Girl’s Day

Celebrate Girl’s Day in Japan (Hinamatsuri or Doll Festival) with these special recipes such as chirashi sushi, clam soup, strawberry daifuku etc.

A white oval plate containing two Hanami Dango, served with matcha green tea.
A white oval plate containing two Hanami Dango, served with matcha green tea.

Hanami Dango 三色花見団子

Hanami Dango is enjoyed during cherry blossom viewing in Japan. Three-color rice balls (sanshoku...
A round fluted plate containing sakura mochi served with matcha tea.

Sakura Mochi (Video) 桜餅

Try my delicious recipe for salty-sweet and chewy Sakura Mochi at home with sweet...
Amazake (Fermented Japanese Rice Drink) in a Japanese bizen cup.

Amazake (Fermented Japanese Rice Drink) 甘酒

Creamy and mildly sweet, Amazake or sweet sake is a low- or no-alcohol drink...
Cherry Blossom Madeleines on a wire rack.

Cherry Blossom Madeleines (Video) 桜マドレーヌ

Celebrate Spring with Cherry Blossom Madeleines! These delightful French cookies are buttery, slightly sweet...
Cherry blossom rice balls on a white plate.

Cherry Blossom Rice Balls 桜のおにぎり

Representing the elegance of the changing season with trees in full bloom, these Cherry...
Cherry blossom milk pudding in a glass.

Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding 桜ミルクプリン

Celebrate Japan‘s sakura season with my delectable Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding recipe. Its soft...
Cream Soda | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Japanese Cream Soda クリームソーダ

One of my favorite drinks from Japan is Cream Soda, a delicious melon beverage...
Japanese Strawberry Shortcake ストロベリーショートケーキ I Easy Japanese Recipes at

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake いちごのショートケーキ

Moist and light Japanese Strawberry Shortcake recipe with homemade whipped cream is an elegant...
Japanese clam clear soup in a red bowl.

Japanese Clear Clam Soup (Ushiojiru) あさりの潮汁

The classic Japanese Clear Clam Soup (Ushiojiru) is made with kombu dashi broth and...
Sushi oke containing Chirashi Sushi.

Chirashi Sushi 五目ちらし寿司

Served on happy occasions in Japan, Chirashi Sushi is sushi rice mixed with seasoned...
Cherry blossom cookies on a wire rack.

Cherry Blossom Cookies (Video) 桜クッキー

Celebrate spring with crispy and buttery Cherry Blossom Cookies rolled in sparkling sugar and...
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