Harumaki (Spring Roll) Wrappers

  • Harumaki Wrappers

    Harumaki Wrappers, or Spring Roll Wrappers, contain no eggs unlike egg roll wrappers.  They contain just wheat flour and water.  Spring rolls are crispier and have a smoother, lighter-textured surface.

    Other brands like this:


    If you can’t find a Japanese Harumaki Wrappers, you can find this Spring Home brand.  The wrappers are thin just like Japanese ones.  They are usually at a freezer section of Asian grocery stores.

    Egg Roll Wrappers

    Recipes Using Harumaki Wrappers

    Harumaki | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com


    Shishamo Wrap II

    Shishamo Wrap

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