Buttermilk Pancakes

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Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe | JustOneCookbook.com

Growing up in Japan, whenever my mom made pancakes, she always used the popular Morinaga brand Hotcake Mix.  Oh yes, we call pancakes “hotcakes” (ホットケーキ) in Japan.  I love this brand of pancake mix so much that I was still buying it from Japanese supermarkets even after I moved to the US.  But I’ve been curious to try making my own Buttermilk Pancakes at home as I always love eating them for breakfast or brunch at American restaurants.

Buttermilk Pancakes | Just One Cookbook.com

Since I don’t bake much, buttermilk is one of rare ingredients in my kitchen and I can’t think of any of my recipes that need buttermilk off the top of my head.  So whenever I woke up in the morning and felt like eating buttermilk pancakes, I had no buttermilk in the fridge.  I slowly forgot about my intention to try making pancakes from scratch.

One day when I saw my friend Suzanne’s Buttermilk Pancakes on her blog You Made That?, I finally decided it’s time to make them and bought buttermilk before the weekend.  I followed most of her recipe, but I omitted flax meal as that’s another ingredient that I don’t use and added almond extract because this is a “secret” ingredient for our homemade waffles and I wanted to add that for pancakes too.

I have to tell you – I’m so glad I made these pancakes.  My family was really happy with these delicious buttermilk pancakes and we pour homemade Strawberry Sauce on top.  The texture of pancakes are really fluffy and soft, and you can taste the wonderful buttery flavor with each bite.  To tell you how excited I am about this recipe, you will see buttermilk in my fridge before the weekend now so that I can make these pancakes.  Suzanne call it “Better than IHOP” and let me say it’s WAY better than IHOP and we no longer buy pancake mix from stores!

You might think this is just too much work, why should you make pancakes from scratch when there are so many brands of pancake mix available.  My family tried many different pancake mix including Stonewall Kitchen Farmhouse but nothing comes close to the taste of homemade buttermilk pancakes.  So if you are curious how good the pancake is, don’t forget to buy buttermilk before the weekend!

Buttermilk Pancakes | Just One Cookbook.com

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Buttermilk Pancakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2 or makes 6 5-inch pancakes
  • 1¼ cups (160 g) all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 tsp. baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1¼ cups (295 ml) buttermilk (to make homemade see Note)
  • 2 Tbsp. melted butter
  • ¼ cup (50 g) sugar
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • Cooking spray or butter
  • Powder sugar (optional)
  • Maple syrup (optional)
  • Strawberry Compote (optional)
  1. In a large bowl, put the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and whisk together.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk the egg and the melted butter together.
  3. Stir in the buttermilk and the sugar.
  4. Add the egg mixture into flour mixture and whisk all together.
  5. Add almond extract to the batter and mix.
  6. Heat a large griddle pan or frying pan on medium heat. Spray with non-stick cooking spray or melt butter on the pan.
  7. Pour about ¾ cup of batter onto hot pan from 12 inch high. This is necessary for a nice circular shape.
  8. Cook until you see lots of bubbles start to show on surface of the pancake. It’s usually about 3 minutes.
  9. Then flip and cook the other side for 1.5 minutes, or until a nice light brown color.
  10. Sprinkle powder sugar and serve with maple syrup or homemade Strawberry Sauce (Compote).
Slightly adapted from You Made That?.

To make your own buttermilk, check this post
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  1. We also call it hotcake in the Philippines and used to the store bought ones, but moving here in NZ the only way we can have the same flavour of what were used to is to make ones at home we never liked the ready made mixes here and its very expensive.

  2. Your “hotcakes” look so inviting with the strawberry sauce on them! What a beautiful way to wake up to. We call it hotcake too in the Philippines. Hahaha! I guess Asian countries call them that? We used to buy the pre-mixed ones too and you just add the egg & milk. When I moved to Italy, I found out that it is easier to make so I wondered why we were always buying the pre-mixed ones that were expensive when I was a kid. The almond extract seems to be a good idea. The smell should be wonderful!

  3. Looking at the computer screen of this pancakes just makes me drool especially the strawberry sauce; eventhough it is about dinner time now. It is just too good for just breakfast; we can make this up for a light snack too! Beautiful pancakes you have made. (Oh I have just made Mom’s Shrimp Ball :-) delicious!)

  4. Oh…Nami, I can’t think of cooking or baking without buttermilk. As I bake eggless, I find buttermilk a great substitute for eggs. Buttermilk is the lifeline in my kitchen :) Love the stack of those yummy Pancakes, must have tasted really good!

  5. Nami, you found another wonderful way to use your delicious strawberry sauce. I love pancakes with buttermilk and so does the rest of the family! Usually with just a bit of maple syrup. Your first picture is my favorite, the stack of pancaks with that sauce and the extra fruit, what a wonderful breakfast treat!

  6. The strawberry sauce on these pancakes looks so perfectly yummy,,,and either way I love to make homemade pancakes,but sometime I use storebought pancakes mix too :)

  7. Nami, those are some spectacular golden pancakes!! I always have a few “dark” ones in the batch….LOL! I think my husband and kids would adore these as well. Beautiful photos!

  8. i never have buttermilk in the abode (due to lactose intolerance) HOWEVER, when i do venture into the “dark” side, i usually buy the lactose free milk. with that, for about a cup of the stuff, i add a Tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice, allow to sit for 15 minutes and voila, buttermilk.

    pancakes isn’t something i grew up with but buttermilk pancakes always a welcome treat.

  9. I love buttermilk pancakes! So fluffy and tasty. Yours look beautiful. It was a great weekend breakfast for sure. Now since you have buttermilk in the fridge you’ll have to try buttermilk biscuits too. :)

  10. I never buy buttermilk anymore because it goes bad so quickly. I like to use my yogurt/milk mix for substitution and it works perfectly. I always have both in my fridge. I love the strawberry compote you have topping your hot cakes. Much better than plain ‘ole syrup!

  11. My family loves buttermilk pancakes too..I am more of a waffle person. If you don’t keep buttermilk around all the time, try buying the powdered buttermilk. I usually keep a can of that in my freezer, also, you can just sour some milk with vinegar, which is what I do.

    Love the strawberry sauce! Pancakes look very tummy and I am sure your kids thoroughly enjoy them.

    Nazneen x

  12. Oh Nami! This is my dream breakfast. Or brunch. Or lunch, or dinner… I could eat this anytime! I had a look at your strawberry compote recipe too, a match made in heaven with these pancakes.

  13. Hi Nami, I remember the Morinaga brands from when we lived in Manila. Those were Japan-made products and we used to enjoy them, too. Glad you shared the buttermilk pancake recipe. I’m always in search of a good homemade one & will try yours. I see you used that delish strawberry syrup you just made. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Candice

    I’m a waffle girl, but these pancakes sure look yummy! =) I’m going to have to bookmark this recipe as the fiance loves pancakes.

    Thanks for another quick & easy recipe, Nami.

  15. Mornings with pancakes (or waffles) are a treat here. I love to make them and my husband loves to eat them. Yours look so perfectly fluffy, Nami, and with the strawberry sauce, I can’t imagine a more satisfying breakfast.

    I remember them being called hotcakes in the Philippines, too. :)

    Have a great week!

  16. I wish I had a stack of these pancakes for breakfast! They look heavenly with your fresh strawberry sauce!

    If you ever find yourself out of buttermilk, add 1 tablespoon lemon juice or white vinegar to a cup of milk and let it sit at room temperature about 10 minutes, until it curdles. In fact, I usually just make my own!

    • Thank you so much for sharing homemade buttermilk recipe! I’m going to give it a try – never thought of making my own. This is great!!! Thanks Laura!

  17. Hi Nami,
    I’m so glad you loved these pancakes they are so wonderful. The strawberry sauce adds even more yummy-ness to them. I like the addition of almond extract I need to try that as well. Thanks for the mention and it is funny that we both had posts giving one another credit for the success of the recipe. :) xoxo have a great week!

  18. When I saw your Strawberry Sauce I immediately thought – Buttermilk Pancakes/Waffles! I love them both, although I do “prefer” waffles over pancakes in general. No matter which one you are making, buttermilk is a must! I’m so glad that you finally tried making buttermilk pancakes. These look delicious and with your sauce – they are perfect! Great job Nami and I’m sure you’re excited to have discovered another wonderful breakfast for your family! Now for the rest of that buttermilk, try my buttermilk cornbread! :)

  19. What beautiful pancakes, Nami. That single perfect pancake about step 10 is what pancakes should look like. Strawberries are so perishable that I never have any around at the same time that I want a topping for pancakes so I pull out my ‘expensive’ jug of real maple syrup from Quebec and pour generously. :)

    There are lots of uses for buttermilk though I forgot the rest of the container I had in the back of my fridge so I had to pitch the rest. One of the problems in being a single person household is you can’t use up goodies like this fast enough. I think I’ll buy a container for the fridge while my nephew is here taking care of me after my upcoming hip replacement. He loves a good pancake … with real maple syrup.

    My dad used to love to drink a glass of the stuff with a pinch of salt, by the way. It’s low fat so it’s not unhealthy at all. My last container ended up in my frozen yogurt, in biscuits and mixed into the dressing for potato salad.

  20. I grew up with pancakes made from a mix, too, and didn’t realize how easy they were to make from scratch until David and I started dating. These look delicious with that fabulous strawberry compote!

  21. Nami, these are beautiful and extremely appetising pancakes. Can you imagine I have never had American-style pancakes? (Only thinner French crêpes and Hungarian/Polish slightly thicker ones). The strawberry sauce looks as extraordinary as in the previous post. With such delicious looking plate you could convert me to sweet breakfasts 😉

  22. Buttermilk pancakes are one of my favorite comfort foods that my mom made. My kids love them so much that sometimes they’ll even want breakfast for dinner! I love the addition of almond extract. Sounds wonderful!

  23. Your pancakes made me smile from ear to ear. They look really inviting and I love how the syrup from the fruit is dripping off the side. Wish I could take a bite! That’s one appetizing photo!

  24. donna mikasa

    Before Bisquik, my mom would make pancakes from scratch, but we never used buttermilk. These are certainly a must try, and looks so yummy with your Strawberry Sauce!

  25. Love pancakes – they’re such a crows pleaser and so great to make with kids :) I remember making them with my mum when I was little. We’d eat them with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar. Yummy!

  26. Sandra

    Pancakes are one of my trigger foods, I can never get enough of them. I will make these soon. I bet the strawberry sauce is perfect with these.

  27. We never use pre-mix for pancakes, well, unless we are in a hurry and there is no time, but honestly, this never happen, I mean, even the pre-mix needs time to make it.
    And there is nothing better that make all at home, so you are sure about ingredients, specilly if it’s for your kids. I will share this recipe with my girl, she loves to make pancakes and maybe she can try a new recipe.
    In Peru we don’t have buttermilk at the markets, so I have to make it at home: add 1 tablespoon of white vinager and complete the cup with milk, shake it and wait for 10 minutes. You can also use lemon to make it.

  28. If I have buttermilk this is my recipe but if I don’t and I don’t feel like making butter to get buttermilk, I add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to the milk and let it sit for a while before making the batter. I love your photos, Nami!

  29. YUM! To tell you the truth, I`m not sure why I even go to IHOP sometimes…It`s not that good. and I can make everything at home! LOL, I guess I pay $8 to be lazy! >_<

    And these buttermilk pancakes look awesome! I don`t have buttermilk unless I`m making a recipe that calls for it. Then, I found you can substitute milk + lemon juice for buttermilk. So, I tried it once and I think it worked! (For 1 cup of buttermilk = 1 tablespoon lemon juice + enough milk to equal 1 cup. Then let it sit out for 10 minutes or so, before using)

    Just some FYI, if you wanted to know! hehe!

  30. It’s like you read my mind Nami :) I just bought buttermilk and was hoping to make pancakes soon but wasn’t sure which recipe to use ~ Can’t wait to try this out!

    Thanks Nami for the recipe hope you’re had a nice weekend!

  31. Buttermilk, melted butter, all the things that make good pancakes great. These look wonderful, and I know that my family will be very happy when I pull out this recipe on Saturady morning. Thank you for sharing it with me!

  32. Oh gosh, I need to really catch up with all your wonderful and beautiful posts. Pancake this pretty will get soggy before I eat it because I would be staring at it for a while. Looks beautiful and looks like I am looking at a cookbook. :)

  33. You must have read my mind, Nami – my son is craving pancakes and I need to whip up a batch. Thank you for sharing your recipe! Topping with berry sauce is a wonderful summer treat, too.

  34. Oh, yeah…so much better than Bisquick!!! And perfect with your strawberry sauce. I think someone else mentioned this above, but if you don’t have buttermilk in the fridge, just add some vinegar or lemon juice to regular milk and it’s the prefect substitute. Hope you’re having a great week~

  35. Hi Nami! One of the best things to eat in the world is buttermilk pancakes!
    I like to make them for dinner and with your strawberry sauce- oh I’m in heaven;-)
    Take care and have a great week;-)

  36. Pancakes was never in my childhood’s breakfast menu :) so I’ve not tried any pancake mix before, no idea how they taste like..
    You can actually make your own buttermilk, commercial buttermilk is cultured with a type of bacteria. Mix 1 part buttermilk to 8 part milk , keep at room temperature for 24 hours and the mixture will turn into buttermilk.
    or you can try getting buttermilk from the traditional process of making butter. Whip cream in mixer or blender for a few minutes until the fat (butter) starts to separate with the liquid (buttermilk). Pour the buttermilk out to be used.
    it’s that easy :)
    To use the butter, collect them in cheese cloth, and run under cold water to remove any remaining buttermilk (it will spoil very quickly, if you don’t).

  37. Namiさん



  38. Oh how funny, Nami in Mexico we also call them hotcakes:) I love making mine from scratch, and it’s the only way I make them now. When we moved to Europe those mixes weren’t available her so I had to learn from scratch. Thanks for sharing your secret ingredient, can’t wait to try it soon. I love the strawberry sauce instead of maple syrup:)

  39. Really nice recipe, and a great use for that strawberry compote. Buttermilk makes infrequent appearances in our refrigerator, too. But when it’s there, we make pancakes. And biscuits. Usually some sort of blue cheese salad dressing. And then more pancakes!

  40. I definitely don’t think it is too much work to make homemade pancakes…..they are amazing! I only make homemade buttermilk pancakes, AND with Greek yogurt:-) Your pancakes look sooooooo delicious! Hugs, Terra

  41. Oh these look lovely.I’ve been lazy lately and use store bought pancake mixes but I really have to try making these now :)That strawberry sauce also looks delish!!

  42. Growing up I hardly ate pancake. My Mom used to make one of this Indian version savory type pancake. But these days every other weekend I feel with pancake weekend is incomplete :) How we change and how our taste evolves with time!

  43. Nami, these pancakes look perfectly fluffy and I’m not even a pancake person! And you can always use the left over buttermilk in a marinade. I always use it to marinade chicken (with a few dashes of hot sauce) before I fry it. It makes it moist and gives it a nice flavor!

  44. One of my favourite memories as a primary school kid was school holidays cause our mum would make pancakes from scratch for us. As soon as we saw a frying pan on the counter and she started mixing the ingredients we would shout “yay! pancakes!”. My big sister would help cook them and make funny shapes just for me. Your buttermilk pancakes look really good Nami! One day I’ll have the time and kitchen to make these, until then I’ll settle for the Japanese hotcake mix which are so fluffy and easy to make :)

  45. Those look so amazing, I love the strawberries on top. I’m not sure if someone else mentioned it in the comments but I always had the same issue with buttermilk and never having it. I started buying this powdered buttermilk (you can get it in the baking aisle). When you keep it in the fridge it lasts forever and all you have to do is add water and pow, instant buttermilk.

  46. Who doesn’t love pancakes? And I think they’re always better when made at home too, rather than the diner. I see several people already mentioned the vinegar trick for making buttermilk in a pinch. My mom likes the idea because she never knows how to use up an entire carton of storebought buttermilk.

  47. Angel

    I just tried the recipe this morning and me and my hubby both love it.. He even request me to leave some for his mom to try.. the best part is we don’t even need to add maple syrup to enhance the taste as it is already very tasty on its own!!!

    • Hi Angel! Thank you for trying this recipe! Agree, it has very nice flavor on its own. I’m glad you and your husband (and hopefully your MIL) enjoyed it! :) Thank you for stopping by to give me your feedback. I really appreciate it!

  48. Vanessa

    I have been on a buttermilk pancake binge lately and I’m still trying to find the perfect one. I’ve tried 3 or 4 different recipes and I’m not satisfied. They taste really good but it’s something about the texture that’s throwing me off. I noticed that your batter looks pretty smooth..should I mix until it’s smooth? Other recipes state to mix until just blended with some lumps.

    • Hi Vanessa! The lighting for step by step pictures are not so good, and it may not see clearly, but I do keep pancake batter (and tempura batter too!) have some lumps. :)

  49. Jonathan

    Pancakes we’re always a big deal in our house. (literally big, each pancake would take up almost the entire pan)
    I love a good buttermilk pancake, but I really enjoy experimenting with different kinds of flour. My mom’s go to is whole wheat pancakes, which almost taste healthy! My personal favorite is buckwheat pancakes, they’re really hearty and have a nice nutty taste to them. I also like substituting half of the flour with mochiko, since it gives a good bit of chewiness that I really like (it also warrants some extra spices, since the mochiko does a lot more for the texture than the flavor)
    It’s also not a big deal to make the batter from scratch if you just mix together a big batch of the dry ingredients, and store it in your cupboard. Then just pull out a couple cupfuls, and mix in the wet ingredients, and voila!

    • Hi Jonathan! Thank you for writing! I’d love to try the buckwheat pancakes! I had pancakes with mochiko in it too and the texture was fun. Once my kitchen remodel is done, I get to have more space for storing pancake mix… I always wanted to do that. Thanks for the reminder! 😀