Kamaboko with Salmon Roe 蒲鉾いくらのせ

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Kamaboko with Salmon Roe | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

Whether you need just one more dish for your lacquered jubako (square bento box) to complete osechi ryori (new year foods), or want a quick hors d’oeuvre before serving the main dish, this Kamaboko with Salmon Roe will definitely surprise your guests with its pretty look as well as the light and flavorful combination of fish cake, shiso, and salmon roe.

Kamaboko with Salmon Roe | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

As you can see, this recipe is very simple and easy to make.  You simply make a small slit in Kamaboko, stuff shiso leaf in, and top with salmon roe.

The orange jewel-like salmon roe gives great contrast to the green shiso leaf.  The pink and white kamaboko creates a nice soft background against shiso and salmon roe.

Kamaboko with Salmon Roe | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

This is my last dish for 2014 Osechi Ryori series.  I hope you enjoyed the four dishes I shared this year and that you will try making them.  Next year I’ll come back with new osechi ryori dishes, and let me know if you have certain dish that you would like to request.  :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year.  Just One Cookbook has grown so much this year and I am humbled by the fact that readers do enjoy my blog and make many of my recipes.  I’ll come back the second week of January to celebrate my 3rd blogiversary!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!

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Kamaboko with Salmon Roe
Prep time
Total time
Serves: Serves 3-4 as appetizer
  1. Trim off both ends of the kamaboko (optional). Cut the kamaboko into ½ inch slices. Before you cut next slice, make a ¼ inch slit in the middle of the slice. Continue to cut through and alternate between the cut and the slit.
  2. Cut the bottom of the kamaboko and remove from the wooden base.
  3. Cut off the stem of shiso leaves and stuff a shiso leaf into the slit of each kamaboko slice.
  4. Top with salmon roe. Serve chilled.


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  1. Rin

    How pretty! I would love to try the recipes that use fresh shiso leaves, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anyone who sells them where I live. Is there another green more readily available that can be substituted for shiso that you would recommend? Thanks!

    • Happy New Year Rin! I’m sorry for my late response. Shiso has very unique flavor and I can’t find anything that’s “similar” to shiso. However, another reader commented below that he used mint leaves and worked well. Hope that helps. :)

  2. Nami, I could sit and gaze at these photos for hours — beautiful, simple, elegant — but eating them would be even better. (The appetizers, not the photos, lol!) Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, too!

  3. Eha

    This looks just beautiful! Little problem as far as I am concerned ~ the only ingredient I can access is the salmon roe :) ! So, until I can get closer to matters Japanese I just have to look at the beautiful, elegant photos !! A very, very happy and successful year to come, Namiko-san and all the very best to your family!!!

  4. You have done such a beautiful presentation! It’s a stunning dish. :) Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year 2014!! Thank you for your friendship. :)

  5. STEVE S.

    I made this appetizer for our New Year Eve gathering. Instead of Shiso Leaves, I used large Mint leaves and instead of Salmon Roe I used Red Tobiko caviar.

    Worked out very well. Everyone at our gathering enjoyed it very much. I wish I made more than two packages of the Fish Cake….

  6. Oh those salmon roe looks so beautiful. It almost look like gems my goodness they are so pretty. Your presentation is always top notch. Happy New Year to you and your family, Nami. :)

  7. Such a pretty and inviting recipe! I love fish cake 😉
    Happy New Year, Nami! I’m so glad we connected and look forward to following your journey and building our friendship.

  8. Hello Nami
    Hope it is not too late to wish you Happy New Year 2014! Hope this year brings more fulfilling and motivation to you as well as to Just One Cookbook!

  9. kambako looks so very pretty, I bet I could get my husband to enjoy Japanese food with colored foods. Indians love colored food. ^.^ I wish I could try your fish treat right now Nami, it looks fantastic. Happy New Year to you guys!

  10. What a pretty item it would be even on a European cocktail plate! I miss my potted shiso which died some time ago… Happy New Year, Nami! I’m looking forward to following your cooking – and not only!- adventures in this new year.

  11. Happy New Year, Nami! I see fish cakes at the Japanese grocery market and love to eat it but never thought to present it this way. How special yet simple to put together. Thanks for sharing. All the best for a happy & healthy 2014!

    • 残念ならがらかまぼこは売ってません。かまぼこは、チャイニーズやコリアンのマーケットでもたまに手に入るし、日本のスーパーでも売ってます。近所でないですか?