Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

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Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe |

If you are considering to purchase an ice cream maker and asking me for my opinion, I would highly recommend buying one.  As you know, I normally don’t make desserts at home but I have been making many kinds of ice creams and sorbets this summer.  Technically you don’t really need a machine to make ice cream, but if you have children and you want to make some homemade treats for them, the ice cream maker is pretty convenient to have.  This is my first time making blueberry frozen yogurt and it was a hit with my children and their school friends.

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt | Just One Cookbook
The perks about having an ice cream machine is that I get to make “healthier” frozen treats at home using fresh ingredients and it does not take much time at all.  With having fresh baked goods around in the kitchen, I often worry about losing control over eating them and end up eating all the cookies or cake on the same day (or in a few hours!).  However, with frozen treats, I quickly store it at the bottom of freezer so I forget about it most of the day.  Some people worry about eating too much ice cream once you purchase it, but so far it hasn’t happened to me yet.  And I feel good that I’ve been actually making desserts! :-)  Don’t worry about not having an ice cream machine though because you can still enjoy this yummy frozen yogurt without one.

This past weekend, the Bay Area was really warm close to 90F so we enjoyed my frozen stash – 2 kinds of frozen yogurt and Green Tea Ice Cream (the most frequently appeared ice cream flavor in my freezer).  The blueberry frozen yogurt came out really delicious and refreshing by using fresh blueberries.  If your blueberries are not as sweet, then consider adding a little more sugar or honey before churning.

This has been the busiest summer ever for me and I apologize for my slow response to your questions and inquiries (I’ll do my best to catch up soon!).  With my children around all the time and their busy schedule, I rarely have time to do anything else besides spending time with them.  They seemed like they are having a great summer so far and that make me happy as a mom although I feel like I’m a tired zombie all the time.  I am ready for our vacation…which I have been waiting for whole summer.  Have a wonderful Monday!

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt | Just One Cookbook

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Blueberry Frozen Yogurt
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1 Quart
  • 3 cups fresh blueberries
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp. salt
  • 1½ cups whole plain yogurt
  • ½ cup whole milk
  1. Combine the blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, and salt in a medium saucepan.
  2. Heat on medium heat and stir until all of the sugar is completely dissolved.
  3. Then use a potato masher to mash the blueberries. You can use a food processor for this process if you like fine texture, but I love to have some texture so I use this method.
  4. When you are done, remove from heat and let cool for 20 minutes.
  5. Stir in the yogurt and milk until completely incorporated.
  6. Chill the mixture in the refrigerator for several hours (or overnight) until completely cold.
  7. Process the mixture in your ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions (usually about 25 minutes). Transfer the frozen yogurt to an airtight container and freeze it for several hours before serving.
  8. If you do not have an ice cream maker, then transfer the mixture to a container and put it in a freezer. Stir every few hours (3-4 times) to break up the ice crystals until it’s completely frozen.
If you don't have an ice cream maker, check out here.

Adapted from Simply Recipes.


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  1. I just puchased an ice cream maker, and the 1st ice cream i made was your matcha ice cream, my family finished the 1st batch in the same day, now asking me to make 2nd batch, hehehe.. This is another recipe i will try also..Thanks for your kind sharing Nami..

  2. This blueberry frozen yogurt is really a healthy ice cream…….. no egg yolks and heavy cream. I got to make this. Thank you Nami.

  3. How refreshing Nami, the pictures are beautiful. I like trying new homemade Ice cream recipes, they always tastes better than store bought ones. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m with you Nami on the ice cream maker purchase – I love experimenting with my own flavours. And I am very jealous of your very purple blueberries – they remind me of my childhood.Here in Australia blueberries are green in the middle and so the colours are never as intense. Lovely simple recipe.

  5. I have a confession to make..
    I bought an icecream maker months ago and have not used it yet!!
    Every time I see one of your icecream recipes I tell myself I need to give icecream making a go.
    You think the same recipe would work with peaches? we don’t get blueberries here

  6. Corrie

    Don’t show my son this recipe….he will have me making it every other day. Blueberries have been his favourite fruit for as long as I can remember! :-)

  7. you are SO tempting me to buy and icecream maker, Nami! especially this one full of yoghurt and fruit. It really looks delicious, and now the sun has come out too – I have seen three butterflies today, hooray!

  8. Eha

    Well, I do not own an ice cream maker and a purchase is not quite in the offing 😉 ! But this is SO tempting I’ll definitely make it even before summer. Blueberries and yogurt: two of my very favourite things!! And Nami, being happily busy with your lovely children is infinitely more important than answering our post. I think that is a given – do continue to have a wonderful summer holiday!

  9. How gorgeous does this ice cream look? Fantastic!!!
    I love the beautiful color from the blueberries and ice cream is everyone’s favorite.
    Your photos are just stunning, Nami.

  10. Please do not apologize for being busy having fun with your kids. Kids grow up quickly and the more time you spend making frozen blueberry yogurt for them the better. I am sure my adult kids will be thrilled when I make this for them.

  11. Blueberry Bliss. I really am craving something sweet frozen and creamy. I wonder if I can make this with soy yogurt. I know soy yogurt by enlarge is not optimal just required due to dietary restrictions.

  12. Nami I love blueberries and can’t wait to try this when we get home. Unfortunately I don’t have an ice cream machine where we are vacationing although I’m sure I can make
    This without one. However more than that I love your photo. I think it’s time I use something besides a point and shoot. What kind of camera are you using. I love this photo?

  13. Your photos are exquisite Nami! Like how you placed that plant in the background, and great lighting too. And of course, the ice cream looks yummy! I’m so tempted to make them, but I’ll probably use frozen blueberries since fresh are expensive now. Making ice cream’s fun…:-) I still have to finish the one I made last weekend before I can make this. And I want to make green tea too (do your kids eat the green tea one?), and red bean…….maybe I should make mini sized batches :p

    • Oh my kids LOVE green tea! I only give them during daytime in case they won’t sleep at night. This is really authentic taste and I hope you give it a try. I never go back to store bought green tea ice cream EVER…. 😉

  14. I totally agree that making ice creams at home are so much better!! I just need to get my confidence to use my ice cream maker again. I did something wrong last summer and they never really turned into ice cream. Now I’m shy to use it this summer… but I’ve got to overcome my fear. Especially after seeing your ice cream…… I’m being a fool not to make some more ice cream at home this summer. You ice cream is gorgeous!!!

  15. we don’t get blue berries here. but we do have some purple colored berries available in india. even with these local berries, this frozen yogurt recipe would be superb.

  16. This looks so great! I just told my husband last night that I was going to get an ice cream maker soon because my boys like ice cream so much and it would be fun to make our own. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  17. I’ve been enjoying seeing your frozen creations but I really, really need to make your Green Tea ice cream! Then I’ll make this. I’ve been keeping blueberries in stock because there’s so much I want to make with them but hubs and I end up eating them plain instead. :)

    I love the colors of this frozen yogurt and I bet it tastes great!

  18. Candice

    I love blueberry froyo! I’m glad that this recipe doesn’t require an ice cream machine to make. =D Thanks for sharing this recipe, Nami. Have a great week!

  19. I love having a home ice cream maker–the quality is just so much better than storebought. I am bookmarking this, because the blueberries here are looking good. This looks fantastic!

  20. Guess who has an ice cream maker traveling through the mail to her as we speak (or I speak…)!! Me!! You’ve convinced me with all these gogeous frozen recipes. Can’t wait to make this!

  21. I have made tons of ice cream but nothing with yogurt yet, this blueberry one is tempting. And I have to totally agree with you: because it is in the freezer and out of sight I also don’t eat it too often. You are such a great mom!

  22. Nami,
    Blueberry frozen yogurt looks delicious. Also the green tea ice cream looks fabulous too. Will be making both the desserts soon. Thank You!

  23. Nami I love blueberries Ice cream and this look absolutely amazing!! Love it ! I have one recipe but the next time I will make your recipe, look delicious! xx

  24. I’ve never had a blueberry frozen anything. The color is gorgeous! I love to mix fresh blueberries in with my yogurt in the morning so frozen blueberry yogurt sounds perfect!

  25. Nami, your styling is so beautiful and I just love the branch in that second image climbing up the frame – so captivating; gorgeous. I don’t own an ice cream maker but I do love frozen yogurt… can’t seem to get enough and your blueberry variation is a stunner! Thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Ohhh yummm i never knew you could make frozen yoghurt at home and never have i imagined it to be SO easy! I’ve gotta make these soon :) But can we use frozen blueberries as fresh ones are quite expensive here lately 😛

  27. Delicious! Nami, your photos are getting prettier and prettier!

  28. Nami, your blueberry frozen yogurt looks fantastic…and I totally agree with you in regards to having an ice cream maker, very easy and in no time you have a ice dessert.
    Beautiful pictures as always and hope you have a wonderful week ahead :)

  29. I am not much of a ice cream or any frozen treat fan but looking at the color of these blueberry anyone would get tempted! LOVE the second photos .. gorgeous light.

  30. Delicious and light yet still creamy and luscious enough to be a treat in this summer heat. Such a good point about burying it in the freezer. haha! Looks fantastic!

  31. Beautiful ice cream, Nami! Such a nice treat for your kids and their friends! I so remember those tired zombie days…LOL…I think they’ve finally stopped just when my youngest graduated from high school :)

  32. I am a sucker for frozen yogurt and this homemade blueberry frozen yogurt is making me jealous!!! I don’t have an ice cream maker.. I think it’s time to buy one..

  33. I think ice cream maker is a must in a home with small kids. I don’t need one but when ever I see wonderful recipes like these I get the urge to buy one.

  34. Actually, I have been considering getting an ice cream maker, Nami. But I’m afraid if I have one, I would become a fat whale in a month.

  35. Aww, don`t worry! You`re a mom first and I`m sure everyone will understand that~
    Also, I highly agree. My ice cream machine is the 2nd (1st being my stand mixer) kitchen appliance that I use the most!

    This blueberry froze yogurt looks DIVINE. The color is crazy pretty. ♥ I bet this taste better than yogurtland! I must try these soon (which is how I feel all too often when I`m on your blog!). >_<

  36. Love, love, love blueberries and my ice-cream maker which is just like yours except a older model. When I get back to my house from my parents I am getting my ice-cream maker out for this lovely treat!

  37. I keep telling myself to buy an ice cream maker but i haven’t gotten around to it. *sighs*
    Your frozen yogurt looks so refreshing. And i bet i can try different fruits using your recipe and have various frozen yogurt flavors…..droooool!

  38. Jeannie

    I love ice-creams too! And I can’t stop at one scoop! When I buy from the supermart, I usually ended up having 2-3 scoops before I am satisfied….make my own? That would be dangerous! lol! Love the color of this frozen yoghurt of yours, such a royal color indeed! must taste very delicious too!

  39. Nami, with all your incredible achievmenets in the ice-cream field you don’t even have to convince me to buy one. If I had a bigger freezer I would have bought an ice-cream maker a long time ago… This frozen yogurt will be among the first things I will prepare in my ice-cream maker. It sounds a bit like a frozen version of my blueberry cheesecake, but with yogurt and more blueberries too (the colour is extraordinary!).

  40. I love frozen yogurt and blueberry is just the right flavor! I just got my ice cream maker a couple months ago and I totally agree with you – it is such a treat! Can’t wait to try out your recipe! :)

  41. Oh! Frozen yogurt.. yummm and another great berry recipe. I was thinking of doing something with blueberry myself too.. Well you will have to pop over when you are free okay? LOL.. Gosh, I seriously need an ice-cream maker.. then I will be concocting all sorts of cold treat.. Beautiful photos and love that you always provide step by step instruction. I am just lazy, guilty :(. Take care now..xoxo

  42. After looking at your series of ice-creams, I’m really tempted to buy an ice-cream maker too. Too bad my apt is really small, no room for anymore gadgets :< I'll just drool over your recipes & food. Hahaha!

  43. Nami, beautiful photos of a delicious looking treat for family and friends. I love the idea of making a frozen yogurt (with all those yummy and healthy blueberries), it looks and sounds so wonderful and I am sure that my kids will love this! Since I own two ice cream makers, there is no excuse but to make some! Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe!

  44. I’ve been loving all your ice cream concoctions lately! The blueberry flavor looks like it’s positively bursting in this frozen yogurt! Yum.

  45. Your’re enjoying summer to the fullest, Nami! Sesame ice cream, cherries ice cream and now berry yogurt?! I bet your kids are having the best of their time and wishing that summer will never end. I want to join them too:) Still no ice cream machine for us just yet. May be next summer. At least our rice cooker arrived last week…

  46. I asked my husband for years for an ice cream maker for my birthday or Christmas. He thought it would just be another “gadget”. He finally got me one (many years ago) and I’ve been using it like crazy ever since. I love that there are endless variations – this blueberry looks just scrumptious!

  47. I have an ice cream maker Nami and I am using it as often as possible. The only thing I don’t have is these beautiful berries. Oh, well I guess I can use strawberries which I can find very easily here! This frozen yogurt looks simply irresistible!

  48. Love the idea of adding anti-oxidant blueberries to frozen yogurt – it’s simple and a great way to sneak in some fruit into your dessert.

    The photographs are so beautiful – serene and with gorgeous lighting!

  49. Oh. my. goodness. I love this frozen yogurts, and yours is so delicious looking! I can see why it was hit with your kids and their friends, mine would be all over it!
    I am so tempted to make your green tea ice-cream…i will probably do it next weekend because i love the flavor and the aroma.
    anyhow..great job Nami, as always!

  50. donna mikasa

    Oh, this looks soooo good, and healthy, too! We love frozen yogurt and this one looks like a winner! Hope you’re enjoying summer with your family!

  51. Hello Nami! How are you doin’? Sounds like you are having a great time with your kids, and that is good :) and you are going for vacation soon, which makes it even better! I have been busy and not visiting your site as often as I could. But I am glad to be treated “virtual” desserts that look so beautiful as always and so appetizing. Enjoy your vacation and take care.

  52. Hi Nami! Beautiful colored blueberry frozen yogurt;-) I have such a sweet tooth that even frozen treats buried in my freezer are a temptation for me, I’m so bad! Your photos are beautiful and I like this healthier version of frozen yogurt over ice cream anytime;-)

  53. I’m still lacking (and still wanting) an ice-cream maker… sigh :( It’s just not the same if I have to freeze it myself. It looks wonderful though Nami – I’ve always loved frozen yoghurt… so creamy and nice but so much healthier too than regular ice-cream! :)

  54. Nami, what a wonderful frozen treat! You are doing a great job convincing me to buy an ice cream machine! I’m sure it is so worth it! My husband eats ice cream everyday – as in everyday – yet he remains skinny at 145 pounds at 5’8″! I don’t know how he doesn’t gain weight like I do! I’m sure if we have an ice cream maker, he will be the very first one to kiss me (even before my kids who don’t eat very much ice cream!). Anyway, where are you going for vacation?

  55. Nami this is such a beautiful dessert. I think if you have kids an ice cream machine is a definite plus! I like making things myself just to use less sugar, sodium, fat and such. A little control of what goes into our food. i hope you still get a chance to relax and take some time for yourself! Thanks for sharing such good recipes, I really need to pull my ice cream maker out of the freezer! :)

  56. I don’t own an ice cream maker as of now.. but after looking at so many ice cream recipes, I am so tempted to get one!! :)
    Your blueberry frozen yogurt looks perfect!! An exciting way to have blue berries and yogurt ! Love the photos.

  57. Every summer I say I’m going to buy an ice cream maker. Then I remember that I have no space whatsoever for it:( I am loving all of your ice cream and frozen treat recipes. Thanks for sharing:)

  58. I bought an ice cream maker long time ago but have not used once! Now I see your ice cream, I really have to take it out and use. Your blueberry yoghurt ice cream looks so healthy and delicious!! I must bookmark this to make. Thanks very much for sharing.

  59. Great flavor! I agree that a home ice cream maker is such a great investment. Now, I have to go bring it up from the basement and actually use it! Love the back lighting in the photos. Good post – thanks.

  60. You are master of the ice cream. What a color!!! And taste must be a heaven. I have a such a small kitchen, but I have to find some place for one more tool-)))

  61. You should definitely be spending the time with your kids – it’s summer and what better time to spend with them… I may have said this before, but I LOVE my ice cream maker and I’m so glad you’re enjoying yours. You’re right – it’s so easy to make ice cream and there’s so many varieties. And with an ice cream maker, I can just walk away and let it do it’s magic. This blueberry frozen yogurt sounds wonderful, Nami…

  62. Love berries and can totally imagine the deliciousness in every bite in these :)Good and good for you too!!Girl, you’ve really been on an ice-cream making spree this summer haven’t you? 😉

  63. I’ve been eating blueberry as part of my quick and healthy breakfast. Now this frozen yogurt just looks amazing and so deceiving that I thought it was ice cream. I don’t own an ice cream machine but I was very tempted to buy one earlier this summer but I was afraid I would not stop making ice cream once I got it. Thanks for the great recipe1

  64. What a gorgeous color! Some people expect frozen yogurt to taste like ice cream and then hate the tang, but I love it. I have to say that in 8 or 9 years of owning an ice cream maker, I can say you don’t eat too much of the fresh stuff because it still takes time and effort to prepare, and you only produce small batches. But I also have to admit that I still buy ice cream when I get lazy. :) This looks nice and light for summer, and a great choice of flavor too!

  65. I definitely have an ice cream machine on my wish list. What beautiful looking frozen yoghurt. The blueberry colour is just stunning. And this would be so refreshing with all that hot weather you’re having. I hope you have a great holiday – it sounds like you are so ready for it! xx

  66. I did a batch of blueberry ice cream too before leaving for France. I know what you mean about how indispensable an ice cream maker is in a house with kids. I rely on it to whip up some goodies for us, especially the kids. I love your version too and of course your other flavors and my fave, the red bean ice cream!

  67. Karen (Back Road Journal)

    I have not bought an ice cream maker for all the reasons you suggested. But with your absolutely beautiful dish of frozen yogurt, I’m starting to rethink this.

  68. I m subscribed to your blog but strangely I didnt get the email when you posted this!
    anyways…this is soo yummy..I love that you have atarted sharing & preparing so many desserts at home. Love the pretty color of the yogurt. I prefer frozen yogurt to ice creams any day..this is so so refrishing!

  69. Oh you’re making me sad yet again Nami! It’s winter still here so it’s a bit too cold for ice cream…although I did put the inside of the ice cream maker in the freezer. 😛 I think it’s a sign to make some ice cream anyway…blueberries on the other hand is SO expensive right now it’s ridiculous!

  70. Nami, this is gorgeous! I am loving making frozen yogurts this summer. This is such a pretty color, and sounds delicious! Tell me about being busy, and feeling like a zombie :) We moved almost 2 weeks ago now, my in-laws have been here for the last week. My basement is still full of boxes that need to be dealt with. I swear I haven’t sat down to relax, read blogs, or anything in a month!

  71. Thks for the recipe Nami
    Looks so yummy and refreshing!
    I have some frozen blueberries but no ice cream machine
    I’m considering now, perfect to have one in this hot Singapore :)

  72. Fran

    I would love to make this, but here in south africa blueberries are very expensive, so i wondered if you can make it with blackberries?
    Thank you so much x

      • Fran

        Thank you so much! I suppose you could make this with almost any fruit, it would be great fun to try new flavours :) thank you so much for this recipe

        • Yes, pretty much with any types of berries and fruits. I was in Japan this summer, and oh my blueberries are so expensive there that I waited for 6 weeks to eat them again back in California. :) Wish they are affordable price everywhere…

  73. Evelynn

    Looks great! I was wondering if I could substitute anything for the whole milk. My grocery store only sells huge gallon containers that are pretty expensive.

    • Hi Evelynn! I used whole milk for rich flavor. I think you can substitute with other milk like coconut milk or almond milk. But I’ve never tried it before, so I can’t guarantee that it’ll be the same result (well, the flavor will be different for sure, and texture wise, I’m thinking it won’t be exactly the same). I wish I could give you better advice, but I’m sorry I can’t tell…