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    Yuzu (柚子), a small yellow or green citrus fruit, has become popular in the United States for the past decade as a lot of chefs started to use it.

    What is Yuzu?

    Yuzu is a small yellow or green citrus fruit originally from China, but it’s mostly used in Japanese and Korean cuisine for centuries.  Yuzu’s flavor is tart but has amazing aroma; therefore, it is rarely eaten as a fruit and aromatic zest and juice are only used just like how we use lemon.

    Yuzu has big seeds inside.

    Yuzu Inside

    Where to Find Yuzu

    You can purchase yuzu during winter months at Japanese grocery stores and local farmer’s markets.

    There is an online shop that you can purchase as well.

    Yuzu Fruits | JustOneCookbook.com

    Different types of Yuzu Products

    1. Yuzu Extract or Yuzu Juice


    We can drizzle yuzu extract on grilled fish or meat, just like how you use lemon in your cooking.

    2. Freeze-Dried Yuzu Zest

    Freeze-Dried Yuzu Zest

    Yuzu zests are often used for your soup to give nice aroma and flavor.

    3. Yuzu Kosho

    Yuzu Kosho

    You can put a tiny bit of yuzu kosho in miso soup or enjoy it with grilled chicken!

    4. Yuzu Tea with Honey (Yuja Cha, Citron Tea)

    Yuzu Tea with Honey | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

    I use yuzu tea to drink when I have a cold or make Yuzu Ice Cream!

    Yuzu Recipes You may Enjoy

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    Yuzu Marmalade

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    Yuzu Ice Cream

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