Essential Japanese Recipes Volume 1

After receiving many requests from readers all over the world, Nami released the Essential Japanese Recipes Cookbook (Vol. 1) that features a collection of her most popular recipes that have been tested and loved by her readers.

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With 33 recipes, this cookbook includes the classic chawanmushi, gyudon, and tamagoyaki, as well as modern favorites like California rolls and green tea ice cream.

Nami focuses on the authentic methods of how the Japanese cooks prepare these delicious meals at home. You’ll learn to make chicken teriyaki just like how her grandmother and mother taught her. The book also includes essential pantry items and cooking basics like making perfect steamed rice, sushi rice, and dashi soup stock. These published recipes have been tested and highly rated by her worldwide blog readers, so you too can make them in your kitchen with ease and confidence. 

The Just One Cookbook Essential Japanese Recipes will be the perfect guide for all beginners in Japanese cooking. 

What’s Included

BasicsSection 1Basics + Pantry
AppetizersSection 2Appetizers
Section 3Side Dishes
Main DishesSection 4Main Dishes
Rice & NoodlesSection 5Rice + Noodles
DessertsSection 6Desserts

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