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Visiting Kobe Japan 神戸

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    Join us on a tour of beautiful and eccentric Kobe, as we visit Chinatown, Ijinkan, ride on a ropeway, and enjoy delicious Kobe beef.

    Visiting Kobe Japan | Easy Japanese Recipes at

    The second part of our Kansai trip was in Kobe (神戸), the port city that’s about 25 min from Osaka. Yes, that Kobe city which is world renowned for their amazing beef. If you are planning to visit Osaka and have time for a side day trip, I highly recommend visiting this beautiful seaside city.

    Kobe Japan City Map

    (click the map to enlarge)

    Places to Visit in Kobe Japan

    As I grew up in Yokohama and live in San Francisco, which are both a port city similar to Kobe, I am biased about these coastal cities. Kobe was one of the first Japanese cities to open its port for trading, so there are quite a few foreign influences. While walking around, I noticed very interesting buildings. Some buildings had a classic European look on the bottom and modern building on top.

    kobe japan-8527

    kobe japan-8570

    kobe japan-8571

    kobe japan-8572

    kobe japan-8576

    Kobe Flower Clock | Just One Cookbook

    Getting around Kobe

    Kobe City Loop Bus Map

    If you are planning to visit Kobe for a day, you can purchase a 1-day city loop pass for 660 Yen (adult) and 330 Yen (child). The bus only travels 1 direction and will stop by many of the popular tourist attractions. The entire route takes about 1 hour if you stay on the bus.

    Kobe Chinatown 神戸南京町

    Our first stop is Kobe Chinatown! There are only 3 Chinatowns in Japan, Kobe, Yokohama, and Nagasaki. When the port opened to foreigners in 1868, the Chinese immigrants also came and established themselves in Kobe.

    kobe japan-8531

    kobe japan-8535

    kobe japan-8532

    kobe japan-8536

    Of course Spiderman would love Kobe Beef!

    kobe japan-8539

    kobe japan-8540

    kobe japan-8545

    kobe japan-8547

    kobe japan-8549

    kobe japan-8555

    kobe japan-8559

    kobe japan-8561

    kobe japan-8568

    There were a lot of food stand featuring different Chinese cuisines.

    kobe japan-8563

    kobe japan-8565

    It was fun browsing souvenir shops selling Chinese themed gifts.

    Ijinkan at Kitano-cho 北野異人館

    Towards the hills of Kobe, there are about 20 existing buildings where the westerns used to settle starting in the late 1800’s. It used to be over 1,000 buildings but the current remaining ones are in great condition.

    kobe japan-8653

    kobe japan-8655

    kobe japan-8657

    kobe japan-8659

    kobe japan-8663

    kobe japan-8662

    We visited one of the most famous house, Uroko-no-Ie (Uroko’s House).

    kobe japan-8664

    kobe japan-8666

    Uroko’s House served as a luxury rental, it is also known as the “scales” house due to its tiled exterior.

    kobe japan-8667

    kobe japan-8670

    kobe japan-8672

    kobe japan-8674

    kobe japan-8676

    Antique plates and settings decorated the interiors of the house.

    kobe japan-8678

    kobe japan-8680

    kobe japan-8684

    kobe japan-8689

    kobe japan-8691

    kobe japan-8692

    kobe japan-8693

    kobe japan-8694

    There is also a museum on the ground.

    kobe japan-8697

    From the top floor of the museum, there’s a great view of downtown Kobe.

    kobe japan-8710

    kobe japan-8717

    kobe japan-8718

    kobe japan-8727

    kobe japan-8732

    The famous Weathercock house with the weathercock on top of the roof.

    Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway 神戸布引ハーブ園・ロープウェイ

    Nearby the Ijinkan is Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway. At the top of the ropeway, there’s an amazing panoramic view of Kobe and surrounding areas.

    kobe japan-8736

    kobe japan-8737

    kobe japan-8744

    kobe japan-8838

    kobe japan-8751

    kobe japan-8757

    kobe japan-8763

    There are 2 stops you can get off on the ropeway, the highest stop takes you to the top of the garden and you can take a leisurely walk to the end of the garden next to the lower stop.

    kobe japan-8768

    kobe japan-8769

    kobe japan-8771

    Along the walking path, all the plants are labeled and identified.

    kobe japan-8773

    kobe japan-8779

    kobe japan-8782

    kobe japan-8787

    kobe japan-8789

    kobe japan-8791

    A greenhouse at the center of the garden houses tropical plants that require higher humidity.

    kobe japan-8802

    kobe japan-8804

    kobe japan-8808

    kobe japan-8811

    kobe japan-8812

    kobe japan-8815

    Not only at the very top, all along the path you can see views of beautiful downtown Kobe.

    kobe japan-8818

    kobe japan-8830

    kobe japan-8831

    Meriken Park メリケンパーク

    Now we’ve been visited the hills of Kobe, it’s time to go near the water. Meriken Park includes Kobe Port Tower, Kobe Maritime Museum, 2 hotels (Hotel Okura & Meriken Park Oriental Hotel), and The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Memorial Museum.

    kobe japan-8524

    kobe japan-8842

    kobe japan-8843

    kobe japan-8844

    kobe japan-8852

    kobe japan-8855

    Kobe Port Tower is 354 ft (108 m) high and has an observation deck at a height of 296 ft (90.28 m).

    kobe japan-8866

    kobe japan-8869

    kobe japan-8870

    kobe japan-8872

    There are quite a few prototypes and products from Kawasaki Heavy Industries on display.

    kobe japan-8873

    View of the Kobe Harborland from Hotel Okura.

    kobe japan-8877

    Food in Kobe

    Steakland (ステーキランド)

    While touring around Kobe, one of the food you have to eat here is Kobe Beef. However it is very pricey in most restaurants. Not to worry! One of the most popular “tourist restaurants” that serve reasonably priced Kobe Beef steak is Steakland (ステーキランド), with the Kobe sets starting at 4480 yen.

    kobe japan-8594

    kobe japan-8597

    kobe japan-8598

    kobe japan-8600

    kobe japan-8601

    kobe japan-8605

    kobe japan-8608

    The many prizes the restaurant had won for purchasing beef.

    kobe japan-8609

    kobe japan-8618

    kobe japan-8620

    kobe japan-8623

    kobe japan-8626

    Fried garlic!

    kobe japan-8632

    Kobe Beef!

    kobe japan-8639

    kobe japan-8643

    kobe japan-8646

    The Kobe Beef steak was super tender and juicy! The crunchy garlic contrasted really well with the texture and added a ton of flavors.

    Tooth Tooth

    We actually spent the whole day in Kobe with my best friend Yukako. She took us to Tooth Tooth, a popular French patisserie in Kobe. EVERY SINGLE DESSERT looked so delicious and we had a hard time choosing what to eat! They have 5 shops all over Kobe.

    kobe japan-8910

    kobe japan-8895

    kobe japan-8896

    kobe japan-8903

    kobe japan-8901

    Look at the amount of blueberries! It was my pick!

    kobe japan-8909

    Kushibaru (串バル)

    For dinner, we ate at Kushibaru with Yukako and her husband. It is very unique because the skewers were not grilled or deep fried, it’s cooked over teppan (very Kansai-style!). The food was amazingly delicious and flavorful. It doesn’t have yakitori’s smoky taste, but does have the nice tappan char flavor.

    kobe japan-8920

    kobe japan-8925

    kobe japan-8930

    kobe japan-8931

    kobe japan-8934

    kobe japan-8937

    kobe japan-8938

    I hope you enjoy my brief tour of Kobe. If you have more time than me, you can alo try sake tasting at sake brewery, visiting museums and shrines, and shop at Sannomiya. I hope you will enjoy your visit to Kobe. If you’ve been already, please let me know your favorite place and food there in the comment box below.

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