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Asian Pork Chop   Recipe |

Some of the feedback and requests I received from the readers are for more quick and easy recipes.  The other day I made this pork chop after my children’s afternoon swim lesson, the most busy day of the week for me.  Because of my mom’s visit, I haven’t had the chance to do my regular grocery runs so my fridge was pretty empty.  I quickly ran to get some pork chops, spinach, and other ingredients from the market on the way home and I made this dish in less than one hour including marinade time.

Asian Pork Chop II

As soon as I came home from the swim lesson, I quickly marinated the meat.  Meanwhile I bathed the kids and prepared miso soup, stir fried garlic spinach, and another small side dish.  My rice cooker has a timer so I set the rice to be done right before our dinner time.  If you are curious about this pork chop flavor, it’s more on the side of salty flavor than sweet (like Teriyaki sauce).  If you use this recipe, you definitely want to enjoy it with steamed rice.  You can adjust the time for marinade as you like, but please do not marinade overnight or else it will get too salty.

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Asian Pork Chop III

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Asian Pork Chop (Ginger Soy Sauce)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • 4 pork chop (1/2 inch thickness)
  • 1 Tbsp. oil for cooking
  • 4 Tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. sake
  • 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil (I used canola)
  • ½ Tbsp. sugar
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp. julienned ginger
  • ½ tsp. corn starch
  • 1 shallot (or 1 Tbsp. minced onion)
  1. Put all the seasonings in a Ziploc bag and mix well.
  2. Prick the pork chop with fork so the meat will absorb the marinade and put them in the Ziploc bag. Squeeze out the air before sealing the bag. Keep in the fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour. (I decreased the marinade time from the original recipe as I'm afraid it might be too salty. If you want to marinade for 2 hrs, you can decrease soy sauce to 3 Tbsp.).
  3. You can grill on a BBQ grill, or you can pan fry. In a large skillet, heat oil on high heat. When it’s hot, put the pork chop in the pan, but keep the marinade in the Ziploc bag. Cook until the bottom side of the meat is nicely brown.
  4. Once the meat is brown, flip it and lower the heat to medium low. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for 3 minutes (depends on the thickness of your pork chop). You don't want to under cook the pork but you also don't want to overcook because the meat gets harder.
  5. Add the marinade into the pan and increase the heat. When it’s simmering, scoop the marinade with a spoon and pour over the meat a couple of times. Turn off the heat and ready to serve. Again please do not overcook the pork.
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  1. What great colours on that pork chop – the sauce/marinade just looks amazing. Sticky, rich, delicious! I don’t eat many pork chops – don’t know why… they’re perfectly nice. Maybe I should pick up some more. I got a question though! Do you really eat pork chops with chopsticks? I know my ex-girlfriend used to “cut” fish and the like with chopsticks, by kinda stabbing them in and opening them out, but I don’t see how it could work on a chop :)

    • LOL! Yes, we did use chopsticks! I was in hurry so I didn’t cut this piece, but I usually cut into pieces (see my Tonkatsu or Beef Teriyaki posts) so we can pick up and eat. Yes, we cut fish with chopsticks too! I think I’ll have trouble opening the fish with fork and knife…maybe that’s why most Western fish used in meals are fillet? 😉

  2. Nami, this is one more of your incredibly easy dishes that look absolutely gorgeous and impressive when served. I think, since I started to “play” with Japanese sauces and products, unconsciously I marinate pork in sake and ginger quite often (remember, I did it even in tanindon), so I am sure your marinade makes the best pork chops in the world.
    If my mum had prepared spinach in such a delicious way, I would have never hated it as a child!

  3. Imagine coming home after swimming to this dish? Lucky family – especially love this as it’s quick and healthy, Nami. Tell me, if I used mirin in place of the sake, would that be on the same lines? Great addition with the spinach to such a tasty dish.

    • Hi Jill! Well, mirin and sake are completely different things. We use sake like you use white wine (sake is made of rice). Mirin uses sake and sugar, so it has sweet flavor to it. However, we can replace sugar and sake for mirin for example. Sometimes I make teriyaki sauce with soy sauce + sake + sugar, or soy sauce + mirin… something like that. You can always play with these 4 items in Japanese cooking. I don’t want to make it complicated, but mirin has different kinds. The real mirin (hon mirin) has more alcohol content while mirin flavor seasoning (I use this often) has less alcohol content. I don’t want to go into too details though. I would not skip sake, as it’s one of the important ingredient in Japanese cooking. Either buy cooking sake, or very cheep bottle of sake would be good. If you can’t find, then use Chinese rice wine/cooking wine. It’s probably easier to get this than a Japanese product in Chinese store.

  4. Nami, sometime I prepared the pork chops using the similar ingredients but i usually deep fry it. Next time I will try your way which sound less oily and has the sauce. Thanks for sharing this simple and delicious dish.

  5. Hey Nami! how are u?
    I wish u and your family a belated happy new year, I hope u enjoyed the time with your mum. my sister flew back to europe yesterday, and we had a hell of a time last night rescuing their baggage in bombay.

    I am not much of a pork fan, I do love the taste but I am not fond of fatty foods. Its difficult to find lean pork. except if I go hunting for some wild bores….
    your pork chops r very tempting though!

  6. looks yummy! that flavouring was what my mum would use with her pork chops too, and I used to find it so annoying when I was a kid, I wished she’d just do it the usual western style, but now I’ve come to love it and realise what special flavours ginger and siy sauce give to the pork chop!

    • Cut ginger into julienne (like matchbox sticks). My kids and I can’t eat spicy at all (very low tolerance) and it was okay as long as you don’t serve the ginger from the sauce (if they bite on ginger, it can be too much). You can always reduce the amount of ginger if you are not familiar with using ginger. Hope this helps. :-)

  7. What a beautiful meal Nami! I think I may try this tonight! Your afternoon definitely sounds like how things are at my house. Today we have two music lessons and a 4-H meeting (yep, we’re raising ducks this year!) after school. Thursdays are our BUSY day so this recipe came just in time. :)

  8. Dear Nami,

    Looks like a nice combination of meat, vegetable and carbs. I seldom cook pork chops because I find they can be tough at times. But Mysaucepan loves a teriyaki sauce especially with salmon but I find it a little sweet for my taste so I prefer my salmon cooked the teppanyaki way with just a little salt, black pepper and lemon juice.

  9. A wonderful pork chop recipe. I don’t make pork often enough and usually do jerk marinated pork shops in the oven or the bbq grill but the ginger/soy marinade sounds like it would be terrific.

  10. OMG! OMG! OMG! Nami, can you believe that I actually missed out on your giveaway post and thought that I’ve already took part when I couldn’t find any comments that belong to me!?!? :O
    I really have to act fast now w/o any delays after this otherwise I’ll bang the wall! :(
    Btw, this pork looks so tasty and I love the ginger+soy sauce combinations when cooking meats, the kinda old traditional taste. I’m sure my hubby will love this dish a lot! But I’ve got phobia cooking the pork chop or lean meat (Only good with minced and best with belly). Mine always ended up like a rock and my pork could really chop! LOL 😛 I’m always fearing that the meat is under-cooked, that’s why. How do you cook your meats moist and tender besides making sure that you don’t over-cook it?

    *Hurrying over to take part in your giveaway while waiting for your reply back! 😉

  11. Wow…wow…wow. I don’t even have words. I’m going to start drooling over that first photo. Looks divine, Nami!! I know ginger and soy make a wonderful glaze and definitely pairs well with pork chops!

  12. Nami, this is so my kind of cooking!! I love it. :) I am going to make sure I get your recipes emailed… I can’t wait to discover more. ~ Ramona (curryandcomfort)

  13. Looks delicious, I like pork, I found it better than meat. Wonderful it is completely savory, ok, I like when a savory dish has also a touch of sweet, but my family doesn’t, so this comes perfect for them.

  14. I can always use a quick and delicious week night meal. Everything on that plate looks so good. Nami, you do all these and bathe the kids at the same time? You’re amazing!

  15. hey nami…haven’t visited you for so long! a very belated seasons greeting and hope you had a great start to this new year :) i have been ‘missing in action’ over past month or so, just spending less time online and more time outside!

    so happy to have finally caught up with all your delicious and inspiring posts :) you always make dishes that i want to try straight away!! ohh and you seem like a super mom – juggling so many things all at once…hope this super-mom takes a rest from time to time too! 😀

  16. What a wonderful weeknight meal! I think this would work equally well with chicken too right? Pork is very expensive and not great quality here. But I really would love the flavors of this and I think the kids (as picky as they are) would like it too. As always, your photos are beautiful. Leave it to Nami to take a brown pork chop and make it look totally drool worthy!!!! :)

  17. hi nami, happy new year to you! yet another lovely recipe from you, looks so good. havent tried sake in marinating my meat but definately will try it some day!

  18. heavens, that looks delicious, Nami. We eat a lot of pork – it’s our favourite. I’ve been using a Greek rub lately, with zesty lemon. But I think it’s ginger and soy next time! Hope you’re finding life a little less hectic.

  19. Nammi Hello again. I was reading your reply re: mirin and sake and noted down your answer. That’s definitely an answer for all my mirin/sake questions. You are definitely my Japanese one stop source haha.
    This porkchops will find its way to my table and that’s for sure!

    Happy Friday!

  20. Nam this looks like such a great week night dish, very similar to the ones my Mom makes (but hers do not have as much marination) I will have to give it a try sometimes soon!

    Have a great weekend, it’s pretty cold here so we are enjoying some winter weather!

  21. I love pork chops…!! I actually even made them last week a few times myself. My recipe is very similar to yours, but it’s more Chinese than Japanese (e.g. no sake and ginger) and I also use flour and egg to coat the pork chops before frying them – so your version is indeed much healthier! I should give this a try one day, that I don’t have to feel guilty after eating my pork chops ;).

  22. Chandani

    Name another great and quick dish. This will be perfect for today as I am running around like headless chicken. Spinach with garlic and marinated chops yummy.

  23. Hi Nami,
    I just want to greet you happy new year! I wish you all the best in 2012, more blessings, lots of love, good health and happiness. 😀 And by the way, that pork chop looks so delicious! It’s making my stomach grumble lol

  24. Hello Nami
    Long time! Sorry my trip to India kept me busy. Happy new year to you. The pork chops looks so delicious and juicy. I plan to try this with lamb. Also are you coming to Fancy Food show tomorrow? Keep me posted. Lets plan to say a hi there.

  25. Wow! This looks absolutely delicious!! There isn’t one dish on here I don’t drool over lol I love the seasoning, the colors and of course the photos! Job well done Nami I LOVE it! Have a wonderful weekend! =]

  26. Nami this is gorgeous. I have to admit I am such a huge pork fan but I can rarely eat it due to my tummy issues. I am bookmarking this beautiful recipe for an indulgent day when I throw caution to the wind and make some pork.

  27. Linda

    I’m sold and hungry, just reading the title. The final result looks so appetizing and of course… I can’t wait to try it. :)

  28. Delish Nami! We cook Pork Chop with Ginger Soy Sauce almost 2-3 times in a month. Just couldn’t get enough of it. The ginger and soy works really well with chicken too. Add a little oyster sauce, and corn starch to thicken the gravy, then serve either with plain congee/ porridge or rice. Yumm… yummmm. Did I mentioned typing this is literraly making me drool. Seriously.. lol.. Hugggsssss

  29. I am having so much fun catching up on your blog this morning after what seems like forever (life has a way of doing that from time to time). I am simply floored by this combination! I really love the marinade on this chop. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  30. I’m rarely cook pork at home but I think this one is easy to made, ur suggestion time and preparation story make it more easy and themthing to try :)
    tq for sharing nami, I’m sure my husband will love this since he is the bigggest fan of the ingredient 😀
    by the way, if I haven’t tell u, I made ur chicken katsu donburi (if I’m not wrong – the title I mean :D) on my christmas eve dinner for kids and in law when they waiting for the grilled fish be done… the love it!! tq my friend! keep cooking and sharing girl! 😉

  31. This looks absolutely delicious. And it looks simple… I might try to make it one of these days. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I just subscribed to your blog :) Wouldn’t want to miss the recipes you’re sharing! :)

  32. httpmom

    Made this for our dinner Monday night and we were both so impressed at how incredibly delicious it was. I love finding new pork recipes and this is a keeper! Most people don’t like pork because they don’t know how to cook it. This was spot on tender and moist. And couldn’t be easier for a hectic day. I put the pork in the marinade over night, so it was reaady to cook when I got home.

  33. Thanks for this recipe Nami! I tried it and it was very good. I made the mistake of using very thick pork (about one inch, from Costco) so not overcooking/undercooking was tricky. Next time, I’ll follow your instructions and use 1/2 inch slices!

    • Yeah this is pan fried, so I’d definitely recommend you to use 1/2 inch thickness, so that it’ll cook faster. You can probably slice the Costco size into half with very sharp knife too. Thanks for trying this recipe and letting me know, Hatsuho! :-)

  34. linda

    I used low sodium soy sauce to reduce saltiness. This recipe is delicious, everyone lived it. Very flavorful. I will make it again.

  35. Rachel

    I liked this recipe even though I didn’t complete the ingredients. I just used what was available in my kitched at the time.

    Saved it in my ipad!

  36. Pete

    Made this today–family loved it! I did modify the recipe a bit–I used thick cut bone in pork chops, marinaded them for about 4 hours then seared and grilled them on my barbeque. They came out perfectly! I did a quick reduction on the marinade and reduced it to about 1/8th of a cup and thickened it. I put about a teaspoon on each pork chop before I served it. Yummy! Thanks Nami!!!

  37. kazy

    I made these last night and they were restaurant quality deliciousness. This is an all time keeper. Wonderful amazing flavor. Thank you so much for sharing this savory juicy tasting recipe. Question. I made 2 pork chops and found one more dry tasting than the other, even though they were cooked at the same time. The one that wasn’t dry, tasted as succulent as any steak could be, while the other, not so much. They were the same thickness, although one, I think had more fat on it. Or I wonder if the one that was so tender, perhaps I undercooked it. So when you say to cook until the bottom side of the meat is nicely brown, before flipping to cook for 3 minutes, how many minutes approximately would that be? I am concerned about overcooking but I am also concerned about undercooking. Thanks.

    • Hi Kazy! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it. For Step 3 where you cook the bottom of the meat, you just need to have nice grill mark on the meat, and this is not where you try to cook through the meat (which is why it’s cooked on high heat here). So my guess is that one meat has more fat than the other (especially if it’s the same size/same thickness).

  38. kazy

    Sorry, Nami, but I am a novice at cooking,

    Got one more question. You write: “In a large skillet, heat oil on high heat.” How much oil would you suggest? I hope that the oil listed in the ingredients isn’t what you meant, because I thought that was part of the marinade.

    • Kazy, thank you so much for noticing my error. I didn’t write the oil for cooking the meat – I updated my recipe and added 1 Tbsp oil for cooking the meat in the ingredient list. So sorry!