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Lemon Chicken |

Popular Chicken Recipes

A blue and white plate containing Baked Chicken Katsu and salad. Tonkatsu sauce is on the side.

Baked Chicken Katsu (Video) 揚げないチキンカツ

Juicy, tender, and crispy baked chicken katsu recipe that chicken breast is coated in...
Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) on a Japanese plate, served with Japanese mayo.

Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) (Video) 唐揚げ

Let’s make Karaage (Japanese fried chicken), one of the greatest types of fried chicken...
A plate containing Chicken Katsu Onigirazu.

Chicken Katsu Onigirazu チキンカツおにぎらず

Delicious Chicken Katsu Onigirazu made with healthy baked chicken katsu, tonkatsu sauce, mustard, steamed...

Easy Weeknight Chicken Recipes

Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry カレーライス (圧力鍋)


Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Bowl) (Video) 親子丼


Chicken Teriyaki (Video) チキン照り焼き

Lemon Chicken |

Lemon Chicken

Delicious lemon chicken recipe from Bee Yinn Low's cookbook.
Garlic Miso Chicken Wings |

Garlic Miso Chicken Wings ガーリック味噌チキン

Japanese garlic miso chicken wings, baked chicken wings with a delicious garlic miso marinade.
Chicken Cacciatore |

Chicken Cacciatore チキンケチャトーレ

Japanese call Chicken Cacciatore "Chicken Tomato Ni (チキンのトマト煮)" and it is actually a pretty...
chicken adobo on a white plate on top of place mat

Chicken Adobo

 It took less than 1 hour to prepare this chicken dish, rice, and delicious...
Easy Paella Recipe |

Easy Paella-Inspired Rice Casserole

With bold and exotic flavors and loads of seafood, this Paella-Inspired Rice Casserole is...
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