Sakura Denbu

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  • Sakura Denbu (seasoned cod fish flakes)

    Sakura Denbu (桜でんぶ) is seasoned codfish condiment that is cooked, shredded and dried to make flakes and are sweetened.  These flakes are used as toppings for rice in bento boxes and Chirashi Sushi.  Food coloring is added to the Denbu so that it gives a pink hue to rice that resembles the pedals of Sakura Cherry Blossoms.

    Recipes Using Sakura Denbu

    Futomaki (Thick Sushi Roll 太巻き) | Easy Japanese Recipes at


    Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi

    Chirashi Sushi

    (not in this recipe, but you can put it on top)

    Chirashi Sushi Cake

    Chirashi Sushi Cake

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