Here you’ll find delicious pickle recipes, featuring pickled cucumber, pickled daikon, pickled ginger (gari) and more to complement your Japanese meal.

A glass jar and a bamboo strainer containing umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums).

Basic Tsukemono

Tsukemono in a Japanese ceramic.

Tsukemono – Shiozuke (Salt Pickling) 塩漬け

Shiozuke is the simplest Japanese pickle - Tsukemono. All you need is salt, water,...
Carrot, radish, and garlic misozuke (miso pickles) in a white ceramic.

Tsukemono – Misozuke (Miso Pickling) 味噌漬け

Do you know you can pickle fresh seasonal vegetables and fish with miso? Known...

Popular Pickle Videos

Japanese Pickled Cucumbers (Video) きゅうりの漬物


Namasu (Daikon and Carrot Salad) 紅白なます


Japanese Pickled Cabbage (Video) キャベツの浅漬け

Japanese Pickled Daikon in a Japanese blue ceramic bowl.

Pickled Daikon 大根の漬物

Traditional Japanese Tsukemono, refreshing daikon marinated in rice vinegar, sake, chili pepper, sugar, and...
Pickled Cucumbers | JustOneCookbook.com

Pickled Cucumbers with Ginger きゅうりと生姜の浅漬け

Simple Japanese Tsukemono (漬物) recipe, sliced cucumber pickled in salt and garnished with ginger.
Pickled Turnip with Yuzu on a blue plate.

Pickled Turnip with Yuzu カブの浅漬け (ゆず風味)

Easy Asazuke (Tsukemono) recipe, Tokyo turnip marinated with yuzu, chili pepper, and kombu (kelp).
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Gyoza served on a plate.
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