How to Make Otoshibuta (Drop Lid) 落し蓋の作り方

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  • Otoshibuta (Drop Lid)

    What Is the Otoshibuta (Drop Lid)?


    An otoshibuta (落し蓋), or a drop lid, is an essential Japanese kitchen equipment. The round lid is slightly smaller than the diameter of the saucepan you’re using to simmer your meal and floats on top of the simmering foods.

    What Does the Otoshibuta Do?

    1. Even Distribution of Heat

    The otoshibuta ensures that the heat is evenly distributed, allowing the ingredients to cook quickly and evenly as they absorb all the delicious flavors.

    The cooking liquid circulates towards the lid and coats the top of the ingredients, without being stirred with a spoon (which could possibly break them apart).

    2. Prevents Ingredients from Breaking Apart

    The otoshibuta holds the ingredients in place so they don’t’ move around in the liquid and don’t break apart during the simmering process.

    3. Prevents Evaporation

    Using the otoshibuta prevents evaporation, but if you’re cooking with very minimal cooking liquid, you can place a regular lid as well (with otoshibuta inside) to prevent evaporation 100%.

    How to Use the Otoshibuta (Drop Lid)?

    You put otoshibuta directly on top of ingredients.  You do not need to use a regular lid.

    Otoshibuta 1Otoshibuta 2

    Where Can I Buy the Otoshibuta (Drop Lid)?

    How to Make the Otoshibuta at Home

    Otoshibuta is made from wood, but if you don’t have it, you can substitute it with with a sheet of aluminum foil.  Here’s how to make it.

    You will need:

    • aluminum foil
    • 1 chopstick or scissors


    1. Cut a sheet of aluminum foil that covers the diameter of your pot.

    Otoshi-Buta 1

    2. Fold the edges up into a circle so that the lid fit fit inside the pot.

    Otoshi-Buta 2

    3. Make a vent in the middle for a small pot with a chopstick (several vents for a bigger pot).  Or make a cross incision in the center with scissors.

    Otoshi-Buta 3

    4. Place it down onto the simmered foods.

    Otoshi-Buta 4

    Here are some delicious simmered foods that you can use your brand new homemade otoshibuta for!

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