Girl’s Day

Celebrate Girl’s Day in Japan (Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival) with these special recipes such as chirashi sushi, clam soup, strawberry daifuku etc.

Green Tea Madeleine (Matcha Madeleine) | Easy Japanese Recipes at
Green Tea Madeleine (Matcha Madeleine) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Green Tea Madeleines (Video) 抹茶マドレーヌ

Delicate and soft classic French cookies flavored with matcha powder, these Green Tea Madeleines...
Sakura Mochi on a white plate.

Sakura Mochi (Video) 桜餅

Chewy mochi with sweet anko filling is simply delectable! Mix in the aroma...
White plates containing strawberry mochi cut in half.

Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) いちご大福

A popular spring dessert, Strawberry Mochi (Ichigo Daifuku) is a soft and chewy mochi...
Chirashi Sushi Cake

Chirashi Sushi Cake ちらし寿司ケーキ

On March 3, celebrate Japan's Doll's Festival (Hina Matsuri) with the beautiful Chirashi Sushi...
A Japanese-style bowl containing colorful Chirashi Sushi.

Quick & Easy Chirashi Sushi ちらし寿司

Enjoy quick and tasty Chirashi garnished with Kinshi Tamago and Ikura at home in...
Temari sushi in a black lacquer box.

Temari Sushi 手まり寿司

Celebrate happy occasions with these colorful ball-shaped Temari Sushi! Easily the prettiest sushi you...
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