焼き

Teba Shio is a popular dish in Izakaya (Japanese Tapas) restaurants. These broiled...
Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) on a Japanese plate, served with Japanese mayo.

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) (Video) 唐揚げ

Let's make Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), one of the greatest fried chickens in the...
Shrimp Egg Rolls on a serving platter along with Negi Miso Sauce.

Shrimp Egg Rolls 海老の春巻き

Deep-fried to golden brown deliciousness, these Shrimp Egg Rolls are a great appetizer to...
Silky and savory Japanese steamed egg custard Chawanmushi in a cup.

Instant Pot Chawanmushi (Video) 茶碗蒸し (圧力鍋)

Steamed in a dashi-based sauce, this Instant Pot Chawanmushi is a savory Japanese egg...
Ankimo served on a blue plate.

Ankimo あん肝

Known as the foie gras of the sea, Ankimo is a steamed monkfish liver,...
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Gyoza served on a plate.
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