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    Hatcho Miso (八丁味噌) is traditionally made of 100% soybeans (no grains, like rice and wheat, are added). It is a darker, more reddish-brown than miso made with rice (kome miso 米味噌).

    How does Hatcho Miso taste like? Compared to other kinds of miso, it is less sweet and has a really intense, bold flavor with good umami. Because of its rich flavor, you only need a smaller amount of Hatcho miso when mixing it to make soup, sauce or broth.

    Hatcho miso was first created in a village about 870 meters (Hatcho 八丁) west of Okazaki Castle in Aichi prefecture, employing a unique production method. The miso was named after the “Hatcho Village”.

    Hatcho Miso is mostly consumed in Aichi prefecture (where Nagoya is in), part of Gifu prefecture, and part of Mie prefecture. You can purchase the miso throughout Japan, but it is rarely used in daily meals.

    In the US, you can find Hatcho Miso from Eden Foods brand online or at your local WholeFoods or health stores.

    Recipes Using Hatcho Miso

    Miso Katsu (Tonkatsu with Miso Sauce) 味噌カツ | Easy Japanese Recipes at JustOneCookbook.com

    Miso Katsu

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