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Cherry Bars

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    Sweet and tart cherry bars with crispy butter crust. Made with fresh cherries drizzled in a savory custard, these delicious bars are as glorious as the summer sun. Enjoy while the fresh cherries are in season! 

    Cherry Bars on a wooden cutting board.

    I love it when summer arrives; besides the warmer weather it’s also cheery season! My family have been going cherry picking with our friends and their children (five families!) for the past several years. With the fresh cherries we picked, I’ve made Cherry Clafoutis and Cherry Ice Cream in the past, and this year I made these really delicious Cherry Bars.

    Cherry Bars on a table.

    Best Cherry Bars Recipe with a Magic Ingredient – Brown Butter

    My friend Laura of Tutti Dolci recently shared her delicious looking cherry bar recipe, and I knew right away that’s the first cherry dessert I was going to make this year. What makes these cherry bars extra delicious? Brown butter.

    Ever since I made the Nutella Stuffed Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt, my family is hooked on brown butter. It’s a magical ingredient for us. The smell of cooking brown butter makes my house smell like a cookie factory and the kids just want to hang around the kitchen waiting to see what delicious dessert I am making.

    In case you are not sure what brown butter is (don’t worry I didn’t know about it until very recently), it’s not something you “buy”. It’s basically melted butter you can easily whip up at home. It is one of those secret ingredients that can enhance the flavor of just about anything! It’s rich, nutty and incredibly fragrant. I added a video clip at the end of the recipe to show you how you can make brown butter by cooking unsalted butter in a pan.

    The result of the cherry bars was absolutely stunning that my family is already asking me to make these bars again! They were a big hit with my neighbor and my husband’s coworkers too.

    Cherry Bars on a wooden cutting board.

    On a side note, can you tell that I really enjoyed taking pictures of these bars? I make savory dishes for the blog most of the time and I have to move swiftly when taking pictures of them. There is very little time to play around. But these bars can tolerate a long photo shoot session.

    And the best part of sharing dessert recipes? I can make them at night time when the kids are asleep and photo shoot the following day (if I can control my desire to eat right out of the oven).

    I hope you enjoy seeing some dessert recipes from time to time, and try making these cherry bars especially when they are in season. They are sooooo good!

    Cherry Bars on a cake stand.

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    Cherry Bars
    Prep Time
    30 mins
    Cook Time
    30 mins
    Total Time
    1 hr
    Sweet and tart cherry bars with crispy butter crust. Made with fresh cherries drizzled in a savory custard, these delicious bars are as glorious as the summer sun. Enjoy while the fresh cherries are in season! 
    Course: Dessert
    Cuisine: American, Japanese
    Keyword: fruit bar, homemade
    Servings: 1 13" x 9" sheet
    Author: Namiko Chen
    • 4 cups cherries (fresh, pitted)
    • 2 tsp all-purpose flour (plain flour)
    • ¾ cup unsalted butter (12 Tbsp or 171 g; melted)
    • ½ tsp pure vanilla extract
    • cup sugar (133 g)
    • 2 cups all-purpose flour (plain flour) (240 g)
    • tsp kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt)
    • 1 cup unsalted butter (16 Tbsp or 227 g)
    • 3 large eggs (50 g each w/o shell)
    • cup sugar (133 g)
    • tsp kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt)
    • ½ cup all-purpose flour (plain flour) (60 g)
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 1 tsp almond extract
    1. Gather all the ingredients.

      Cherry Bars Ingredients
    2. Preheat oven to 375 ºF (190 ºC) and line a 13 x 9-inch baking dish with parchment paper.

      Cherry Bars 1
    3. Pit cherries and toss them with 2 tsp flour.

      Cherry Bars_2
    4. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine melted butter, vanilla and sugar. Mix on medium speed until well blended and smooth.
      Cherry Bars_3
    5. Blend in flour and salt and stir until incorporated.
      Cherry Bars_4
    6. Press dough evenly into bottom of prepared baking dish. Bake until crust is golden and slightly puffed, about 18 minutes.
      Cherry Bars_5
    7. When the crust is done, transfer to a wire rack and cool crust in pan.
      Cherry Bars 6
    8. Meanwhile, let’s make the filling. Cut the butter into a few pieces and place in a saucepan over medium heat. Melt the butter completely stirring frequently with the spatula.
      Cherry Bars 7
    9. As the butter heats, it will begin to foam and then bubble. After several minutes, the milk solids will start to become brown on the bottom of the pan. Make sure that milk solids do not stick to the pan. Continue stirring until the butter is evenly browned, being careful not to burn. Remove from the heat and pour browned butter into a glass bowl to cool slightly.
      Cherry Bars_8
    10. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine eggs, sugar, and salt in a medium bowl and whisk all together.
      Cherry Bars 9
    11. Add extracts and blend in flour by 1/3 at a time. Whisk all together until smooth.
      Cherry Bars_10
    12. Gradually blend in browned butter and whisk mixture until completely blended.
      Cherry Bars_11
    13. Arrange cherries over cooled crust.
      Cherry Bars 12
    14. Carefully pour filling evenly over fruit.
      Cherry Bars_13
    15. Bake at 375 ºF (190 ºC) for about 30 minutes, until filling is puffed and golden. A skewer inserted in the center should come out clean. Cool bars completely in pan on a wire rack.

      Cherry Bars 14
    16. Carefully lift parchment paper to remove cooled bars from pan and place them on a cutting board. Cut them into squares using a knife. Store bars in an airtight container up to one day at room temperature, then store any remaining in the refrigerator.
    Recipe Notes

    Recipe barely adapted from Tutti Dolci, originally from Smitten KitchenAll images and content on this site are copyright protected. Please do not use my images without my permission. If you’d like to share this recipe on your site, please re-write the recipe in your own words and link to this post as the original source. Thank you.

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