Hamachi Kama はまちのカマ焼き

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Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Collar) Recipe | JustOneCookbook.com

Hamachi Kama is the collar of yellowtail fish (Hamachi).  It is the most fatty and juicy part of the fish and there are two in each yellowtail (one per side).  Usually it is grilled/broiled until the skin is crisp and the inside is just cooked through. You can easily scrape the flesh off the cartilage with chopsticks.

Hamachi Kama (Grilled Yellowtail Collar) | JustOneCookbook.com

One package of Hamachi Kama is always in our freezer.  When I need one more dish on the table, I defrost the fish, put it in the toaster oven, and bake (or broil) for 25 minutes.  By the time I finish cooking the main dish, Hamachi Kama is ready to serve!  My kids LOVE this fish and usually eat almost all of it.  My husband and I haven’t had a taste of it for a while… I promise, the flavor of the fish (and easy cooking) is quite addicting!

Hamachi Kama (Grilled Yellowtail Collar) | JustOneCookbook.com

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Hamachi Kama
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1-2
  • 1 Hamachi Kama (available in Japanese market)
  • Lemon slice (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp. soy sauce
  • ½ tsp. Yuzu juice
  1. Quickly rinse the hamachi kama in cold water and pat dry.
  2. Cover baking pan with aluminum foil and place Hamachi Kama, skin side down.
  3. Bake at 400F until the top is nicely browned, about 20-25 minutes (in my oven toaster). Please remember cooking time varies depending on oven/toaster oven.
  4. Serve immediately with lemon slice and a small dish containing yuzu and soy sauce mixture. Squeeze lemon over the fish and dip in the sauce to eat.
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Editor’s Note: Pictures updated in September 2012.

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  1. Nami

    Hey Stephen, thanks for checking! Okay, this will be one of the dishes when you visit us. Like I said, no actual “cooking” involved….easy for me! 😉

  2. Ling

    Omg! This looks sooo yummy! Stan and I both love Hamachi Kama!!! Gotta try and cook this at home one of these days…I love it when there is no actual “cooking” involved! 😉 Thanks, Nami!

    • Nami

      Hi Ling! I know…after you start cooking, you will never order an expensive Hamachi Kama at a restaurant. It’s just not worth it. Please add Yuzu extract. I know it’s a little expensive ($6-8, I think), but Yuzu + soy sauce mix goes well with salmon fillet too. We buy salmon from Nijiya too. Just 25 minutes in oven toaster and dip in the sauce. Simple and yummy! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Feza

    I tried your recommendation for the hamachi kama that I purchased frozen from a great Japanese market in LV and broiled 4 kamas for 25 minutes and made the sauce with some ponzu , phillipine lemon infused soy sauce with sliced and diced scallions and Japanese peppers.
    Result: out of this world great!!!

    As avid Japanese food eaters we thought this was as good as any sushi restaurant we ate.

    Thanks for the great recipe!!

    • Hello Feza! Thank you so much for leaving your comment here. When I saw your comment via email, I immediately told my husband and we were very happy to hear. When I was debating whether or not I should write a post on Hamachi Kama recipe (because I thought it’s too easy to call a “recipe”), my husband convinced me to write a post on it so everyone knows how easy it is to cook/prepare. So, thank you for proving his point. 😉 I hope you enjoy my recipes and I’m so motivated now! Thank you!!! :-)

  4. Amy

    Thank you, Nami San! I went to the local fish market but was told no collar from big fish currently… :( Will try your recipe when I find it. Wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

    • Thank you Amy! I hope you will find hamachi kama soon. Japanese supermarket usually has some all the time, but I know it can be hard to find elsewhere…

      Happy Holidays to you too!

  5. Sarah

    My mom buys hamachi collar from local delivery service called “Osakana Club”. They have pretty a lot of kinds of sushi grade fish including kama at very reasonable price(much cheaper than supermarket and better quality). Try http://www.osakanaclubusa.com if they delivery kama to your area. I believe they do service around Bay Area (San Jose CA).

  6. Monica

    This is the way I cook for hamachi kama 3 times a week. It is just easy and neat on the table. My family is running a sushi restaurant in San Jose. But many customers konw this fantastic dish, so my kids and I always have these gold from the hamachi. Thanks for the sharing, I will try your sauce on next time. Maybe the dish will give us more surprised.

    • Hi Monica! Wow 3 times a week! That would be my kids’ dream. :) I’d love to try your family restaurant in SJ. Let me know which restaurant if you don’t mind!

  7. Sara

    Hi, do you have recommendations for how best to defrost the fish? Do you just leave it in the fridge to defrost? Leave it on the counter? Lukewarm water?


    • Hi Sara! I usually defrost overnight in the refrigerator or thaw on the counter before cooking (unless it’s hot day). If I’m in hurry, I use cold (running – but small) water to thaw it out (until fish is “flexible” then cook. I do not recommend using a microwave.

      Hope this help! :)

      • Sara

        Thank you so much for the advice! I made this last night and it was so easy and delicious. I made your green been shira-ae as a side. My boyfriend was a very happy camper :)

    • Hi Jay! In the Japanese supermarket that I go to, it’s in regular fresh fish section (but they are all packaged and wrapped) and I think they have other kinds of fish in frozen section (no Hamachi Kama in frozen section as far as I know). It might be different from each store. The store usually carries 2-4 Hamachi kama at once (might be more in the back though). Hope that helps. :)