Shiso (Perilla)

  • Shiso (Perilla) is a herb (mint family) used in salad, toppings, or garnish in Japanese cooking. It has a unique fragrance and flavor loved by the Japanese.

    Shiso Leaves | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Shiso (しそ, 紫蘇) is now the common name for the Asian culinary herb, seed (spice), or entire annual plant of Perilla frutescens variety crispa, belonging to the mint family.

    Where To Buy Shiso

    Japanese grocery stores usually carry them in their produce section; however, it’s rare to find in Asian grocery stores (except for a few JOC readers who told me their Asian market carries it).

    Shiso Leaves | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Grow Your Own Shiso

    Some JOC readers grow their own shiso and Don, one of JOC readers, shared this information about Japanese seeding company Kitazawa Seed Co. in California (you can shop online).  Growing your own shiso is very easy, so give it a try!  I will be planting one day when I have a little more time…

    Recipes Using Shiso

    Japanese Style Ume Shiso Pasta | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Ume Shiso Pasta

    Simple, tasty, and easy-to-follow Japanese Hamburger Steak (Wafu Hambagu) recipe. Easy Japanese Recipes at

    Wafu Hambagu

    Japanese Chicken Meatballs (Tsukune) | Easy Japanese Recipes at


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